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Best Anime Shows That Are Great to Binge Watch
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Best 15 Anime Shows That Are Great to Binge Watch

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Anime shows are one of the most liked video content all over the world with a huge fan following of people from all age groups. People see it as one of the best ways to escape from real-world stress and have a relaxing time without having to worry about all the tensions and issues surrounding them.

Most anime shows have an engaging story, visual spectacle, and relatable characters which makes them very appealing to the audience. It is one of the best cures for a bad day and is something that can be watched alone or with family or friends.

Anime shows are also a character builder for children. They differentiate between good and bad, help to exercise their imaginations, and allows them to explore meaningful concepts.

best anime shows

So let’s have a look at some of the best anime shows that are enjoyed by people all over the world.

The 15 Best Anime Shows You Can Binge Watch

If you are planning to binge-watch an anime show it must be worth the time you are spending on it. Watching a good anime series not only takes you through a wonderful and colorful journey with your favorite characters but also brightens your day.

So care must be taken to choose the best anime shows to binge-watch. So here we will list the best 15 anime shows that have a huge fan following across the globe, for your convenience. Please note that these anime shows have not been listed in any particular order and you can randomly pick any show depending on your theme of preference.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Fullmetal alchemist tells the story of two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric who have survived a very serious magical accident. The brothers try to undo their mistakes and use alchemy to bring back their dead mother to life.

The brothers are continuously attempting magical and supernatural quests throughout the story. The magic and the psychological elements keep the audience glued to the show. The brothers trying to get back their bodies after an experiment gone wrong is very interesting to watch. The Brotherhood version is suitable for both kids and elders while the previous one was enjoyed more by kids.

2. Death Note

Death Note is about a high school kid named Light Yagima who finds a peculiar blank notebook, titled Death Note on the cover from the street. This notebook has the power to kill people in the way the owner of the book desires.

Light understands his responsibility and power and tries to create a safe world by eliminating all the criminals in the world. However, the police do not like the bodies piling up and the world's best detective is hired to find the mass murderer. The cat and mouse game of light and the detective is very interesting to watch and the good storyline makes it very engaging.

3. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bepop is one of the classic anime shows with a huge number of fans all over the world. This anime is about the life of bounty hunters in space and their adventures.

The story takes you through different planets and galaxies. Evil and dangerous ex-military officer on the planet Mars is trying to unleash nano-bots and the hero, Spike Spiegel and his crew have to find and stop him before it's too late. Spike and his crew are fun to watch and the essence of bounty hunting and futuristic traveling adds to the plus points of this anime series.

4. Naruto

Naruto is about the life and adventures of a young ninja who is very hyperactive and trying to become the best ninja in Hokage, his village. This shows take the fans through different fights and challenges Naruto has to face while pushing himself to the top.

Another important aspect of this show is the characters in it. Every character is different and even the antagonists are portrayed perfectly. The story does not lag at all and keeps the audience excited and interested at all times. The fan following Naruto is huge and the popularity of this anime show has led to the creation of a variety of comics, products, games, and much more.

5. One Piece

One Piece is an interesting anime show with an overwhelming number of episodes to watch. The story takes you to the wonderful life of Monkey D. Luffy who is a young pirate and is on a treasure-hunting quest. He gained rubber-like properties after mistakenly eating a so-called Devil Fruit.

Luffy is in search of the legendry invaluable One Piece treasure that if claimed by him, will make him the Pirate King. One Piece is a very interesting adventurous anime that will take you through a rollercoaster of fun and joy. Most people prefer this series because of its large number of episodes and its consistency.

6. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a theme that happens in the future where humans are on the brink of extinction. As much as horror some the idea is, it is equally interesting to watch. Humans are trying to escape the Titans that are huge humanoid creatures by hiding big walls.

The walls cannot keep the Titans away for long and the humans are attacked by them after a safe containment of about 100 years. Two kids who are the main focus of the story watch in horror as their loved ones are killed and vow to fight and survive this menace. The idea of humans hunted instead of being the hunters for once is something that makes this anime show interesting.

7. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a classic anime show that has a huge impact on the current pop culture. This story is about a young underachieving school girl named Usagi Tsukino. She is a tailor-suited girl who meets a talking magical cat named Luna.

