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Travel Videography: Start making amazing videos

Making travel videos is one of the most trending activities on the internet. In the world, everyone is shooting new travel videos on YouTube. A travel video is not just a collection of clips uploaded on the internet.

How can you make those sets of video shots into engaging and fascinating travel videos?

Video editing seems to be a horrible task. It’s not about joining all the clips together and making it in the form of a usual video yet it’s about editing the clips to make them into the form of an interesting story. It would help you have an audience that will follow, subscribe and engage in your valuable content.

It is important for you to know how to edit videos before you begin shooting videos.

Read on and start filming inspiring, persuading, and energizing travel videos.

First of all, you need to have an idea about the consequences of your video. Who is the audience? What kind of feelings do your viewers feel at the end of your video?

Travel videos come in different forms from cinematic videos to vlogging videos. However, the aim is to inspire the viewers to visit the country with beautiful graphics, authentic interaction and bring energy through visuals and sounds.

Are you ready!

Let’s start.


Prepare for your trip

Initially, you need to set the table and keep the home clean. However, the preparation part of the trip might not be as fun as the shooting and traveling. Now make a list of things you need to bring for your trip. The best strategy is to keep the equipment kit as minimal as possible.

  • Two high-resolution phones or cameras with the same frame rate. ( Both backed up with iCloud)
  • Make settings of your camera as required.
  • Extra battery
  • A Laptop
  • A good light
  • A portable gimbal
  • Make sure the file storage is all set up as you like it.
  • Set your devices for the backups of at least three copies of your videos to avoid any loss of content.
  • A bag for your equipment.

Get the right camera and equipment

If you want to create appealing and diversified content, there is no secret…

You can easily make it by using certain travel gears.

To be very honest, you don’t need the best and very expensive cameras to create amazing and engaging videos. For all that, you need a good quality camera that will let you capture eye-catching videos. Using a fixed lens design will help to get a longer zoom.

Similarly, you need a waterproof camera for snorkeling and scuba diving. Furthermore, slow-motion effects and 4K capture can make your travel videos outstanding and pleasant.


Start filming

Here comes the core of the videography. Initially, you need a good quality light as it determines the look and feel of your video. Set your camera on the gimbal or as you use it so that you can capture the whole video before the scene unfolds. At this time, take the people’s consent to shoot their videos, it will look really cool.

What to do before the trip?

Firstly, research about the place where you want to travel and find the inspiration. Check out the weather of the relative travel place. Arrange the dresses according to the temperature of the destination. Travel duration and flight availability are also important. In the same way, find the places you want to travel on Google Maps and start your journey from A to B without wasting time. Most importantly, you must calculate the budget for your travel.


Secondly, Map your story by making a short list of the video which is also known as storyboarding. A strong storyboard helps to put the timeline together and create a sequence for the videos.

An engaging travel video doesn’t begin on the timeline.

The most important part is shooting videos in the form of a story. You must have a focus point in your mind, the whole video surrounds that focus point. Otherwise, a bunch of clips means nothing than the load on the drive.

Things to consider during the trip

It is always necessary to have a big vision in your mind so that you know what you are trying to achieve.

  • Mode of transportation.
  • Exchange of currency
  • Accommodations
  • Places to visit

Learn Video Editing

Finally, you have filmed all your video clips and you need to make them stand out and engage.

It’s not impossible to rank your video at the top.

Here’s a tip for you…

Watch tons of travel videos and your brain will get enough ideas to make your own copyright-free video.

Now, what do I have to do is? Watch all the clips one by one and cut off the futile part of the video. Sometimes, the same clip is filmed twice or thrice, find the best one and add it to your video. Moreover, some clips are portraits and you need to convert them into landscape format. Similarly, we can add and remove the sounds in the video. Chopping down the video clips and removing the garbage part will make your video look professional.

Figuring out your story

Finally, you are in a position to put your story in a picture. Remember to start the story with appropriate scenes and end the video by finishing scenes.

For example; if you are shooting a video of wild animals, start your shot with the people entering the forest. Then, showing the animals in the video and at the end shot, people are coming out of the forest and sitting in the car.

Add the interval of your car moving in the woods, a scene of sunrise and sunset, and the glorious view of the city you are in will surely make this video stand out.

