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How to Improve GoPro Sound

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

GoPro is a leader in the action camera world due to its impressive camera series. It can shoot photos with time-lapse and Burst mode. But most people are using the GoPro cameras to record videos of their activities of outstanding video quality. Although GoPro can record sound along with videos, there are few limitations on sound quality. So users often need some additional tools to improve the sound quality in post-processing.

De-noise Recorded GoPro Video with Wondershare Filmora:

While you can de-noise your recorded GoPro video with the video editing software or audio editing software to improve the sound. We recommend you the Wondershare Filmora. The Filmora video editor is the most suitable software tool for editing GoPro videos. It comes with some features perfect for large action camera video footage editing:

  • Action Cam tool: It provides the ability to correct lens distortion automatically, assists in video stabilization, advanced speed control, Audio De-noise, and color correction.
  • Instant Clutter: This tool can merge or trim videos fast without decaying the quality of clips. It can be used with videos created from Home HD camcorders, Phones and action cams with codec and supports MTS, MOV, and MP4 file formats.

How to De-noise Videos using Filmora video editor?

Below is a video tutorial about How to edit action camera videos with Filmora with Lens Correction, Stabilization, and speed changing features.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 1:Launch the Filmora application on your system and create a new project for the action camera video.

Step 2:Import your video to the timeline either by clicking the Import button or via the dragging and dropping feature.

Step 3: Double click the action video in the timeline, and then go to the Audio tab. Go to the Denoise option to remove steady-state noises from GoPro videos. The slider can be used to adjust the de-noising level and finally use headsets to verify results.

 Remove background noise in action cam video

Tips: Since we're going to handle the audio in the video, it's recommended change the track height to Big for better audio visualization. You can also use the Detach Audio feature to separate the audio from the video.

It is also possible to add voiceover as well as background music using Filmora. One can also mute video clips or split the audio signals using advanced tools of Filmora.

Want to make your GoPro video more fantastic? Just try the ACTION CAM WINTER SET

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Tips for Improving Sound in GoPro Video Footage

There are two major options for improving GoPro sound: either you can use external microphones with your device or prefer to connect an independent recording system.

1. Using External Microphone

Before choosing external microphones, there are a few things that need to consider.

1. GoPro Microphone Adapter:

GoPro Hero2 used to have a dedicated audio input port of 3.5 mm but after that, all GoPro cameras were developed without a dedicated audio port. So now you have to use an additional Mini USB port for making connections with external mics. You can buy a Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter to insert an external mic into your Hero5 Session and Hero5 Black device. It enables line input and stereo mic for external audio sources such as a mixer or audio recorder. For HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, HERO3+ and HERO3, you need to buy the 3.5mm Mic Adapter.

2. Microphone Friendly Housing:

 Gopro Frame

The GoPro protective waterproof case never allows direct access to the Mini USB port, so you may have to use your camera naked to access these ports. If you use alternative housing to access ports through cutouts then your device will not stay safe from water anymore. The best option is to use microphone friendly hard plastic frame that can provide better protection while allowing direct access to ports. This frame picks all sounds well from external mics.

3. Choose Right External Microphone:

There are so many external microphone products available in the market that can assist users in picking up ambient sounds, music as well as speaking voices. Some of the best options that are compatible with all GoPro models are:

  1. Sony ECMCS3 clip style Omni-directional stereo mics.
  2. Opteka VM-100 Video Condenser Shotgun Mic.
  3. Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2.
  4. Countryman Lapel (MEMWF05BD2-R)
  5. Sennheiser MKE 400
  6. All Rode VideoMic Models
  7. Lavalier Microphone models.

You can find more information about microphones for action cameras in Best Microphones for Action Cameras 2017

4. Foam Windscreen:

In case you cannot connect your microphone due to the absence of a sound baffle then it is good to buy a foam windscreen as it can easily reduce external noise in a windy environment. If you install this foam windscreen, then it will become much easier to record sound even during biking and surfing. It can instantly boost the audio quality.

2. Using Independent Recording System:

It is really a great idea to use totally independent recording system with a GoPro action camera if you are not in favor of connecting external microphones. These independent systems assist us with clear voice recording as there is no disturbance caused by an external protective case. You can find so many stand-alone devices on market but Zoom H1 and Zoom H2 are recommended as the best tools by professionals for high-quality audio recording. It can perfectly balance your budget and quality needs.
Note that here you need to make additional efforts in post-processing as it is desired to merge recorded audio signals with proper synchronization to video. The price range of such independent recording systems uses to be much higher but still, we have picked an affordable option for you that can provide rich quality:

Zoom H4N:

This independent recording system comes with a pocket-sized sturdy body. It is a battery-powered device that can serve users for hours. Zoom H4 is designed to accommodate built-in stereo X-Y microphones and a 96 kHz/24-bit Linear PCM system. It can be used with XLR inputs.

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