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Top 5 YouTube Link Shortener You Must Try in 2024

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Being one of the largest video-sharing platforms, Youtube is used throughout the world to share and find all kinds of material and content in form of videos. Because of its huge community, the videos of Youtube are shared on all platforms throughout the internet. If you are the one who often shares Youtube links with others then you must know how important it is to keep the links as short as possible. There are so many reasons for avoiding long links while sharing Youtube links with others. Whether it's a blog, social media platform, or a chat, keeping the Youtube link while sharing it can positively impact the viewer. Several Youtube link shorteners can help you shorten the links and make them worthy of sharing. In this article, we will list down Top 5 Youtube link shorteners to help you choose the best. But before moving towards link shorteners, let's discuss the benefit of using Youtube link shorteners.

Why should we use Youtube Link Shorteners?

One of the vital reasons to use Youtube Link Shortener is to increase the click-throughs and shares. Short links are more prone to getting clicks and shares because they look simple and professional as compare to long and stuffy links. If we compare both the links, the short version, and the long version, we will clearly see the difference. The short links look more beautiful and attractive as compare to the long ones. Which means it can attract more people to click and share.

Another big advantage of shortened links is their usability of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. These links take small space as well as help in making your post look appealing to the viewers.

1. Y2U

Platform: Website

Price: Free


Y2U is a web-based platform that helps its user to convert long Youtube links into small and shareable links. It is a simple and easy-to-use Youtube link shortener. It converts the link into three forms, a short link, a very short link, and a QR code. You can use any of these links to share it with your friends or share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Bios. It only requires you to paste a Youtube video link directly into this platform and click shorten URL. It allows the users to make their URL worthy to be shared on blogs, Twitter, and chats.


  • Simple and User-Friendly Interface
  • Free to use Youtube link shortener
  • Convert links to QR codes
  • Make your links share-worthy


2. Bitly

Platform: Website

Price: Free - $199


Bitly is more than just a simple Youtube link shortener. It contains a wide range of features and options to help its users brand their links, customize them, Analyze the results, and more. One of the best things about Bitly is its ability to track down each link that is shortened using this platform. It provides you with a full analysis of the links and how they are performing. You can use the basic features like the Youtube link shortening and data related to links for free. But it has other options as well that can be acquired by paying a small portion of the money to the platform. This marvelous platform worths each penny you spend on it. It not only makes the links short but also makes them look beautiful and attractive to the viewer.


  • Shorten your links with Traceability
  • Analyze how your link is performing
  • Count the number of clicks a particular link is getting
  • Analyze the demographics of the clicks


3. RB.GY

Platform: Website

Price: Free - $9


RG.GY is an amazing and simple Youtube link shortener that allows you to make the long and ugly Youtube link look small, attractive, and appealing. It also allows you to track down the links that you shorten using RB.GY. These short links can be used on blogs, SMS, social media platforms, emails, and ads for better results and increased click-throughs. If you are a brand and want your links to resemble and showcase your brand when you share them, then this platform can help you achieve this goal. It provides its users with branded domain for $2/year only. These branded links provide 39% more click-through rates than simply shortened links.


  • Create your own Branded and Short Youtube Links
  • Increase the click-through rate by 39%
  • Make your Youtube links look attractive
  • Availability of both, Free and Paid version



Platform: Website

Price: Free - $150

shortio-poster is a powerful and effective Youtube link shortener and link tacker. It provides its users with a wide range of facilities to shorten their links and track everything related to their links. It lets you check the number of clicks your link is getting, from which source you are getting a large number of clicks, the location of the one clicking it, and much more to be excited about. This platform allows you to add a chrome extension into your chrome browser to make the process of shortening and tracking the links easy and smooth. Its free version lets you access all the basic features. If you want to access more powerful and effective features, you have to subscribe to any packages ranging from $20 to $150, depending upon your requirements. 


  • Powerful Youtube link shortener
  • Wide range of features
  • Track your link performance throughout the internet


5. Hyper Host

Platform: Website

Price: Free


Hyper Host is the simplest and easy-to-use Youtube link shortener. You don't have to sign up or provide any kind of information in order to use it. It allows you to shorten the links and helps you track the clicks on your links with their links statistics. It provides its user with a wide range of useful information such as the location of the click, which browser was used to access the link, and what was the operating system that brought you the click. It is a completely free-to-use platform.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Make your links attractive and small
  • Analyze your links
  • Track country, browser, and operating system


In this world of digitalization, every brand must have an online presence and Youtube is one of the biggest and most important Videos sharing platforms to utilize. All the above Youtube link shorteners are the best tools that you can find on the internet that will help you shorten the links and make Youtube links branded. Each tool has its own benefits and features. Choose any of these platforms based upon your requirement and need.

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