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Samsung Gear 360 vs LG 360 Cam: Which 360 degree camera is better

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Samsung has launched its 360 gear with the release of Galaxy S7 and Samsung S7 Edge, although Samsung is not a well known name in the world of VR gadgets but still few people use to prefer this brand especially, whereas on the other side LG 360 cam was launched to work in association with all Android as well as OS devices. Both of these cameras have almost same kind of features so people are not able to decide easily that which one to buy; definitely they need a reliable comparison between both gadgets so that better decision can be made. Actually there is some different between image and video quality that you must know along with few other major features.

samsung gear 360 vs lg 360cam

Part 1 Basic specs comparison

Below you can find the difference between both devices at a glance:

Samsung Gear 360
LG 360 Cam
Date of Availability
(40 x7 x5) mm
microSD card type storage ranging up to 128GB
4 GB flash along with Memory Card Max up to 2 TB
1,350mAh is included
1200 mAh is included
Body material
Dual 15MP type CMOS
Dual 13 MP type CMOS
Fisheye lens with Dual f/2.0
Dual - Fisheye Lens
Image resolution
Single cam (3072x1728), Dual cam (7776x3888)
5660 x 2830 (16M)
Video resolution
Single cam (2560x1440), Dual cam (2840x1920)
2560 x 1280 (30fps)
Image format
Video format
Audio : 5.1Ch and MP4(MPEG-4 AVC)
Mini tripod included
A Standard 1/4-inch type tripod thread
Connectivity options
Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Wifi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth

All these specifications can help users to make decision about best cam as per their requirement and budget but at the same time you must know about real user reviews leading to some pros and cons of these devices. Below are complete details:

Part 2 Pros and Cons

Samsung Gear 360
LG 360 Cam
Consumer 360 camera with Highest resolution
Price range is low as compared to its competitor
Easy to use and Self-contained
Easy to operate and hold
Dust resistant and Splashproof
More Memory capacity
Battery and microSD card are Replaceable
Compatible with iOS and Android
MicroSDslot can extend support up to maximum 128GB cards
It is possible to shoot using only one lens when you have to capture non 360 degree images
Loop recording, Time-Lapse recording, 360° spherical capture
Audio quality is much better than competitor
Wireless Integration
Big size so you cannot keep it in pocket
For uploading your videos to facebook and YouTube, you may need desktop application.
Its designs is not waterproof
Even the desktop app do not provide any editing option to captured images
You need to connect it with latest Samsung phone
There are some Software glitches
Stitch lines appear to be very apparent
Battery do not come with swappable feature
It poses some limitations on video and photo sharing abilities
Not water-resistant
Doesn’t serve with internal storage space

Part 3 Image quality comparison

When we watch 360 videos on tablet or smartphone then it leads to immersive experience; a facility of VR headset can add more features to your 360 video world. In case of Gear 360 you will be able to enjoy 4K resolution whereas LG 360 serves with 2K resolution only thus Samsung Gear 360 will be better choice in this case. On the other side if we talk about audio abilities then LG360 has an edge over Samsung Gear 360 because of its ability to record 5.1 level surround sounds that is major requirement of a 360 degree video. The Gear 360 possess stereo record feature that can capture voice only in two directions thus resultant audio in scenes is not that much clear. Moving forward to more technical specifications, the bit rate – well known as quality of image with resolution is 60MB/second in case of Gear 360 whereas LG360 cam limits up to 19MB/second, this makes a big difference in quality. If we count features then Samsung gear 360 definitely have more features as like its waterproof body, highly stabilized video results and F2.0 dual lenses but LG360 lacks behind in these features.

Part 4 Editing software comparison comparison

It is possible to stitch videos as well as photographs taken from the 360 degree camera using Galaxy phone and they can be directly shared on social media. Some consumers also love to use Desktop software to edit the camera results in detail. Same as like Gear 360, the latest device from LG can also capture good quality 360 degree videos as well as photographs but it do not support spherical share as like Samsung unit. You can pair up LG360 cam only with LG G5 latest smartphone whereas video and photo editing options are not yet known for smartphone as well as PC. Both these devices come with Wi-Fi connectivity, USB port and Bluetooth capabilities whereas in case of Samsung 360 gear NFC is an additional option. The ultimate combination of time lapse recording, 360 spherical recording and loop recording makes everything easy in Samsung gear where you can avail wonderful results for each real time recording.

Check this side-by-side video review to know more about this two 360 degree cameras:

Part 5 Conclusion

Price difference of both devices is well reflected in the comparison table above and you got enough information about their features too. The gear 360 results better looking images along with better color distributions but in case of LG the image as well as video quality is comparatively degraded; Although, LG cam is much faster and discrete design but for professional photographers it will not result better output. The two additional shooting modes of Gear 360 also allows better quality of videos and its compatibility with Samsung smartphones allows easy editing and uploading. After getting real time users recommendations and their reviews, users are advised to prefer Samsung GEAR 360 for their Virtual Reality needs but those who cannot compromise for price range can go for LG360 device as its audio quality is much better than Samsung gear 360 along with ability to connect with Android as well as iOS devices.

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