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7 Best Text-To-Video AI Tools To Generate Quality Content

Udobi Chukwuemeka James
Udobi Chukwuemeka James Originally published Mar 09, 24, updated Mar 27, 24


As we have discussed, AI has revolutionized the workings of text-to-video tools. However, with the abundance of such tools in the market, you may face difficulties finding the best one that suits your needs. Review this list of text-to-video AI tools to identify the most suitable one to create content.

1.Sora AI

With this newly released artificial intelligence text-to-video tool, you can create stunning visuals. You can get videos in different resolutions and aspect ratios using a simple text prompt. Plus, it lets creators extend existing videos to increase their duration. Also, this AI text-to-video tool supports the generation of a wide range of content formats.

sora ai text to video generator


  • It utilizes the power of DALL·E and GPT to experiment with different art styles.
  • In addition to text-to-video creation, Sora AI can generate videos from existing images.


  • This tool is still in the beta testing phase, so the results may not be accurate at this point.


Pika lets users create professional-looking videos with simple text-to-video AI prompts. You can also import pictures and videos to alter the already existing visual content for video generation. While creating a video within this tool, you can set frames per second and aspect ratio for an optimized output. With its motion control settings, it allows you to set the strength of motion and other camera settings.

pika ai text to video generator


  • This AI video generator from the text supports the negative prompt feature to tell AI what not to add to a video.
  • Upon generating a video, this tool allows you to add AI voice with perfect lip-sync.


  • The AI-generated video will have a watermark if you download it using the free version.


Content creators can generate aesthetic visuals for their social platforms using Vidnoz's AI text-to-video feature. You will also get an option to add background music to videos from options like relaxing and happy. Other than music, this tool lets you add voiceovers to the video content. For this, you will be able to choose the gender and accent of the AI voice. 

vidnoz ai text to video generator


  • With this text-to-video AI tool, users can also add subtitles to their videos. 
  • After creating AI videos, you can simply download them or share a link with friends directly. 


  • This tool is only good enough for simple explainer videos, as it can't generate high-quality animated content.


Runway is a highly advanced artificial intelligence text-to-video creator with various options to generate desired output. Using this tool, you can choose video styles, including 3D cartoon, cinematic, and retro. Moreover, it has a motion brush that lets you control specific areas of videos for personal touch. Plus, you can subscribe to the premium plan to remove watermarks and upscale the resolution of output.

runwayml ai text to video generator


  • With its camera motion settings, you can determine how the camera will roll, pan, or zoom throughout the video.
  • You can also control the intensity of the motion in your videos using Runway Gen-2.


  • While using the free plan, you can only generate 4 seconds of video at a time.

5.Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora stands as the top AI text-to-video tool with its customizable video generation options. Using the “Generated by AI” feature of this tool, you will be able to write scripts for your video in a few minutes. You only have to select the text type and video description to create a personalized script for your video content.

filmora ai text to video generator

Once the script is generated, you can finalize other settings to create AI-generated video. The newly created AI video will be opened in Filmora, allowing you to fine-tune the content further. For this purpose, this tool has other AI features, like an AI music generator that will create music to complement the visuals. After finalizing the video, you can export it in a quality and resolution that suits your requirements.


  • Content creators can choose from different voice language options for multilingual video narrations.
  • You get the chance to generate videos in different aspect ratios using this text-to-video AI.
  • There are numerous AI voices available to personalize the narrations of the generated video.
  • You will receive 100 free AI credits to test the functionality of this video generation tool.

6. Invideo AI

When talking about the top text-to-video AI tools, invideo also comes into discussion due to its efficient features. Before generating the video, you will be able to choose workflows to optimize the output video. These workflow options include YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok Video. You also get the chance to preview the AI-generated video in different resolutions before exporting it to your device.

invideo ai text to video generator


  • This efficient text-to-video AI tool lets you edit the video with text prompts.
  • You can even edit the video scene-by-scene to add or remove certain elements in the video script and media.


  • The voice cloning feature is only available in the paid version of this tool.

7. Kapwing

Kapwing is a one-of-a-kind video generator that lets you create AI videos from text and other mediums. For this purpose, you can even upload document or article URLs to generate videos. Before generating a video with this AI text-to-video generator, you can choose the desired video size to post on your social media channel. Plus, it allows you to set the duration of the video content for an optimized output.

kapwing ai text to video generator


  • Users can add personalized voiceovers to the video using AI voices in multiple languages.
  • It also has an AI script generator that writes scripts according to a target platform. Once a script is generated, you can create a custom video with its AI text-to-video


  • You get limited control over the output video using this online AI text-to-video generator.


As discussed in the article, AI has significantly boosted the functionality of text-to-video tools. All the text-to-video AI tools discussed above are good enough to generate an engaging video for different use cases. However, if you want a tool with the best video creation features, Wondershare Filmora is the way to go. With its AI video editing features, you can fine-tune the generated video for the best output.

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