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How to Edit GoPro 4K Video

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Nov 04, 2022• Proven solutions

When we plan for holiday then it becomes essential to carry GoPro cam with us so that we can collect all memories on the way. But there are also so many techniques that you can apply in post processing to create customized videos. There are so many methods to edit 4K GoPro videos. You can add music to them, cut them into small portions or merge together to make something really creative. No matter what you want to get out of it, the advanced video or photo editing tools can provide you best results.

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Things to Know When Editing GoPro 4K Videos

Editing Format

You might be aware of the fact that GoPro records videos in MPEG-4 whereas the output files contain .MP4 extension. These files are mostly compressed with the help of codec. As the final output file is with MP4 codec format so the editing software ahead must be capable enough to process this particular file format. So before you decide your editing software, ensure that it is able to handle GoPro output file format.

Output Format

The free editing software program must produce files with acceptable extension. In case if you wish to share your videos on internet using social media applications then the editing software must be also capable enough to assist users in easy uploading. One more option is to burn files directly to DVD; in that case your editing program must be capable enough to write into disc directly.

How to Edit GoPro 4K Videos

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1. GoPro Studio

You will be glad to know that GoPro studio is equipped with this feature and it works fine on desktop systems. You can use this software on Mac as well as PC. There are so many easy to follow editing tools inside where users can trim, merge, slow down, speed up as well as render videos. It assists in easy uploading to popular social media platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and UHD 4k etc.

Pros: This software tool is much easier to operate and available for free.

Cons: It lacks somewhere in advanced editing options.

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2. For Windows- Adobe Premiere Pro ($19.99/month):

Most of the professionals recommend using Adobe Premiere for GoPro video editing needs due to its impressive results. It is not only useful for action camera lovers rather this software can assist beginners as well as professional videographers. Users will also be able to grab benefits from Premiere Pro offer.

Pros: This professional level and highly powerful tool with all advanced features is believed to fulfil all editing needs of common action camera users.

Cons: The cost is very high and many users find this interface little complicated.

3. For Mac – Final Cut Pro ($399.99):

If you are a Mac user then Final Cut Pro X is one of the best solutions for all your video editing needs. The layout of FCPX is almost same as that of iMovie platform and it can assists everyone is development of classic videos with stunning results. You just need to watch small tutorials about how to use it and then this software can do miracles for you.

The work flow of this latest software program is well streamlined. Users can easily edit footage with advanced controls and effects. The best part is that it can also assist in editing of 4K videos.

Pros: This software possesses everything that you need. It can work is much powerful manner with faster results.

Cons: It works only on Mac platforms and the price range is very high.

Recommendation – Wondershare Filmora for Mac and Win:

You can use Wondershare Filmora version 8.0 for editing action camera videos. With this recent update, two new featured have been added to Wondershare Filmora editor:

  1. The Action Cam Tool: It assists users in correcting lens distortions with ease, helps in advanced video stabilization, Audio De-noise, automatic colour correction and advanced speed control.
  2. The Instant Clutter: With this tool users can easily merge and trim their videos even without facing any loss in quality. It is also possible to process a 4K video footage of 8GM size within one minute.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

This tool can results MTS, MOV and MP4 like file formats. It is easier to process videos captured from Home HD CamCorders, Phones and Action Cams.

Pros: Simple and intuitive user interface with so many advanced editing features.

Cons: The free version leads to watermark in edited videos.


There is no doubt to say that market is full of editing software for action camera videos. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the editing software can provide you impressive results with few efforts. But when it comes to quality we cannot compromise and it is desired to pick the best software tool. Wondershare Filmora is one of the best optionS for all action camera lovers.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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