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Top 10 Jukebox Alternatives in 2024

Want to use something else instead of Jukebox but need to know which one to trust? Read this list of options with features and other details to decide.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

In the context of music production, choosing the right platform is one of the primary points of concern for users, and rightfully so. The type of software they use will determine the quality of background sound they can add to their projects and other related factors.

In this context, Jukebox is a high-quality platform to consider, but it has certain areas where it could provide better service than the platform promises. Read this list to know what platforms you can use as an alternative to Jukebox. jukebox
In this article
  1. Part 1: Jukebox via Basic Overview of The Software
    2. Boomy
    3. Audoir AI Music Pro
    4. MuseNet
    5. Amadeus Code
    7. Loudly
    8. AIVA
    9. ecrett music
    10. BandLab SongStarter

Part 1: Jukebox via Basic Overview of The Software

If you want to utilize a top-quality open-source AI music composer, Jukebox is a suitable choice.

Jukebox by is one of the top neural network options available for high-quality music generation processing. The algorithm in place here can create high-grade sound clips using instrumentation and vocals.

At the same time, it also automatically helps with personalized lyrics generation. All of these deep learning-based functions assure high-grade user experience with music production.

Features to expect:

Users can expect to use the following specifications when they get Jukebox download.

  • High-quality lyrics detection and composition are possible with the AI technology running in the backdrop.
  • Smooth compressed music-based token predictive analysis.
  • Transformer-oriented song production.
  • Top-notch sound detection and composition quality.

Benefits of the software:

Here are some notable benefits.

  • Open-source support.
  • Many sample options are available.
  • Multiple genres of music are present for selection.

Drawbacks to anticipate:

The following factors can become issues.

  • It does not compose very emotional sound effects.
  • Predictable song composition style issues in some cases.

Part 2: Best Alternatives for Jukebox Available Online

After knowing about the Jukebox app and its uses, you can understand what type of solution to look for. Accordingly, here is a list of the top 10 software options that can stand up as a suitable alternative to Jukebox.


One of the top alternative software choices with superior-level benefits is Soundraw. The platform allows users to adjust their video or audio files using the royalty-free songs available in the list.


You can choose between varying genres and moods for the editing and even make audio parameter adjustments per the volume, tempo, etc.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free, Pro- USD 19.99/month


  • Create and access unlimited song options.
  • Make customization changes on every level of the song compositions.
  • Each day, download around 50 audio files.
  • Make changes to the sound per parameters like instruments, vocals, etc.
  • Easily trim audio.
  • Speedy generation of royalty-free music.
  • Easily share the finished file on YouTube or other social media accounts.
  • Make multiple levels of customization to the song.
  • Commercial use is unavailable for free users.
  • You can access the account on one device per license.

2. Boomy

Do you want superior editing experience regarding the music you create? Then, Boomy is a suitable alternative to Jukebox that comes with sensible, high-grade customization choices.


You cake make different levels of song-based adjustments or prepare your sound entirely. Rearrange parts of the chord easier and make lyrics-based changes while working on Boomy.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free, Premium- USD 2.99/month


  • Customize the songs at the underlying chord progression levels.
  • Remaster audio files with Dolby quality support.
  • Various parameters are in place for precise, advanced-level song editing and remixing.
  • Different style options for AI-powered song customization.
  • Different song options are available.
  • Smooth UI for superior-level editing experience.
  • Fast and precise musical notes and chord detection process.
  • Free users cannot save an unlimited number of files.
  • It is difficult for total newcomers to try out.

3. Audoir AI Music Pro

iOS and iPadOS users can expect a high-grade song generation process when they work with the Audoir AI Music Pro app. It is simple to access and includes a minimalistic interface style, which is very straightforward to use.

audoir ai music pro

Here, you can add many levels of instrumental chords and change the parameters for Drums, Bass, Keys, etc. Also, adjust the BPM level when you’re at it.

Compatible OS: iOS

Cost: Free, Pro- USD 0.99


  • Precisely change the song melody levels.
  • Export the file in audio or MIDI file formats.
  • Fully visualize the entire arrangement of the song.
  • Adjust the bass notes, keys, and other aspects.
  • Choose the song mood for the generation.
  • Simple UI design with easily navigable features.
  • Music production occurs at a fast pace here.
  • Only iOS users can use it.
  • Only a few feature-based variety is available here.

4. MuseNet

OpenAI Musenet is a predecessor to the Jukebox option from the same brand in terms of AI-based music generation. Yet, it still works well as an alternative.


While you cannot adjust the lyrics using this program, you can set the intro and style in different manners, set the token number, and more.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free


  • Robust unique GPT-2 technology works to analyze and generate high-grade song types.
  • Superior-level sound effect-based predictive learning.
  • More than ten instrument choices are available.
  • The software detects sound patterns based on rhythm and other sound aspects.
  • Fast music processing speed.
  • High-quality general-purpose tech in place.
  • Create short clips of 4-minute lengths.
  • Not-technical users find it difficult to get used to this app.
  • The options for instruments are available as recommendations primarily.

