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The Demo of the video where the effect video is shown with the action. You will need to record the video in the scene and then go ahead with the Software to create the effect.


The requirements of the video recording where you need to record your effect video. You will need a ping pong ball and one egg. Refer to the kitchen and then do the recommended actions for the recorded video.


Launch the Filmora software and go to the Filmora editor by hitting the Editor button. Once inside, hit the Import button to import the raw footage to the software. Drag it to the timeline afterwards.


Go to the footage and find out the frame where the ball is in the air and then cut the video right there. Do this again for the next frame to crack the egg and then separate the video from the point where the reaction begins.


Grab the section where the egg is being cracked and then drag it on top of the video track one step above. Now, find exactly when the egg is in the air on top. Match the beginning of this video clip with the other half.


Double click on the egg video and create a mask. You can use Rectangle mask here, then drag the mask into the video. Customize the mask area and increase the blur strength as well.


Go in frame by frame to make sure the cut is perfect. Also check whether or not you need to offset your video. You can then adjust the scaling of the video on spot. Select the particular clip and edit it accordingly.


Adjust the video clips within the timeline Now the ball is turn into the gg with no problem. Adjust the mask as well so that it won’t have any errors. Render the video to check it in full screen using the preview window.


Cut the video right where the egg is landed on the frypan. Select the top video at the frame where the egg is fully landed on the pan. Go to the Speed and then add freeze frame at the point and then adjust the offset and duration of the freeze frame.


Adjust the lighting of both the footages by double clicking on the video and go to the color settings of that video clip. Here you can adjust the lighting along with the other color settings as well. Do as per the requirement.


Export this current video so that you can have the edited clips as a one video for later editing purposes. Afterwards, go to the import window and then re-import this video to the software and then to the timeline as well.


Add the animation keyframes to stay connected with the transition of the scenes. You need the audience attention to transition from you to the frame using the keyframes. Use the scale animation to zoom out the frames.


Go the different frames to add the keyframes. Adjust the scaling of the frames using the slider settings. You can then preview the video to make sure everything is in place. You can also rotate the video using the rotation keyframes.


Add the slight rotation to all the keyframes. Right click on the frame to open up the settings of the keyframes. Here you can go to the Rotate section and rotate the slider to the desired extent. Make sure you rotate the clips at the same value.


Once you are finished with the keyframes, all the effect video is now in play. Preview the video with the intention to auto correct any ambiguous frames that might look unrealistic and use the other features of the software to correct them right away.

How to Make Viral Egg Crack Effect Video


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Record the Video to the Scene

For this effect, you need to have videos of the character performing the scenes. The scenes include a ball that you will bounce on the kitchen shelf and an egg that you will break on your frypan to make it look exciting. After you have recorded the footages, head towards the next step to start the effect making process.

break egg video footage
Step 2
Launch the Filmora Editor

You definitely need an editor like Filmora that will give you full customization plan to do the trick. Download and install the editor for free and then launch the Editor from the starting window.

launch the filmora editor
Step 3
Import the Footage to the Software

Now import your recorded footages to the software using the Import button and afterwards, add the footages to the timeline situated underneath. You can drag and drop the footage to the timeline section as shown here:

import crack egg video filmora
Step 4
Find the Frames to Cut

In the next step, go to the different scenes of the video and then make the cut using the split function. Hover over the scene and preview it in the Preview Window to find the perfect frame, then hit the Scissor icon to make the cut with a single click.

cut frame crack egg video
Step 5
Add Mask

Double click on the video clip that you split apart and add the mask to it. Go to the Mask section and add the Mask preset from there. Make sure to work with the box of the mask then remove the hand from the frame.  Increase the blur strength afterwards.

add mask crack egg video
Step 6
Adjust the Clips and Mask

In the next step, preview the duration of the clips and match them altogether. Make sure the clips do not overlay over each other being in the different video tracks. Also, adjust the masks to the clips accordingly.

adjust clips crack egg video
Step 7
Render the Video

To make the editing smoother, refer to the Timeline below and then hit the Render icon from there. This will start rendering process of your video and after the completion of the rendering, then preview to see the frame where you need to cut the video.

render the crack egg video
Step 8
Add Freeze Frame

In order to stuck the frame for making it prolong, you can use the Freeze frame from the video speed section. Right click on the clip and go to Speed > Freeze Frame option to freeze the frame. Then customize the mask box on the clip to make sure the arm is not included in the next frames.

add freeze frame crack egg video
Step 9
Color Correct the Clips

Double click on the clip to open up the settings and from there, adjust the lighting by customizing the Contrast, Saturation and Brightness as well. You can use the corresponding sliders for your ease.

color correct crack egg video
Step 10
Re-Import the Video

Now to make the process easier, export the current video project to your PC. After the successful export, open the new project and then add it back using the Import button. Now you have a single video with all the previous editing summed up in it. Drag it to the timeline for further process.

re import crack egg video
Step 11
Add Animation Keyframes

To make the coherence within the video scenes, you need to use the keyframes. Go to the Animation section to add the keyframe using Add button. Furthermore, you can also use the keyframes to set the transition of Audiences attention to the character to the scene the character is performing.

add animation crack egg video
Step 12
Edit the Keyframes

Make sure you add the animation keyframes on the different scenes and then add the position adjustments as well. This will also add the hand-held camera effect to your video. You can then rotate the video with the editing keyframe option. Make sure to slightly rotate the instances of keyframe and then add the same value or different keyframes.

edit keyframes crack egg video
Step 13
Finish the Editing

After you have done the editing with the keyframes, now is the time to preview the video all along and then save it to finish. You can do this using the preview window and find out any errors in the video so you can correct them before the export. Once done, hit the Export button and share the video across the platforms to your audience.

finish editing crack egg video

Summing up, you need to have pre-recorded footages to start the process. Filmora makes it easy for you to edit and spruce up the footages to the best of your extent. Bring your footages together and head towards the editor to make it happen.

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