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Top 4 Marvel Intro Makers Online

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you a fan of Marvel's Tv series? If yes, you must have watched the intro that Marvel includes at the starting of its every video, and you may be looking for a marvel intro maker for yourself. The intro has some cool sound effects with amazing animations. Different superheroes appear on the screen and then fade away. It also features some scenes from other tv series. Overall it is a power-packed intro that grabs the users' attention, and it becomes difficult to take your eyes off the screen when this intro is played.

When watching this intro, you may get excited and want to make your intro if you are a true Marvel fan. But you might be thinking that how it is possible to blend so many elements and characters in a single video and make the smooth transitions so that everything seems to be going in a flow. The answer to your question is straightforward. You can either use Marlvel intro makers online to make it or use Filmora to make it according to our tutorial. Either way, we get you covered!

Top 4 Marvel Online Intro Makers:

This article will share the top 4 online marvel intro makers that you can use to create your own intros similar to Marvel's intro easily. So, let's get started with our main topic.


Price: $8.38 for 1080p version/ $6.98 for 720p version


Intro champ is a website that allows you to create video intros in just a few minutes. It is one of the best online intro maker websites out there. If you want to make Marvel's Intro video, then you can create it using this website. Just click the title to the website, and you will see the screen displayed in the above picture. You will see a search bar on the top right side of your screen. Type "Modern Marvel" in this search bar and hit the enter button. You will see a Marvel intro template that you can use to create your video.introchamp2

Creating your video is a straightforward process. You need to enter your desired text displayed in two different fields and click on the Save & Preview button. It allows you to try the intro video to have an idea how it will look like. There will be a watermark on the video. If you want to remove that watermark, you need to purchase this template. The 1080p version will cost you around $8.38, and the 780p version will cost around $6.98.introchamp3


Price: from $10 to $20videohive1

The third website that can help you to create online Marvel's intro videos is Video Hive. It is a website where you can find stock images and stock videos. Just search Marvel Intro in the search bar of the website, and it will display different stock videos that you can use to create intros. videohive2

Every stock video has a different price, and you may need to hire a video editor online to create your intro video using this template. It is a bit expensive option, but the results are more convincing at the same time.


Price: $13 for 1080p version/ $9 for 720p version


Tube Arsenal is also one of the best and premium intro makers online. It is effortless to use, and you don't need to download any software or effects because everything here is online. You also don't need to have any prior experience because it is easy to use platform. tubearsenal2

This website contains thousands of intro video templates that you can customize according to your videos' needs and use. If you want to create Marvel's intro video, then all you have to do is search "Marvel Intro" in the search bar and select "Comix Intro Template" from the results.tubearsenal3

Click on the customize now button, and it will take you to a page where you will find plenty of customization options. You can add your desired text and choose the color of your text. You can also customize the background color and choose a custom music track played with your intro.

4. Filmora X

The fourth option that you have is to create Marvel's intro video by using Filmora X. Filmora X is one of the latest and premium video editing software out there. You will develop your intro video manually on Filmora X by following a step-by-step procedure. Now you may think that it is not easy, but it is straightforward. You can include the elements that you want and exclude unwanted elements. Overall you can have an excellent experience by using this software.


Many intro maker programs and websites are available online. The websites are easier to use, and you can create your intros in just a few minutes, but they have some limitations. You cannot do much customization on those templates. However, if you use Filmora X, you have many options and can customize your intro how you want. We recommend you give it a try, and we assure you that you won't regret your decision.

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