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What is Haul Video and How to Create a Catchy Try on Haul Video

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Nov 23, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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You’re probably familiar with haul videos if you're highly familiar with YouTube in recent years. This type of content can offer immense benefits to both influencers and small retail businesses.

Though they may not be quite as existent as they once were, it’s still essential to know the potential effect of these try-on-haul videos. They are valuable to spread the word about your brand and attract helpful content for your target audience. Here’s a quick guide to learn the ins and outs of haul videos.

Part 1: What is a Haul Video?

Generally, a haul video is a recording of someone showcasing a collection of purchases. They may go into depth about what each product is, their shopping experience, and their initial impressions as a whole. A haul generally consists of products from a single retailer, a specific collection of shops, or at least a particular category. The products can be confined to one niche or brand, or type.

Such haul videos initially gained importance or hype around 2006/2007 through the community of beauty vloggers on YouTube as YouTube try-on-haul videos. And since the market for them isn't that saturated, it could be an exciting time for businesses to dive in.

Haul videos generally contain products that the influencer has selected to define why they liked each item promptly. In certain sections or niches like makeup or clothing haul videos, the person may even try to offer the viewer an honest whole first impression.

Part 2: Why is Haul Videos Popular?

Having YouTube as a source of everyone’s daily dose of entertainment, we can’t help but wonder why haul videos tend to be so famous. Most YouTubers create at least one haul video regardless of their niche. They could be grocery hauls; underwear hauls, weird candy hauls, face mask hauls, candle hauls, and more. And the list goes on and on.

They are popular because they can help you connect to potential consumers via influencers as a small retail business. Generally, viewers watch and subscribe to YouTube videos of influencers or creators they trust or share similar preferences in products.

So when that influencer shares a collection of their favorite products, the viewers might decide to purchase one as well.

On the influencer side, haul videos can offer a way to share valuable content with your audience. If you have a YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook page, or blog, providing insights on the products you love can help your audience shape their own purchasing decisions.

It also creates a natural way to infuse some brand-related content into your content creation strategy. This can lead to profitable connections for your business in the future.

And since we're very much intrigued by the glorifying fast fashion, excessive materialism, and hoarding, I'm getting my hands dirty with information. So, here's what I've gathered:

Part 3: Get Inspired from Fashion YouTubers to Find Out the Point of Try on Hauls

Admit it; we gather most of our fashion inspiration from celebrities or YouTubers who know what’s cooking in the fashion scenes. They've become trendsetters, and thus we follow in their footsteps as all of us want to look great, which is why we've culled up a shortlist of YouTubers who you can follow for your seasonal or daily fashion or beauty inspiration! So, read on and put your glam on!

1. Tanya Burr

tanya burr try on haul

Tanya is a UK-based influencer who continuously posts all you need to know about fashion and makeup. Her sense of style, comfy outfits, and easy-going personality will surely attract you and give you a good idea of some unique international brands as well.

2. Heli Ved

heli ved haul videos

With her tons of try-on-haul videos and vlogs, she will entertain you like no other. A lively diva who preaches fashion, style, shopping, and much more.

3. Debasree Banerjee

debasree banerjee haul videos

This YouTuber can be your long-distance shopping and makeup partner by showing you a diverse range of products that’ll suit you best, from high-end styles to skincare basics.

4. Kathleen Lights

Kathleen lights haul videos

Kathleen is a 22-year-old beauty Youtuber who discusses everything from comparisons to product reviews to collection videos and entire product hauls.

5. Alexandra Garza

alexandra garza haul

Alex Garza is a licensed cosmetologist, and she also works as a makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics. Her channel features a cornucopia of reviews, haul videos, tutorials, and even wedding advice.

Part 4: How to Make a Catchy Haul Video?

Haul videos are easy and fun to shoot. It’s a great way of showcasing your followers and subscribers your personal style, how you shop and what your favorite stores are. Keeping in mind the mantras used by famous haul video creators, we’ve gathered a step-by-step guide below using which you can instantly create a catchy try-on haul video.

1. Create a good setup

Have ideal filming set up or area. Make sure that the lighting is accurate – not enough light will make the video dark. It is often best to film such haul videos during the day, using natural sunlight. However, you can also use desk lamps to help enhance the lighting situation.

2. Do a test video first with your shooting equipment

Put your camera on a flat surface if available. You can also use your computer’s webcam to shoot your haul video, once it is of excellent quality. You can sit on a chair or desk while facing the camera or even on the floor.

You can even take someone else to film the video for you! Try filming some test videos to check if the camera position is fine and the microphone is working. You’re ready to film once you’re satisfied.

3. Speak clearly and perform better

Speak in a clear voice, and gaze directly at the camera. You need to crack a few jokes or smile often throughout the video – you don't want to come across as a serious or boring person to your viewers! Make sure that you're comfortable presenting in front of a camera.

Begin by greeting the viewers (a simple "Hello, everyone!"), then you can offer a prompt description of your shopping trip. You can tell them the stores you visited or in-store events that occurred while there, like giveaways.

Act as if you're directly conversing with one of your friends – it's one of the comfy tricks you can follow. You can write some keywords if you think it would help and pin it somewhere where you can look through it quickly, such as the camera tripod or on the wall surface behind the camera or computer.

4. Clearly show off the products you bought

Show off the products you got! Hold the camera and show them to the audience in depth. You can also describe why you purchased each item, the price, plus any special discounts. Moreover, it is a great idea to keep all of your receipts and bills.

5. Don’t forget to use an ideal video editor

Use a video editing program to revamp your raw footage and make it look more professional. In excitement, you'd want to upload it as quickly as you can, but it's better to invest a little time editing it so that you can publish a video with superb quality.

If there are any sections in your video that you don't look for in the finished product, you can remove them. Plus, you can add special effects such as floating text and captions. All of this can be instantly done with the beginner-friendly and popular video editing program by Wondershare Filmora.

Within the new era of Filmora! Wondershare Filmora X is here with features like keyframing, motion tracking, audio ducking, and more. The audio ducking element is reliable for haul videos, notably as it lowers the background volume when a voiceover appears. And, this can be implemented in different ways while editing the video.

Wondershare Filmora

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filmorax boxpng

6. Share among social network

If you have a social network page or a blog that you would like your YouTube viewers to consider worth checking, you can create short-form content either at the beginning or end of the video, with the short message and a URL. They'll indeed check out your blog if your subscribers enjoy your content! And, it's a friendly manner to build an audience and get traffic to your other pages!


Our final verdict is that haul videos are just entertaining to make and fun to watch with all the discussion above! Such videos can manipulate consumer trends and shape the meaning-making of individuals. They allow you to explore fun even just by living vicariously and shopping all the way long! Also, it's equally important to consider further beautifying video through the most accessible yet professional editing programs like the Wondershare Filmora. What's your favorite haul video to watch? Comment them down below.

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