5. Amadeus Code

With this mobile-based software, professionals can create high-definition sound output within a suitable time. Here, you must add a base-level sound, like another song.

amadeus code

Then, change aspects like key, tempo, BPM, acoustic, and others to change the sound completely with high-grade AI support.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free with other plans starting at USD 1.99/month


  • Simple to change the song pitch, bass, and different levels.
  • Get new chord samples regularly.
  • Adjust the BPM level as needed.
  • Track all user query requests smoothly.
  • Easily monitor the song mood type.
  • Share the available MIDI file in DAW format.
  • Simple to collaborate on projects with others.
  • Not available to Android users.
  • The trial period is only 14 days.


Many users find using as their primary Jukebox alternative beneficial. The software is straightforward for all user types and has an uncomplicated UI design.

beatoven ai

You can also add and work on multiple projects on the program and make changes to different songs, all through one platform.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 1.92+


  • Multiple selections of track choices are available.
  • Easily upload the file or move via drag and drop functionality.
  • Choose between different mood influences to try out.
  • It is possible to kickstart the song generation process from scratch.
  • AI-based fast composition benefits here.
  • Different genre choices are available.
  • Get many instrumental sound effects.
  • You can only download 15 minutes of content per month after generating it.
  • Attributes are possible to remove for paid subscribers here only.

7. Loudly

Another top-grade AI-based music generation tool that you should take note of specifically is the Loudly app.


With it, you can adjust the different instrumental groups within a song with automated AI support. Just set up features like tempo, accompaniment, etc., and the technology here will carry out the conversion process.

Compatible OS: web-based, Android, iOS

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 11/month


  • The AI algorithm here detects and brings more recommendations.
  • Easily customize the sound with vocalization and FX parameters.
  • Adjust the sound rhythms in music.
  • High-quality audio track customizations.
  • Smoothly sync the audio and video files as per playback.
  • Create personalized sound-based generation for podcast speech, tutorial videos, etc.
  • Change the accompaniment parameter for better edits.
  • Free users cannot get license support.
  • Get more custom audio track options to try for paid users only.


With AIVA, users find music production very smooth and straightforward, especially with the superior-level AI technology running here. You can add your influence to the sound or opt for one of the preset options.


Then, the algorithm aligns the sound elements perfectly into a cohesive-sounding recording.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free with upgrades starting at USD 11.84/month


  • Adjust the composition with integrated AI features.
  • Different genre choices are available.
  • Download 300 files each month with the Pro-annual plans.
  • offers licensing support to creators for their tracks.
  • Download the file in MP3 or MIDI format.
  • Not very costly payment plans here.
  • Create short-form audio tracks.
  • Free-version-based content has complicated copyright rules.
  • Only download three audio files as a free plan user.

9. ecrett music

When choosing an alternative to Jukebox, ecrett music is a high-quality platform to try out. Here, you can visually see the song's chord and instrumental breakdown.

ecrett music

Then, choose what type of adjustments to make for the algorithm to join the deconstructed parts fully into a custom musical piece.

Compatible OS: web-based

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 4.99/month


  • Royalty-free songs are available for users.
  • Use the customization features here for precise audio changes.
  • Many editing sessions for each file.
  • Many moods and genre options are available for high-quality music production.
  • Top-notch modern AI supported for music analysis
  • .
  • Fast processing power for the sound effects.
  • A simple and intuitive UI is present.
  • You need to pay money to get commercial use support.
  • The free plan has limited royalty-free music choices.

10. BandLab SongStarter

BandLab SongStarter is a good platform for making new sounds or music with AI-powered features. You can easily drop a MIDI or audio file into the timeline here or drag and drop a loop.

bandla songstarter

Then, make specific changes to the track's beats, volume, and other aspects of the technology here to make a change.

Compatible OS: web-based, Android, iOS

Cost: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 14.99


  • Directly customize the vocal sound, instrumentation, lyrics, etc.
  • Royalty-free music is available in the library.
  • Save the files in MIDI format and then share them easily.
  • Many mood options for automated music generation.
  • Many genres are available for editing.
  • Super-fast detection and generation process.
  • Many sample compositions are available here.
  • Very high premium plan costs.
  • The app does not also capture high-grade audio quality.


Finally, refresh your knowledge on the best alternatives for Jukebox AI and the best qualities. Then, you can select the right tool for long-term usage based on what you are looking for specifically. In the best-case scenario, you should directly try these processes to know how they work from the basic level.


  • 1. What type of users requires Jukebox software alternatives?
    Many users look for music generation alternatives with similar functionality to Jukebox artificial intelligence. This includes professionals with commercial use requirements and those wanting to operate the software for personal reasons. Examples include rappers, composers, music producers, podcasters, students, marketers, and regular users.
  • 2. How does Jukebox differ from MuseNet?
    They are both from MuseNet, and Jukebox, so comparisons are common. Both types allow users to compose music, except Jukebox also includes personalized lyrics generation as a feature.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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