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Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

VR is an experience that is immersive where the movement of your head is being tracked in a world of the three-dimensional. That’s why this is suited for games as well as in movies.

Developers of today are creating experiences that can blow your mind in order to revolutionize entertainment and gaming.

Mobile and Tethered

There are two groups of VR Headsets: tethered and mobile. For mobile headsets, they use smartphones for their processing and display. They are merely shells with the lenses when you remove the smartphone in the equation. On the other hand, tethered headsets are those with integrated displays. They are connected to the game systems or the PCs with a cable.

Mobile headsets are affordable and small. This is because your smartphone is the one to carry the bulk of work to be done. Aside from a magnetic switch, they do not really have any electrical or mechanical components.

Tethered headsets are resource-intensive, expensive and large. They boast motion-sensing and head-tracking capabilities that are more advanced than those of mobile headsets. They are also working in conjunction with some external cameras so that they can track your head more precisely. The designs made on them are able to work with the physical controls from the keyboards and gamepads to more options that are proprietary.

Here are a list of the best VR headsets this 2019.

Comparison Main Parameter

Brand Price Release Time Mothership Software Open Hardware
Google Cardboard $15 June 2014 Smartphone IOS
Oculus Rift $599 March 2016 PC Windows √*
HTC Vive $799 April 2016 PC Windows
Playstation VR $399 October 2016 PS4 PS4 x
Samsung Gear VR $99 November 2015 Samsung Galaxy Samsung x
Microsoft HoloLens $3000 March 2016 Self-contained holographic computer Windows 10 x
Meta 2 $949 Q3 2016 Self-contained   x
Freefly VR headset $74.70 April 2015 Smartphone Android
Zeiss VR One Plus $129 August 2016 Smartphone Android
Fove VR $349 May 2016   FOVE Software x

1. Google Cardboard

This falls in the mobile headsets. They are the VR platform that is easiest to get access on and they are also the most affordable. Your smartphone will be used here as the display. The good thing is any android can be used as long as it fits the headset you have. This relies mostly on the sensor of your smartphone for the control. A magnetic switch that is quite small is the only mechanical part of this one. You can buy Google Cardboard from Amazon at $16.99. it was released on June 2014.

2. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a tethered headset that has become synonymous to VR. But this VR headset is a specific product that can be used specifically as well. Development kits were the form it was in for the past years. A new version of it is coming which will be consumer-ready. This is one of the VR headsets that are comprehensive and most advanced in the market. The cost will be twice of that of the development kit version which is already in $600 though plus you will be in need of a computer that is more powerful in order to use it. It is out since March 2016 in

3. HTC Vive

HTC Vive virtual reality system is under tethered headsets. It is a comprehensive package with two base stations, two motion controllers and a headset in it. This is to define a ‘whole -room’ are for the VR. This is considered to be one of the most promising VR implementation. This kind of VR system needs a lot of power. It is out since April 2016 at $799 in

4. Playstation VR

Playstation VR from Sony is another of the tethered headsets. It is a specific and unique one. It offers a polished and consumer-ready content. It was designed strictly as the Playstation 4 accessory. Its level is the same with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But this one can have the advantage on the content front. It would be released on October 13, 2016 in at $399.

5. Samsung Gear VR

It is a mobile virtual reality system with a catch. It is accessible and compellingly polished. You can only use this headset when you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is compatible with it. In its headset, there are controls built and it is comfortable to wear. There was collaboration between Samsung and Oculus in building the software ecosystem for Samsung Gear. It already had plenty of apps and games that are consumer-available. It cost $99 and it would be available in and in Amazon from November 2016.

6. Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is run by a battery which makes it untethered. It is a blend of augmented reality and virtual ones. This works with the Windows Holographic. It is a technology that adds the 3D images. With the use of Kinect-style technology, you can recognize voice and gesture commands. It features a field of vision that is 120-degree on both axis. It is also capable of visuals that are of high definitions. The development edition is currently available at with the tag price of $3000.

7. Meta 2

With its large shape plus the design which is helmet-like, Meta 2 is quite similar with the HoloLens. It had its first version in 2013 called Meta. The new Meta 2 is three times bigger than the first one. With this, you are allowed to interact with the things you see through your hands with its positional tracking. This promising device is not yet in the market but right now. You can already tell that this would not be cheap. It would be soon available in at $949.

8. Freefly VR headset

This mobile headset is dorkier in appearance than the others. It is compatible with more than 200 apps in Google Cardboard. With its 120 degree view’s field and 42mm lenses, this one is a great buy. Any smartphone can fit on it as long as the screen size is between 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches. It features head-tracking through the accelometer of the phone. It is available in amazon and at $74.70.

9. Zeiss VR One Plus

Like the original Zeiss, [the hardware power will come from the smartphone. You can also use any android handset or iOS. OnePlus has an AR app to experience some augmented reality. It is available in Amazon for $129.

10. Fove VR

This one offers an eye-tracking that is interactive. There inside the headset is a sensor that is infrared which monitors the eye of the wearer. Wear VR software platform is being used here as well. You can avail it from from $349.

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Liza Brown
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