The cat gives her the ability to transfer into Sailor Moon, who is the magical alter ego of her. Sailor moon goes on different adventurous quests like battling evil forces and finding the moon princes. The adventurous path she chooses to defend the earth and the galaxy is very interesting to watch. This show has a total of 200 episodes which makes it one of the best options to binge-watch.

8. Parasyte

A seventeen-year-old Shinichi Izum is infected by a parasite from a different world and for survival, he and the parasite must learn to coexist in a single body. The parasites are capable of taking control of all human bodies once infected and pose a great threat to humanity.

The story shows humans being consumed by this parasite and the struggle of the boy to coexist will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats till the final episode. The change in character when the parasite takes over and the internal battles he has to fight will all keep you glued to the screen till the end.

9. Code Geass

Code Geass is a popular cult action show that follows Lelouch and his adventures. Lelouch is a dramatic guy with some goals that might be too big for himself.

The story evolves in the future where Japan has been invaded and conquered by the Brittania. Lelouch who has been exiled leads a resistance movement and calls themselves Black Knights. He and the Black Knights challenge the Britannia army as they took over his home. The politics and interaction of characters are very interesting and will keep the viewers engaged till the end.

10. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gates is a story that happens in 2010, Tokyo, and follows a self-proclaimed mad scientist named, Rintao Okabe. Okabe runs a Future Gadget Laboratory together with his friends Itaru Hashida and Mayuri Dhiina in his apartment.

The discovery of time travel by Okabe and his friends and what follows is interesting to watch. The team tries to use the technology they have created to stop an evil organization and its plans of destruction. The character of Okabe is liked by most viewers and his dialogs are something that stays in the mind.

11. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell speaks about the consequences of unmonitored technological advances and sociological issues. This story also happens in the future where a cyber-criminal is wanted by the police for a large number of crimes, including the ghost hacking of humans with cyber brains

This story talks about the close involvement of humans and technology and how much humans depend on them in the future. This dependence is costing humans a lot and this show might make you think about whether if you are gaining from the technological advancements in the real world or losing a part of yourself. Being able to relate what’s happening in the show with the real world is what makes this show interesting.

12. Darker Than Black

Darker than Black talks about a time when 2 impenetrable fields appeared in South America and Japan. One gate was called Hell’s Gate and the other Heaven’s gate.

The purpose of the gates is unknown and the closer people get to gets, the more the laws of physics are defied. A lot of contractors are trying to find the mystery behind these gates and among them is Hei, and his assistant Yin who work for the syndicate. The mystery behind the gates and the attempts to solve it can keep you on your sofa without being bored for some days.

13. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is an active and fun-filled anime show with a cast of wonderful and entertaining characters. Apart from a large number of episodes, this show also has a prequel and two sequels if you are planning to binge-watch for a long time.

The show starts with Gokuu who is having a peaceful life with his family after winning the famous martial arts tournament. But the peace does not last long and ends with the arrival of Raditz who claims to be Goku’s brother. Raditz arrival follows numerous attacks from enemies of the outer world and the story goes on.

14. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a very popular anime series and currently airing. The show follows Izuku Midoriya who is living in a world where people with superpowers exist.

But as you expect, Izuke is not the powerful kid in the world but is one of the very few without any superpowers. This is definitely not an advantage for Izuku whose dream is to become a hero one day. The uniqueness of the theme and the struggle of an ordinary guy admits extraordinary people to become a hero is something that has made this anime show popular.

15. Black Clover

Black Clover centers around a young boy named Asta who is born without any superpowers, which is very rare in the world he lives in. being ordinary does not stop Asta and he plans to become the Wizard Kind with the help of Yuno and the mages from Black Bulls.

A b friendship between Asta and Yuno is portrayed well in this series. This anime also shows the attempt of an ordinary boy to achieve the extraordinary.

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export action anime movie


Anime shows are one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment that are preferred both by kids and elders alike. Good animes take you to a different world where you forget about the stress and tensions of real life and have fun. Choosing an anime for Binge watching is very different than watching any anime on a regular day. As you are planning to spend a lot of time, you must be careful to choose among the best animes shows available.

You can record and share your favorite anime shows with your friends very easily with Filmora. While recording through Filmore video quality nor audio quality is lost and hence you enjoy the show to the fullest. Choose one of the shows we have mentioned for binge-watching and enjoy.   

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