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How to Make a YouTube Intro With Best YouTube Intro Makers

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

A high-quality YouTube intro is the short clip at the beginning of a YouTube video that introduces the topic and, usually, the vlogger. YouTube intro videos usually include things like the name of your channel and your logo if you have one. The colors, music, and graphics you use in your intro should all be related to the theme and tone of your vlog.

Your intro is your chance to make a great first impression. A good one lets viewers know what kind of experience they can expect to have if they keep watching your video – whether it’s going to be funny or serious, for example. Having an awesome YouTube intro sequence also helps make your vlog look more like a real show instead of somebody just ranting at their webcam (not that you cannot make a great video that way!).

Luckily, making a sleek, professional-looking YouTube intro is easy. There are a lot of sites that offer template videos that are either very affordable or completely free. Or, you can make your own intro in your video editing program. In this article, you will learn how to make YouTube intros easily with Filmora. In the end, you will also know the best tools to make intros for YouTube.

Part 1: What Makes Excellent YouTube Intros

Before you are making intros for YouTube, you should know the metrics of making a high-quality YouTube intro. Now, let's take a look at these important ingredients.

1. Keep It Relevant

If your intro doesn’t fit in with the content that follows it people will get confused. Then probably, they will close your video. So your intros must be relevant to your video type. Funny YouTube intros for interesting lifestyle videos. High tech intros for reviews.

2. Keep It Short

if it lasts too long people will get bored and click away. Five seconds is the ideal length. It can be shorter, but only once your channel gains some popularity and you need the intro less. You always need to remember to capture the viewer's attention first.

Part 2: How to Create a YouTube Intro With Filmora

Filmora is designed for beginners who want to make intros for YouTube easily. Filmora offers more than 20 free YouTube templates, so it is so easy to make it with dragging and dropping. In this part, you will learn how to make a YouTube intro step by step. Download it now to have a try!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 1: Import Video

If you have downloaded Filmora, open it directly and choose New Project. If you haven't, you can download this video editor to quickly get started.

Click Import Media Files Here in the Media library to import the video that you want to edit. Then drag it to the timeline.

import video

Step 2: Make a YouTube Intro

Choose Titles at the top first, and select Openers. There are 25 intros for YouTube you can use. Double click on the intro thumbnail to preview it. Then click the plus icon to add it to the timeline after you hover your mouse on a thumbnail.

After double click on the YouTube intro clip in the timeline, you can input your intro text in the basic setting which includes adjusting text style, color, and more. If you feel like music will touch up your intro, please feel free to add royalty-free music to the video.

edit youtube intro

Step 3: Export YouTube Intro

After you are done with editing, click Export in the toolbar. A pop-up window will appear. You can directly choose the output format, device, and export platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo. Now, just click Export at the right top corner. A YouTube intro video is done quickly. Share your video and start getting likes!

export youtube intro

Bonus Tips: Create YouTube Intros in a Snap with Filmora Template Mode

Filmora recently released a new mode - Filmora Template Mode, which offers a wide range of intro templates that you can quickly make stunning YouTube intros effortlessly.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Part 3: Tools to Make Intros for YouTube

You can also make intros for YouTube by using other tools. Here are the best YouTube intro makers you can use. Some of them are online video makers, so if you don't want to download software, you can also use online tools with limited functions.

1. Renderforest

youtube intro renderforest

Renderforest is a popular online branding platform where you can create intro videos for your YouTube videos instantly. The platform lets you create videos, graphics, logos and even websites so that you can create a proper online brand with your identity as a video creator. There are several video templates available to create intro videos instantly. Some of these templates are extremely eye-catching and you have to choose as per the theme of your YouTube channel. Here are the key features of Renderforest YouTube intro maker.

  • Comes with 1000+ intro video templates.
  • Search option to find template as per category.
  • Option to select video aspect ratio and frame rate.
  • Massive collection of graphics, photos, fonts, and sound clips.
  • Free plan offers 500 MB of storage.
  • Unlimited videos of up to 3 minutes.

2. IntroMaker

intromaker also has some exciting animated intros, but instead of text, you add your own unique logo into your video. Videos on IntroMaker cost between $5 and $20, although there are two free options. Intro Maker is a dedicated YouTube intro creator and it is designed for beginners as well as advanced users. You can learn how to make professional intro videos from its tutorials and create stunning intro videos to grab the attention of the audiences. There are tons of templates available and you can make 3D intro, whiteboard animations, corporate intro videos and much more in a few steps. Here are the key features of Intro Maker.

  • Customizable templates to choose from categorically.
  • Log animation and color customization for advanced users.
  • Eliminates the sign-up requirements.
  • You can save the video in full HD 1080p.
  • Intro videos compatible with all devices.

