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The demo of the video where the effect is seemingly easy to create. In order to create this effect from scratch, you need a tripod to record your footage on auto with the scenes being performed by the character in the orderly manner.


The requirements of the video recoding include the mirror and the room. The recording is being done by the character that will perform various movements while recording and then perform various scenes as per the desire.


Once the recording is done, make sure the instructions are being followed in order to avoid any editing difficulties. Name the recordings as the base video and the second half video and then go to the Filmora and import the videos to the software.


Bring both the added videos to the timeline, the first one underneath while the second video on the top of the base video in upper video track. Match the duration of both the videos so it will look like a single interacting video.


Look for the frame where the base video has the same motion and make the cut using the split function here. Look for the same thing on another video and then make a cut there as well.


Go to mask out the area of the video. Use the single line preset of the mask window and make sure there is enough space between the character and the mirror so the mask is being easy to insert.


Cut the video for the first part so you can have the longer space for video editing. Separate it from the rest of the video and then refer to the Mask section to insert the mask to this second half as well.


Go to the element’s menu and type in Bubble in the search box. Then find bubble section to add some bubble elements to the video. This will open up the bubble element on the video and double click to customize the size.


Place the title on the place of this bubble. Align it according to the character and then add the title to add into the bubble. Go for the basic titles to add the text of your choice. Type in whatever you want to say in the video.


Go to the settings and change the color of the bubble as well. To open up the settings, double click on the element in the timeline and this shall open up the editing section of the bubble. You can also fix the position of the bubble here.


Go to the animation for the title so you can add the animation to the text. You can refer to the animation and select the preset of the animation from the list.


Cut the elements in mid-way then you will get the two elements with the similar settings. Go to the end of the animation frame of the second element and hover over that frame for the editing.


Add another typewriter animation to the video and then adjust the duration using the advanced setting of the title. You can do this by double clicking on the title and then adjust the duration of the title using the tracks.


Choose another bubble of the second half, double click this element and go to the basic settings to flip this element so it will get aligned with the other face of the video. Then go to the Basic to align it to the right place according to the character.


Copy the previous coloring setting of the bubble and then paste it into this element as well. Leave some space after the start of the element. Then type in the new message for this element as well.


Go to the stickers to add the favorite stickers to this half of the video. Open up the Stock Media menu and go to Giphy section from there. You can now add the sticker above the video within the timeline by dropping it over the video.


If you are not happy with the animation and then add Freeze frame to stuck the element to the original form. To do that, go to the Speed and Freeze frame into that instance. This will freeze that frame where you need to add the animation.


Double click on the video and add animation keyframe to customize it further to make it transparent. Refer to the Animation window and Add Keyframe within the scenes.


At the end of the video, adjust the duration and preview the final edited video to make sure everything is in its place. You can then adjust the adjust of the video as per the requirement.

How to Make Viral Home Alone Effect Video


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Record the Video

Go to the scene where you need to record the video effect. Use the room with the mirror and then record yourself with the space between the character and the mirror. Use tripod and make sure the lighting does not disturb for different scenes. Perform various reactions for the video to be realistic.

record viral home alone video
Step 2
Launch Filmora and Add Both Videos

To make this effect in a simplest way, you need an editor like Filmora that has everything summed up. Download the software from the links below and launch the software right away. You can then go ahead with the Video Editor button that will open up the UI of Filmora editor directly.

launch filmora and add both videos
Step 3
Add the Videos to Timeline

Now go ahead to the Import window and hit the plus icon to add your recorded video to the Software. After the successful import, drag the files to the timeline In a way that the first video to the base track and the other above it. Match the duration as well by adjusting the videos on the go.

add viral home alone video timeline
Step 4
Add Mask

Double click on the video and go to the Mask window to add the Single line preset mask on the video to make the first video fade out from the second. Scroll down and add blur strength to this mask as well. After that, create same mask for the second half of the video as well.

add mask viral home alone video
Step 5
Add Fun Elements

Now head towards the Elements menu and then go to the Bubble section to find your favorite element and download and drag it over the video within the timeline. You can then double click to open up the settings for this element and then customize it according to the video.

add fun element viral home alone video
Step 6
Place Titles on the Bubbles

In the next step, you need to add some text to make your video scenes look like thinking. For that, go to the Titles menu and then add the title that fits the video well. You can add animation to the titles as well. Use the presets from the Titles menu and then drag them to the title element within the timeline, this will add animation to your text.

place title bubble viral home alone video
Step 7
Add Other Speech Bubble

Now, for the second half video, add another bubble of your favorite choice. Go to the Elements menu and then add the Bubble list from there. Similar to the previous bubble, you can add a new bubble shape to this half of the video and then customize it accordingly.

add speech bubble viral home alone video
Step 8
Add Stickers

To make your video more interesting, go to the Stock media and add Giphy stickers from the window as shown here. You can preview a variety of stickers from the list. Make sure to add them on the video and match the duration as well so it will appear at the instance where the title ends according to the video scene.

add stickers viral home alone video
Step 9
Add Animation Keyframes

Now to freeze the frame, go to the Speed and then select Freeze frame from there, this way, you can add the keyframes to the scene and make it go transparent or fade as according to the animation setting you select. Make sure to add the animation keyframe to the frame that you have frozen previously.

add animation viral home alone video
Step 10
Adjust and Preview the Video

Lastly, make the necessary adjustments to the video and then hit the Export button to share it across the platforms to go viral.

adjust preview viral home alone video

In summary, you can get the viral home alone video effect in a few moments. All you have to do is record the scenes as per the requirement and then kickstart the editing using the Filmora. Download the software from here and make it happen right from sitting on your couch.

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