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8 Tips for Making Adventure Travel Video with GoPro

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

I am a frequent traveler who often spends weekends at wonderful adventures of world with my crazy friends.  We planned to get a dedicated action camera that can collect all memories with ease and finally our eyes were stuck at GoPro Action Cam. Because with proper use, this ultimate camera device can create mind-blowing videos like this:

Why choose GoPro action Cam

Light Weight: You can easily hold GoPro to capture wonderful scenes of adventure, best thing to know is that it will not add loads to your backpack due to its light weight design.

Impressive Image Quality: GoPro will always results a high quality image with 4K resolution that makes it ideal for all rough activities such as bungee jumping, water skiing, surfing and many more. This 4K content can be later viewed on TV or monitors without any decay in quality.

Easy to Use: This camera device can be easily operated by beginners as well as professional photographers, with fast shutter switching features, easy zoom and playback options, built in Wi-Fi connectivity so that content can be easily shared on social media.

With all such features, GoPro Action Camera becomes highly suitable for your travel needs but you might be thinking about how to use it to capture your dream photographs as well as videos. Content below can help you to do everything easily.

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Tips for Making Adventure Travel Video with GoPro

1. Focus on saving Battery Life

Although GoPro cameras are popular for their long battery life but still to gain more beneficial results you must try to make some efforts for saving its battery. It is not a tough task, all that you need to do is turn off Wi-Fi when not in use and prefer to use dim screen mode whenever possible. If you are going for a long day trip then it is also good to carry multiple batteries so that fun never stops.

2. Way to Prevent Fogging

In most of cases, fogging naturally occurs when cameras face tremendous changes in humidity or whether conditions but there is nothing to worry because it is possible to take benefits of no fog inserts with GoPro Camera unit.

3. Prevention from water droplets

One amazing trick that I have learned during my trips to keep my camera safe from water droplets is to lick camera lenses whenever possible; it will naturally make your device much safer.

4. Take a look over stability

A useful tip to keep your camera stable while taking selfies on air is to tighten all its screws on time. As this camera unit is designed to serve users during all adventurous as well as sports actions so you will love to use it in all such incredible moments.

5. Find the right frame

As GoPro camera comes with wide glass angles to assists users in all photo shoots so you must learn to handle it properly so that right frame selection can be done. While capturing a selfie, prefer to set your camera towards chest so that large amount of sky do not cover your photograph and it is always you who becomes more noticeable in photograph.

6. Steady Camera Holding

One must always try to hold this camera with a steady hand to avoid disturbances in videos or photographs. Your conscious effort to keep it stable will always result in smooth and crisp shots.

7. Reduce File Size

Due to High resolution camera quality, the file size of GoPro camera is always higher so it is good to make some efforts to reduce this file size on laptop so that its storage and transfer from one device to another becomes much easier.

8. Practice is the only key

There is no doubt to say that if you start using right steps to use GoPro camera unit then one day you will be able to capture everything in much smoother manner with amazing quality because practice makes your perfect.


Try to follow all GoPro camera tips to improve picture or travel video quality of your device so that all your adventurous trips can be captured incredibly. Once you start using this action cam, soon you will be able to impress your family and friends with amazing picture quality and wonderful photographic skills. It is always a great idea to practice to take photographs from all angles with more focus on camera stability so that whenever you take a click of any adventurous moment it always results best shot.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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