3. iVidID

ividid make youtube intro

iVipID is a site with intros based on Hollywood movies. Pricing depends on the resolution you want your intro to have. The highest quality videos are $6.99. You can get a really low-resolution video for free, but it will have a watermark. A lot of VipID videos are longer than you generally want a Youtube intro to be. Ivipid makes it super easy to create YouTube intro videos in three simple steps. You have to choose a template, customize it instantly and get the video ready to publish. Therefore, you can make different intro videos for different videos you want to upload on YouTube. There are heavily features templates available that look stunning and attention-grabbing. The videos you make on the platform are saved in the cloud for instant access. Here are the key features of Ivipid.

  • Easy interface makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Enables easy customization of templates.
  • Simple three-step process for making videos.
  • Comes with the feature of Cloud storage.
  • Comes with featured templates as per modern trends.

4. Placeit

intro maker placeit

Placeit is a trusted platform for creating YouTube intro video easily. The platform has options to create videos, logos, and mockup designs. Coming specifically to video creation, there are innovative templates available for all online platforms including YouTube. You can easily create stunning YouTube videos instantly that will look unique to your audiences. Even professional video creators use the platform for making advanced videos. Here are the key features of Placeit by Envato.

  • Comes with categorized templates for saving time.
  • Simple interface but advanced features.
  • Includes video templates for intro and outros.
  • Step-by-step tutorials for hassle-free video creation.
  • Allows adding images, music, and slides.
  • Wide range of stock audio library.

5. Flixpress


This is a great YouTube intro creator where you do not need any experience to create stunning videos instantly. The user interface is intuitive to make videos in a few minutes. You can create videos that can have studio-like quality. The platform offers ultimate creative freedom and there are templates and elements available for better intro video creation. Here are the key features of Flixpress.

  • Create promos, ads, intros, and quick presentation videos.
  • Customizable templates and editable layouts.
  • Ability to create 3D video files.
  • Comes with a massive library of stock images.
  • Compatible with different devices.
  • Feature of drag and drop for quick editing.

6. Animaker

animake intros for youtube

If you like to have an animation-style intro for YouTube, Animaker is the best tool you can use. You can select a built-in template to use. After importing, you can also import your logo to make it unique. So convenient. Besides, it is also a great way to add some music to make it interesting.

Animaker lets you create professional-quality intro videos that you can incorporate in your YouTube videos easily. There are loads of customizable templates available to choose from as per the theme of your video or channel. It is a completely free online platform and you can get awesome avatars, text animations, and graphical objects to insert in your intro video. The process of making intro videos is extremely easy and you can complete in a few minutes. Here are the key features of Animaker.

  • A wide range of customizable templates.
  • Comes with a vast stock library of animations.
  • A wide range of sound and background effects.
  • Different graphical elements and objects to add to video.
  • Powerful HTML5 engine for seamless performance.
  • Powerful avatar creator and advanced animations.

7. Motionden


We know your time is valuable, so if you want to make an intro for YouTube easily, you can consider using Motionden. It includes hundreds of intros for YouTube that you just need to pick the one you like. You can use customizable layers to add brand logos.

Are you on a hurry to make an intro video so that you can publish your video content instantly? Motionden provides you a quick solution to intro making instantly. The platform offers stunning templates based on which you can create intro videos with proper customization as per your requirements. Starting from graphical elements and animations to stock music and audio effects, there is no dearth of options to create amazing videos. Here are the key features of Motionden.

  • Includes a customization editor to edit templates.
  • Suitable for creating different types of intro videos.
  • Has animated texts and logos to add to videos.
  • Allows selecting from hundreds of templates.
  • Intuitive interface for simple operation.

8. Biteable

biteable video maker

If you want to make collaborative intro videos for YouTube, this is the best platform. If you have a team, you can include them all to design eh intro video in the best possible way. Biteable is perfect for brands to add intro videos on all their videos before publishing and the interface has a specific feature for the same. Apart from that, there are sales enablement options, internal communication features, and loads of templates to customize to get the perfect intro video. Here are the key features of Biteable.

  • Comes with a wide range of templates.
  • Powerful interface for team collaboration.
  • High-impact animations and effects available.
  • Options for internal communication among team members.
  • Automatically attaches branding elements as per settings.
  • Text animations, creative logos and graphical elements.

9. Videobolt

intros for youtube videobolt

If you want to make professional intro videos for better branding, this is the platform for you. Starting from cinematic, retro and minimalist to 3D motion graphics and stomp, there are templates available for everything. All you need to do is select your video type followed by the industry to which the video belongs and you will get the templates of your dream. You can customize the templates and publish intro videos instantly. Here are the key features of VideoBolt.

  • 2500+ high-quality templates to choose from.
  • Simple but powerful interface for easy operation.
  • Saves the video in high-resolution with compression.
  • Template editor that can run on any device.
  • Includes abstract effects and large stock library.
  • Option to create scalable video intros with custom fonts.