Start Video editing

If you want to showcase your video in the best possible way, you need to edit it using video editing soft wares. There are a number of soft wares that help video editing. For Example; Adobe premiere, Final cut pro, in shot, Coral, iMovie, etc.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to edit a video, Wondershare Filmora is the video editing software for you! I have always been using Filmora to edit my videos.

Moreover, you can create eye-catching content without spending time on pieces of training. Once you download the software, you can access all the features from the toolbar, transitions, audio, cropping, split-screen, effects, etc.

Above all, you can subsequently acquire eye-catching video without having technical knowledge.

Breaking down your shots

It is used to make the travel video more interesting and remove the element of monotonous. In video breakdown, you can zoom in on a particular place to show that particular activity and zoom out to show the overall view of the place. You can use the view of dawn and dusk as the breakdown shot. It helps the viewer to stay on your video.

A breakdown shot can also be used as a small explanatory shot that describes the previous or the next shot.

Adding background music

This is the most boring task while editing your travel video. While shooting the video, some of the videos have the audios you do not want to listen to your audience. You can add some cool music that should not be too loud.

Import the video into the timeline. Double click on the video. Select the audio from the menu bar. Pick the audio level and drag it down to the zero level. Select OK. Now the audio is deleted.


You need to remove the audio and add background music to the video. Select the required music and drag it into the timeline. You can cut the unwanted portion of the music from the cut option and adjust it according to the length of the video. Now your audio will be replaced with cool background music.


You can use the Fade in option to slowly start the video and the Fade out option to slowly end the video. Scroll from left to right to adjust the settings.

Here, you can change the pitch of your audio and remove the noise in the background. Finally, press OK.

While editing this portion of your video, you will find it interesting and cool.

Adding eye-catching intro

An intro is a quick and concise way to get your brand and channel name. Moreover, the first 10 minutes are very important to grab the attention of the viewers and let them stay and watch the video till the end. You can pick the most interesting part of your travel video and add it as an intro. Everyone nowadays has a smartphone and access to social media platforms, a good intro is a reason your audience will stay at your video. Using a good template also gives a nice feel to your intro.

Adding effects and transitions

Wonder Share Filmora allows exciting effects and transitions to make your video more professional and appealing.

Double click on your video and select Transitions from the menu. You will get a number of professional transitions to make your video attractive.


Let’s try some funky and creative effects in the video. Select the AI Portrait from the Effects option. You want to add a glitch effect in the video. Select the glitch effect from the Panel and drag it in the upper layer of the timeline. You will see a beautiful glitch effect when you press the play button.

AI Portrait is an Add-on feature so, for window users, you need to take the subscription. Here’s a good thing, you can try it before purchase.

Similarly, you can try some transitions.

Color grading your videos

It is a very important tool as it makes your video which is visually attractive. You can modify the colors using various filters to make your travel video appealing and fascinating.

Double click on the video in the timeline. Click on the color enhancement option by selecting Color from the menu.

You can change the white balance to change the whiteness of the video. In the Tone option, you can adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness of the video. 3D LUT to give a filmic look and color match to use matching colors according to the video graphics.


Now click on the Auto button to adjust the color grading automatically. You can adjust the colors on your own. Here are the two threshold and value options. You can move the knob from left to right to adjust the colors in your video.


Promote your video content

This is the core part of the whole process of making videos and editing them. Now your mind is rushed with a lot of questions…

How do I get traffic on my video? How do I get subscribers?

It’s so simple.

The first 24 hours are very important for your video to get as much traffic and engagement as possible. Because the algorithm understands whether your video is good or not. You can use the following steps to boost traffic to your video.

  • Use all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your travel video.
  • Use your email signature.
  • Send your video to the email list and contacts using WhatsApp.
  • Share in groups.

Tips on how to make a great video

Today, everyone is making travel videos and the question is how to make a travel video that stands out (in a good way) from the crowd. These are the few key points that should be kept in mind before making a travel video.

  • Use good quality light.
  • Use clear voice/audio.
  • Use the right camera and equipment.
  • Keep it natural
  • Share your video
  • Learn the skill

It might require some skills and patience but at the end of the day when you are all done, you will find it productive and attractive. If you want to make incredible travel videos, follow these steps and download Wondershare Filmora for free.

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