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How to Avoid and Eliminate Fog on GoPro Lens/Housing

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Shooting a motion video under the water while diving or during a sporting like surfboarding can be a wonderful experience. Everybody expects to capture some magnificent water videos during adventurous expeditions. However, foggy layers due to the water condensation on the surface of your camera lenses can pose problems and result in poor and hazy picture output. Assorting proper measures, you can easily eliminate these limitations and shoot high-resolution water videos. Here are some effective ways to deal with GoPro fog problems and shoot clear water videos.

Why Does Fog Accumulate on Your GoPro Camera

The GoPro Hero series cameras are fully protected by the waterproof casing. The case does not allow water from outside to penetrate inside and vice versa. This often causes the problem of fogging. If there are traces of moisture/humidity inside the case for some reason and the external temperature is cold, the condition leads to the condensation of the traces of humidity inside the device. This condensed moisture traces accumulate on the lenses forming foggy layer.

The fogging up on the camera lenses due to moisture presence inside the device is a common occurrence during winter water sports due to greater difference in external and internal temperatures.

Best Ways to Avoid or Eliminate Fog on GoPro Camera Lenses

The easiest solution to prevent GoPro fog deposition issues is to take out the moisture trapped inside the camera device. If there is no moisture residue inside, there will not be any chances of condensation problems. Following are some convenient options to eliminate fog from GoPro camera.

Use Anti-fog Inserts

The anti-fog inserts are reusable low cost drying agents with superb capacity to absorb water molecules. The commercial grade anti-fog inserts contain silica gel of very high quality with cellulose fiber. The gel packed in small sacks is often provided inside electronic goods to keep the moisture away. When you insert the silica bags inside the camera, it will readily soak the moisture. You can take out the bag and dry it naturally or in the microwave oven for future use.

Best recommendations:

1. GoPro Anti Fog Inserts - $15.39

A single pack of GoPro Anti Fog Insert contains 12 sacks of silica gel. Each sack is compatible for up to 4 uses. These sacks require regular drying after every use. You can apply 300-degree temperature heating in the oven for five minutes to complete the drying process. After using and drying, store the inserts in airtight container.

2. CamKix Anti-fog Inserts - $5.69

These inserts are affordable compared to the GoPro inserts in terms of price and product quantity. A single pack contains 20 sacks of silica gel inserts. The size of the sacks and product quality is compatible for using in all GoPro camera models. These reusable sacks can be dried in the oven at 300 degree Fahrenheit.

3. Wose Anti-fog inserts - $5.59

Comparing the price of all the three anti fog inserts, you will find Wose as the cheapest product in the market. You will get 24 pieces of silica gel sacks in a pack of Wose inserts. The sacks contain 3M adhesive material of extra strong industrial grade. These sacks are also compatible for multiple usages after drying in the oven as mentioned above.

DIY GoPro Anti-fog insert

The major drawback of using the GoPro anti-fog inserts is the cost factor. On average, the cost of a pack of 12 inserts is $15. The pack is sufficient for using 4 times. With a simple DIY method, you can save the dollars. Follow these simple steps to soak all the moisture in your camera.

Step 1: Take a thick paper towel and cut strips of 0.75"x3" dimension.

Step 2: Fold the strips in rectangular shape in a way that you can place them firmly inside the camera case.

Step 3: The size of your GoPro camera will depend on the version you possess. Place the folded paper towel pieces inside the case on the camera everywhere so that it absorbs moisture from all parts. You may need 3 to 6 paper pieces to soak the moisture completely.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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