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GoPro Hero5 Session Vs Hero Session

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

GoPro launched so many high tech and streamlined camera models by this year and consumers are almost confused about on which one they must spend for better action recording results. The series of Black and Silver models are competing with each other in terms of specifications, you just need to make decision about your budget and then your favorite device can join you on your adventurous trip.

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By this year Hero5 Session was launched into the market and it immediately took place of Hero Silver series. Presently professionals are rating session as more entry level device whereas Black is the top end series. In terms of looks, Hero Session and Hero5 Session both are almost same but if you are thinking to buy device from this series then it is much better to discuss their features in detail. Some of the significant differences can be visualized from the complete review given below.

Comparison for Hero5 Session and Hero Session

Specs Comparison Table:

GoPro Hero5 Session GoPro Hero Session
Price $299 only $199 only
Date available October 2, 2016 July 6, 2015
Battery 1000mAh 1000mAh
Weight 73g 74g
Image resolution Up to 10mp Up to 8mp
Dimensions 38x38x36mm 38x38x36mm
Video resolution Up to 4k/30fps Up to 1440p/30fps
Waterproof (60m with housing) 10 meters without housing (60m with housing) 10 meters without housing
Display No built-in display No built-in display
Shooting mode Time lapse video,  Auto-Low Light mode, Burst mode, Night Lapse mode and Night Photo Time-lapse photo, Auto-Low Light mode, Burst mode,
Field of view Wide, SuperView, Linear, Medium, Narrow Wide, Medium
Digital image stabilization Yes N
Voice Control Y N
Advanced wind noise reduction Y N
WIFI and bluetooth Y Y


Hero5 Session VS Hero Session

Image resource:DC Rainmaker

In terms of handling, ruggedness and housing both these models are comparatively equal. Both models possess almost equal dimensions and are well known for their built in type rugged protection. The waterproof body can serve you up to 33 feet or 10 meters below water even without any additional housing arrangement. They fit perfectly in the same sized frames and you necessarily need to attach this frame whenever it is required to mount cameras on certain surface because there is no other medium to attach them with mounting.

Image Quality:

Hero5 session can record photos with 10MP resolution where images will be measured as 3648 by 2736 and they have breathtaking clarity but in case of Hero session this resolution is limited to 8MP only and pixels in image use to be around 3264x2448 only. With the cheaper model you can also adjust camera settings to crop mode take takes pictures at 5MP.

Video Quality:

If we talk about video quality then Hero5 session is assumed to have much better results with lots of modes and settings available. Some features that Hero5 session has but are missing in Hero Session are:

  1. The 4K resolution where cheaper model is able to reach only up to 1080p with 60fps frame rate.
  2. The frame rates also differ by great level so speed varies.
  3. In camera stabilization is an essential feature; it is essential for action camera lovers because this facility help to save video quality from jerks or jumps.
  4. If we talk about field of view then in case of Hero5 session you can enjoy 5 different options in terms of: Narrow, Linear, Medium, Wide and SuperView whereas in case of Hero4 Session you can enjoy recording only with Wide and Medium mode.

Other Features:

  1. GPS: Both of these Cameras lack in GPS capabilities. Currently this feature is only available in Hero5 Black.
  2. Voice Control: This feature is specifically dedicated to Hero5 models and Hero session does not possess it. Actually with Voice control commands users can easily initiate the basic recording functions or take photos even without using hands. Such voice commands are really useful when you are driving or diving and wish to capture scenes all around. If you are searching for this feature then it is good to switch to Hero5 models.
  3. Image Stabilization: This feature is included in Hero5 Session but is missing from Hero Session. It helps users to avoid distortion in videos due to shakes or jerks on the way while driving or hiking.
  4. Wind Noise Reduction: If you go for Hero5 Session then you will be able to protect your videos from wind noise and audios will have much better clarity after processing but in case of Hero Session you will miss this feature.


Both cameras are quite amazing and all features are much impressive. It is good to consult professionals before investing on any of these devices and also check your budget as well as need. Hero5 Session is suitable for adventure lovers who use to spend most of their time in exploring different locations.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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