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Tips and Tricks for GoPro: Get the Most from Your GoPro

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

GoPro is one of the most popular action camera brand and professionals always prefer to buy their devices for capturing high quality stuff. So many GoPro models have been launched into market till now and each one of them possess incredible features. Although these devices are priced very high but their stunning video quality along with impressive functionality make users satisfied all the time. If you are new to GoPro models then it will be little difficult to take benefit from all stunning features of these devices. Hence to create impressive videos, it is good to follow few expert tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks for GoPro


You can leave most of the GoPro settings on Auto mode so that your action camera can manage brainy stuff during recording. If you want to follow the customized settings then it is better to go ahead with low light settings or white balance etc. Depending upon your footage needs, you can vary the resolution levels between WVGA and 4K whereas the perfect middle ground for all your needs is 1080p level. With few basic settings for brightness and exposure you can easily develop rich footage.

2.Choose the Right GoPro Mounts:

You will be glad to know that GoPro action camera users can have incredible mount selection options. They can be easily fixed on handlebars, heads and surfboards or even on your pets. The high quality mounts will always keep your device safe and ensure stabilized recording with perfect shooting angle adjustments. The helmet mounts assist users in perfect POV adjustment whereas the chest harness is essential if you need much stable footage. Most of GoPro devices come with mounts in their boxes whereas you can also buy them as additional accessories.

3.Try Protune:

If you have high end camera like Hero3, Hero4 or Hero5 then you are lucky enough to enjoy one advanced feature named as Protune. This is really an impressive tool but users must be well trained to use it effectively. With this feature you can make easy adjustments for exposure levels, white balance and ISO speeds. You can find this setting under capture setting option of your device but if you are working with default arrangements then it will lead to washed out look with grainy appearance.

4.Change Perspective:

The GoPro action cameras are well known for wide angle lenses but it doesn’t mean that you must keep on shooting all videos with 170 degree FOV. It is better to switch between different field of angles at different time instants as per need of your footage. You can switch to 90 degree that is narrow view whereas 127 degrees is rated as a medium view. The narrower settings help users to get more focused look of action or in other words it works somewhat like zooming in. You can find FOV settings on the screen itself under main video settings.

5.Use Timelapse Mode:

Almost all GoPro models possess advanced time lapse mode that assists in perfect shooting of city streets as well as sports games. It is not essential to stick to the slow motion mode all the time rather you can do more adventurous things with your camera. The time lapse mode selection is available over on-board settings and it assists users in capturing individual photos.

6.Make use of fisheye lens:

The wide angle lenses of your camera can serve you for capturing impressive fish eye photographs. The best news is that fisheye lenses provide amazing results for selfies as they capture backgrounds with stunning view. With this feature, you can take beautiful shots even at your arm’s length.

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7.Don’t Forget Filters:

There are so many impressive filter selection options in GoPro action camera models. The red filter assists users to capture outstanding shots under water. If you want to capture videos in bright light or in snowy landscape then it is good to switch to ND filter on your device.

8.Carry Extra Batteries:

It is always good to carry extra batteries with your action cameras when you are going for a long tour. You know there is nothing bad than finding your GoPro batteries running down at the time of most beautiful shoots. GoPro itself use to serve branded chargers and spare batteries that you can use without any trouble.

9.Editing Software:

One of the best software tools for editing GoPro footage is Wondershare Filmora due to its so many incredible features. This software program have ability to perform better lens distortion correction, provides advanced speed control, Audio De-noise and Video Stabilization along with improved color correction option. There is a brand new advanced Instant Cutter tool for effective and fast merging and trimming needs that works without any quality loss over videos. This instant cutter feature extends support to videos captured from AVCHD cams, phones and action cams.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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