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Best 10 Travel Cameras for Travel Photography

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When people think of choosing a go-to camera for their travel needs then the presence of numerous options in the market may definitely confuse them. It is really important to consider all features, pros and cons of a digital device before buying a new unit because this investment may affect your budget but if you choose the right one as per your need then it can serve you for years. To meet these desires it is important to focus upon these major features – size, price, weight and ease of use etc.

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As per expert advice, compact digital cameras seem to be the most suitable option as it has least control buttons and are least expensive. Here are some details that you must consider before buying a new travel camera:

  • Size and weight: This camera must be a handy unit so that you can hold it during traveling.
  • Image Quality: Resolution of images is one more important consideration because it will help you to take quality print outs.
  • Low light type Performance: A travel camera must be having fast lenses, effective sensors so that the quality of the image stays better even in low light conditions.
  • Flexibility: Focus on the flexibility of the device as it will help you in easy handling even in tough situations.
  • Zoom: It must be able to adapt your shooting style and capture quality images even from a larger distance.

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Best 10 Travel Cameras for Travel Photography/YouTuber

If you are thinking to buy a travel camera now then these reviews about ten best camera units will help you to make a quick decision:

1. Olympus OM-D Mark II E-M5


This highly advanced travel camera unit comes with real-world performance ability where TruePic VII type processor unit makes everything more interesting. The responsiveness, image quality, wider view and zoom features are highly improved to serve with desired results. The image stabilization works with 5 axis type sensors that help travelers to capture a shake-free image with full resolution. You will love to use its WI-Fi connectivity; fast sharing features with full range type Art filters that make Olympus a highly suitable digital unit for your travel needs.

2. Canon Powershot G7X


Here is an affordable option for you with outstanding DSLR level resolution and appreciable low light image capturing ability. This device comes with fast shutter speed, touch screen monitor with LCD screen features, six-way stabilization ability for travel images; 6.5 fps type burst rate and HDR mode add more advantages to design. Professionals are happier to use its android connectivity and built-in NFC feature that has control ring or mode dials. The best thing to know about Canon G7X is its fir to pocket size and lightweight.

3. Nikon DL24-500


If you are searching for superzoom lenses that can assist in travel photography then Nikon is offering you the best device. This camera has been created with advanced lens engineering and by applying laws of physics so that a perfect bridge between real-time views and captured sights can be obtained. You will be able to have the most versatile travel companion in form of Nikon DL24-500 and its electronic viewfinder with high-quality touch screen monitor adds more advantages to this latest design.

4. Panasonic DMC-GX8


A full-featured, high-resolution type mirrorless camera unit that possess interchangeable lenses leads to classic image production. If you are looking for a compact size device that can support your photography needs as a beginner then you must go for Panasonic DMC-GX8. This fit to pocket design has shutter speed up to 1/8000 sec and 4k video generation ability makes it a perfect device for professionals too.

5. Sony RX100 IV


For eye-level shooting ability, here you will find pop up viewfinder and its selfie ready LCD monitor with the flip camera becomes more suitable for creating wonderful memories in your tours. Its face recognition feature with the fastest burst rate helps in creative style photography with some special effects and the aluminum body leads to rough and tough design type.

6. Fuji X-T10


This camera unit is a popular unit for professional photographers that use to capture wonders of wildlife and natural creativity. Fuji compact systems are versatile options for travelers due to its highly advanced AF systems and improved compatibility. The 2.36 million type dot EVF feature results in higher resolution that can provide awesome image details.

7. Sony Cyber Shot HX90V

sony hx

It comes under the category of ultra-portable devices that has amazing potential to provide fine details with higher resolution. The 18MP sensor unit with 24-720mm type lenses makes everything ready to explore with minute details and its inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity option will help you to share images on a real-time basis.

8. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ70

panasonic lumix

One more popular entry in the series of travel cameras has been marked by the name of Panasonic; its impressive compact design is able to assist travelers with easy to zoom and sharp viewfinder feature. The 12 MP sensors create all travel wonders and Wi-Fi connectivity offers easy sharing features and the shot precision ability makes everything amazing for professional photographers.

9. Samsung NX1


Here you will find a perfect combination of DSLR styling and impressive high-performance type feature set. You will be able to have great picture quality with its DRIMe V advanced image processor and the touch screen type monitor allows easy photo clicking option. You will be able to connect cell phones as well as other devices to this camera for transferring content any time.

10. Leica T


With Leica, you will find a classically designed unit that is wonderfully finished with the least buttons on the control panel and more sensors to capture improved images. The contrast adjustment feature is highly improved with added precision in design and technology. It provides easy Wi-Fi connectivity and 16 GB internal memory for heavy storage to assist in travel photography needs.

Besides the camera itself, you may also need lens, or tripods to shoot a better video. Check the video below to learn more about the camera gears you need for a travel YouTube vlogger.

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