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Best GoPro Studio Alternative for Win and Mac
  • Support popular formats like MTS, MOV and MP4.
  • Optimze the audio quality with audio-denoise feature.
  • Instant cut, trim and merge video footage without quality loss.

Best Alternative to GoPro Studio to Work with GoPro Footage

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions

GoPro is becoming a trendsetter in the field of action sports shooting. These cameras output high quality video footages which are interesting to watch. However, when it comes to editing, you will need the assistance of a perfect tool. GoPro provides a dedicated software tool called GoPro Studio to accomplish this task. Apart from this default application, people may want to go for some alternatives due to various reasons. Here are some alternatives for GoPro studio which are handy in terms of video editing. You may consider the given facts before trying out them.

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Best Alternatives to GoPro Studio

1. Wondershare Filmora

This is the best alternative for GoPro Studio recommended by many experts. The recommendation is fair enough concerning the features it delivers. Basically, Wondershare Filmora offers you exclusive new features for Action Camera: Lens distortion correction, Video Stabilization, Audio Denoise, Advanced Speed Control (slow-mo, fast-mo, replay, reverse and freeze frame), as well as color correction (white balance, 3D LUT etc.). The Instant Cutter option for users to trim or merge video files easily and fast with no quality loss. What's more, it supports H.264 encoded MP4, MOV& MTS videos shot by Action Cams, Phones, and Home HD Camcorders.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Expect for the Action Cam Tool, Wondershare Filmora's Full mode offers you a range of features from inserting a text message to adding stunning still and motion graphics. With Filmora, producing a dreamy video is realistic. It has a great ability to expand your imagination with the assistance of hundred unique visual effects.

Features like speed control, transitions, audio separation, auto enhances and social imports are really advance features ensuring anybody to become a professional video editor with few simple steps. This advanced featured software provides you limitless video editing options like adjusting Hue, merging and cropping videos, rotating them, adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation, changing the aspect ratio and speed of the original video.

Apart from the video editing features, Filmora facilitates you to edit the audio sources too. You will be able to trim and split the audio clips separately. Adjusting volume with fade in and fade out features and voice overs will benefit you in creating an exceptional audio clip to match the video you created.

You can load the videos you captured to your pc and then directly import them to the work area or the Filmora and start editing. If not, you can directly record videos into the Filmora and do your editing by; Clicking the Record button on the upper left corner of the Media library panel and then, in the pop up Capture Video window, clicking the record to start recording and clicking it again to stop recording. After the recoding is done, click OK to save the recorded video file in the default Captured file folder.

Fully featured edition of the Filmora is available from $29.99 per year. However, you can download the demo version and try. The demo version contains Filmora Logo on all the output videos.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Highly affordable
  • Hundreds of inbuilt effects
  • Record or import options
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • Watermark appears on Demo mode videos

2. Final Cut Pro X

This is another powerful tool which is compatible ONLY with Apple. There are various effects available to use. Filters, transitions, videos enhancements tools, color adjustments and interesting text designs are available with Final Cut Pro X. This is a good software tool for a professional video editor. Need some time to get familiar with the interface as the interface is little bit complex because of the features. Fully featured version is available for a rate of $299, which is hardly affordable for a beginner level video editor.


  • Large number of tools with interesting effects
  • Can produce professional video edits
  • Lots of templates are available


  • Price is too high for a beginner
  • Compatible only with Apple machines

3.Vegas Pro

This is another popular video editing tool used by professionals. It has gained a good reputation over the time because of the advance features. There are innovative editing tools like Edit SD, HD, 2K, and 4K material in 2D or stereoscopic 3D, with drag-and-drop functionality. Also it supports traditional 3-point and 4-point editing modes. However, concerning the price factor, SONY Vegas is hardly recommendable for someone as it costs $599.95 to purchase the full version


  • Innovative features
  • Lots of filters
  • Support any format


  • Very high price ($599.95)
  • Needs High End PC perfomances

There are many other software tools which can be used to edit videos. However, as per the comparisons, Filmora from Wondershare is seem to be as the best alternative for GoPro studio concerning the features, tools, options and the affordability. Filmora has all the features that comes with other high end software tools, but for a very affordable price.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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