10. Intro Maker

intro maker

As the name suggests, this is a dedicated platform to make intro videos for YouTube. They have lined up the popular and trending video templates so that you can choose from them immediately and get started. There are featured templates available with amazing animations. Making intro videos on this platform cannot get any easier. Here are the key features of Intro Maker you should be aware of.

  • Choose from popular video tags for perfect templates.
  • Comes with photo montages and hybrid sequences.
  • Clean interface for customizing the templates swiftly.
  • Ability to save the video in a high-quality format.
  • Choose from different video durations for apt templates.

11. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal

There are various YouTube intro templates you can use. Some are even movie-style. You can preview it still, or preview the movie. The price is $9 for 720p, $13 for HD intros, so you can buy it one by one without paying too much money.

This is another platform that is suitable for creating intro videos for branding purposes. Most of the templates are for professional-quality intro videos with stunning animations in the background. The platform is suitable for beginners as there is no learning curve. They have curated collection of graphical objects and animations to add to your videos. Here are the key features of Tube Arsenal.

  • Unique set of curate templates.
  • Filterable and tagged templates for easy selection.
  • Intuitive online editor to customize the templates.
  • Eliminates the need for plugins.
  • Feature of one-click download of the videos.

12. VistaCreate

vista create

Creating a video in VistaCreate is as easy as creating a website from a template. Search for any category of templates and select the perfect one as per your video theme. There are templates available for different social media platforms including YouTube. There are various creative assets available that will make the video stand out easily. Starting from photos to vectors, there is no dearth of stock items. Here are the key features of VistaCreate.

  • Different categories of customizable templates.
  • Wide range of creative assets for video enhancement.
  • The intuitive interface prevents any hassle in operation.
  • Option to choose from millions of stock images and elements.
  • Allows uploading images and fonts to add to videos.
  • Tutorials available for better intro video creation.

13. InVideo

invideo intro maker

InVideo is a powerful video creation platform where you will have everything you need to create stunning YouTube intro videos. Starting from thousands of templates to stock media library, everything is available instantly as per your requirements. There are premium media assets also available for purchasing and making videos stand out. You can create videos in different languages as per your audiences. Here are the key features of InVideo.

  • Thousands of customizable video templates.
  • Millions of royalty-free stock images.
  • Option to purchase premium media files.
  • Automatic conversion of articles into videos.
  • Option to create intro videos in different languages.
  • Amazing text effects and editing options available.

14. Promo


Promo is a great YouTube intro creator that you can use to create quirky intro videos instantly. If you want to make intro videos that look fresh and different, Promo is the platform for you. Some of the video templates are not very usual and hence, they have better chances of grabbing attention. The platform has different types of tools for better video creation. There is also no dearth of resources through which you can create better video content easily. Here are the key features of Promo.

  • Different types of customizable video templates.
  • Wide range of tools for different categories of videos.
  • Features premium library for multiple options.
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows adding music and text animations.
  • Option to save the video in a high-quality format.

15. Canva


Here is another dedicated online platform for YouTube intro video creation. You must have used Canva for creating infographic designs and photo editing. Video creation is as easy as editing photos. All you have to do is find the perfect video templates of your choice and edit the templates as per your preference. There are millions of stock media items to explore and enhance your video quality and content. Here are the key features of Canva video intro creator.

  • Video templates for specifically for YouTube intro videos.
  • Simple interface with proper flow of steps.
  • Wide range of customizable options.
  • Option to upload audio and images.
  • Millions of free stock media items.

5 Tips for Making YouTube Intro Awesome

In this part, we'll share 5 ways to make your YouTube intro awesome.

1. Keep It Under 10 Seconds

A 10-second intro should have lots of movement and exciting music to hold viewers’ attention. If your intro is more subdued then aim for more than 5 seconds.

2. Support Your Brand

One of the most important things your intro can do is strengthen your personal brand. Your intro should look related to your channel art and video thumbnails, but even beyond that, it should match the tone of your content.

3. Use Music

When there’s a silent pause in your video the chances of viewers clicking away increase. Make sure your intro includes music that suits the tone of your channel.

4. Include Your Channel Name

Your channel name should be a huge, prominent, visual in your intro. This may seem like a given, but there are intros out there where the channel name is either small easy to overlook, or left out completely in favor of a logo.

5. Do a Cold Open

On TV, shows usually have at least one scene before they play the theme song. That’s because nobody is tuning in just for the theme, or in your case the intro. Make sure you have at least a short clip before your intro to get viewers interested in the rest of your video. Beyond setting the tone for the rest of the video and introducing your topic, you can use this first clip to create a ‘curiosity gap’. This means generating curiosity and making your viewers feel invested in the video so they stay on the page.


We have listed 16 different YouTube intro makers that you can use conveniently any time you want. Some are completely free while others have limitations in free versions. You can also purchase premium templates for making your YouTube intro video stand out. Go through all of them and choose the best ones that you can use alternatively as per your requirements.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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