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The demo of the video with the visual illustration of the final effect video. After that, jump into Filmora and import your three videos as per the description. Then bring in the videos as per the video tracks.


Double click on the top video and increase the scale. Make sure to match the frame to the other video and then double click on it to open the setting. Lower the Opacity in Compositing to see the lower video in the timeline.


Go to the Effect menu and add Human Segmentation effect. Then work with the sliders to get a nice cut out from the object. Add freeze frame to the second video and move the freeze frame slider to the lower duration.


Make the same scaling value for each of these videos. Do this by double-clicking on the videos and adjust the scale position from the menu. You can also remember the scaling value and then add it to all the videos accordingly.


Now you need to add some effect on your video. For this purpose, go to the effects menu and type in black to select the black and white video effect. Then, drag this black and white filter to the timeline over the video.


Make a keyframe on the last position of this video and move it out of the frame using the keyframe within the menu. Add keyframe to the top video and match it with the second video and move forward to scale it with the second video.


To disappear the dancers, move the markers and make the cut to get rid of the videos. Make a fade out using the keyframes at that instance. Make sure to match the size and position of the dancer frames.


Now bring in the third dancing video and place it above he all the videos. Lower the opacity and look for the frame where both the videos have a similar location. Add Freeze frame to this video and then move back few frames. Get rid of the other half.


Bring in video w another time and bring it at the start of the timeline. Trim the top video of video 2 and add segmentation effect to this video. Now you have video 2 on track 2 and 4, video 3 on track number 3.


Make a cut using the marker on video 3. Bring back the opacity and add keyframe at the frame. Make it normal using the animation keyframe and match the position with video number 3. Bring back the opacity for video 3 as well.


Grab the freeze frame video and add keyframe at the start. You can do this by double click and moving to Animation menu. Click on Add and then move it backwards using the X axis. You can also choose up and down and use the freeze frames.


Right on the first marker of video 2, add the freeze frame. Match it with the video lower to it and match the duration of both the freeze frames. Adjust the length of the video and gab the longest footage using video number 3.


Export this video and now create a new project now import this exported video from the previous editing. Use the keys to preview the frames and then at the main video, note down the spots where the videos are transitioning.


Insert the markers on the transition spots, select each of the markers and double click on the video. Make sure to add these markers on the sequence of the videos that you had initially.


Now double click on the video to open up the video editing and add animation keyframes on these markers. Go to Animations and increase the Scale by 150 values manually. Do this for the second transition as well.


Add effects to the videos as well. Go to the AI Portrait menu to add your favorite effects to the videos. Add more styles and increase the sliders using the customizations of the effects.

How to Make Viral Roto Dance Transition Video


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Launch Filmora

In the first, you need to have Filmora pre-installed on your PC. For this purpose, we have here included the links to download the software for free. Visit these links and download the software for your PC. Afterwards, install the editor and launch it after the successful installation.

launch filmora
Step 2
Import Videos to Filmora

Now within the editor, head towards the Import button and import the dance videos to the software. You can either match the resolution with the HD or leave it as per the recorded settings. The three dance videos should be numbered with the sequence. After that, drag and add them to the timeline in different video tracks.

import roto dance video filmora
Step 3
Customize the Videos

Now as the videos are within the timeline, double click on the video and increase the scale by going to the basic editing setting. Use the slider to adjust the video frame and also lower the opacity as well.

customize roto dance video settings
Step 4
Add Markers and Human Segmentation

By previewing the videos, look for the similar positions and place the markers on the instances. Afterwards go to the Effects menu and select the AI Portrait to open up the list of effects. Now, from the list, add Human Segmentation on the video as shown here:

add markers viral roto video
Step 5
Add Filters

In the next step, you need to add filters to make the videos look epic. For that, go to Effects and find Black and White filter from the list. Drag and drop it on the video. Now, if you want to add the filter precisely, use the Freeze frame feature to lock the frame. Go to the Speed and add Freeze Frame from there afterwards.

add filters viral roto video
Step 6
Add Animation Keyframes

You can also add keyframes to fade out the video scenes, for that, go to first frame of the video using the arrow keys and add Keyframes by going to Animation and Add Keyframe. You can then adjust the slider of the keyframe within the timeline to adjust its duration.

add animation key frames viral roto video
Step 7
Adjust the Speed of Frames

Go to the second video and lower the duration of freeze frame. Then add the Simple Fade out freeze frame afterwards using the animation keyframe. Make sure to lower the opacity further. Do this for the third video as well.

adjust speed frames viral roto video
Step 8
Export the Footage and Re-Import

In order to simplify the editing process, go to the Export button to save this video project as a single video. You can then add the video back to the software using the Import button and then drag it to the timeline in form of a single video.

export footage viral roto video
Step 9
Add Markers and Transition

Now preview the video and then mark the scenes using the M key on the selected frame. Use the markers for different scenes and afterwards, you can add transitions to smooth out the scene changings with fun. Go to the Transitions menu from the top and select your favorite transition to introduce it to the timeline between the markers as shown here:

add markers transitions viral roto video
Step 10
Add Animation Keyframes

For scaling the markers, double click on the video to go to the Animation menu and add keyframes right at the different frames. Add these keyframes to the transitions as well.

add animation key frames roto dance video
Step 11
Add AI Portrait Effects

In the last step, go to the Effects menu and search for the Flash effects from the search bar. Now rom there, add Flash effects to the videos for making the dance videos look epic and then increase the intensity of the effects as well. You can do this by double clicking on the effect and adjust the Intensity slider afterwards.

add ai portrait viral roto video
Step 12
Save the Video

Lastly, save this final edited video to your desired destination by hitting the Export button or share it across the platforms to make it go viral.

save viral roto video

To sum up the process, you only need a dance move footage to make an epic roto dance transition video with Filmora. Visit the official links to download the software for your PC and then kickstart the process on the go.

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