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Best Free Anime Websites to Download Anime
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FREE Best Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

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Anime (also known as Japanese-style animation) is a global subgenre of TV content. With billions of viewers around the globe, the Anime industry is one of the mainstream genres getting a lot of attention. It has boomed in popularity with the rise in online streaming services. People are discovering the amazing blend of art, animation, storytelling, and music. You can find the best free anime websites to watch anime online.

But why we're here is that only a few of these streaming sites allow their users to download anime easily and watch cartoon online in HD. That said there are numerous free and paid providers out of which only a handful works properly and lets the users enjoy their favorite anime. So, let us discover the best anime streaming sites – free and paid as well as those with the feature to download anime and watch anime offline. In this article, you will learn:

 Part 1  Best Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime[Free]

Free Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime at A Glance:

 01  Animeland

Animeland is a free online English dubbed anime streaming site that doesn't require you to register to watch or even download anime from the site. It is one of the most famous free anime sites offering 1080p high-definition video streaming. The site has reportedly around 1.10 million monthly viewers with famous anime series English dubbed like Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, etc.


Image Source: Animeland

You can download from the site just by going on the site and searching for your desired dubbed anime movie or series. Play the episode you want to download and then on the playback window, you will see a download button right at the top of the player box, click it, and your episode will start downloading automatically.


The Kissanime site is popular for dubbed anime streaming with the latest content. The site offers high-definition video quality arranged category-wise with easy access and searching features. The user interface is quite neat with high-performance servers for buffer-free streaming i.e. RapidVideo, Streamango, etc., and featured thumbnail images.

Image Source:

The website has made it very easy for users to download their desired anime seasons. To download from, please search for your desired anime series and play the episode that you want to download. Shortly you'll be taken to the screenplay page, here just scroll down a bit and you'll find a clickable link to download the very episode that is being played in the browser window.

 03  Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is another free tier anime streaming site with a mobile-friendly UI sorted category-wise and including old and new dubbed anime series. The categorization makes navigation pretty smooth on the site and you'll be able to find your desired anime content easily. The Chia anime has a wide range of the latest anime series like the popular “One Piece”, “High school of Death”, etc.


Image Source: Chia-Anime

The site supports ultra-high-definition video streaming with its sleek and colorful design. To download an anime episode from, you can head onto the site and search for the anime series you want to download. Then play the intended episode once you're on the streaming webpage you'll see a download link just down below the video player, click on it and your download should start.


GoGoAnime is also a free anime streaming site with seven different streaming servers to choose from that make the streaming quite fast and reliable. The collection of anime movies and shows on the site is pretty satisfactory and also has a dedicated chat room where you can interact with other anime lovers and make friends.


Image Source:

You can download the full episode of your desired anime from GoGoAnime only from the default server named VIDSTREAMING. To download play the episode and on the streaming webpage you'll see a download icon just above the player window press it and the episode will directly start downloading.

 05  9anime

9Anime also offers a free online anime streaming library. With a wide variety of fascinating anime catalogs to choose from. The site has diverse anime genres such as Yaoi, Parody, Dementia, action, etc. The servers are fast and offer HD quality content on the go. On 9anime you won't need to sign up before enjoying your treasured anime series even for accessing the free anime resources.


Image Source: 9anime5

You can download any anime episode from the site. To do so you need to play the episode you want to download and then select the Mp4upload server in the server list then a download button will appear down the player window.

 Part 2  Best Anime Streaming Sites to Download [Paid]

Paid Anime Streaming Sites to Download Anime at a Glance:

Site Pricing Download Supported OS
Funimation $7.99 monthly FunimationNow app Android/IOS
Crunchyroll $9.99 monthly VRV app Android/IOS
Hulu $5.99 monthly Hulu app Windows 10/Android/IOS
Netflix $8.99 monthly Netflix app Windows/Mac/Android/IOS
Amazon Prime Video $12.99 monthly Amazon Prime Video app Android/IOS

 01  Funimation

In the anime industry, Funimation has its history with big anime series like Dragon Ball Z and other exclusives that you won't find anywhere else. If you're searching for titles that no other streaming site may have, you most probably will find the leading seasonal titles on Funimation.


Image Source: Funimation

Please kindly note that the anime download from Funimation is only available for mobile users on both Android and iOS. You need to install the FunimationNow app on your phone, then search for the anime you like, and download the anime episodes to watch anime offline through your library.

 02  Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the top anime streaming sites – legally. You can have a free account to keep track of your watch history. But to enjoy the wonderful selection of shows from subgenres like seinen, shojo, to shonen you'll have to buy a premium membership. There's a Crunchyroll app for iOS and Android as well to let its users stream anime on the go.


Image Source: Crunchyroll

But you can download anime via the Crunchyroll app. Instead, you'll have to connect it to your VRV streaming service pack and you can download your anime on the VRV app for offline viewing. Crunchyroll premium clients already have a VRV premium account. 

 03  Hulu

Hulu is a Walt Disney-owned subscription video-on-demand service. It's one of the anime streaming sites offering different genres of anime in HD quality. It has an excellent variety of anime shows with its on-demand library growing each day with anime TV shows and series. Even before Netflix was imagining diving into the anime world Hulu had collected a valuable collection of anime titles that's been growing ever since.


Image Source: Hulu Stream

Hulu also has different subscription plans so if you have the right plan you can enjoy watching anime offline. The anime can be downloaded on mobile devices only and you can find the Downloadable items in the app and if your chosen anime is downloadable you can just click the download button on the details page and there you go.

 04  Netflix

The streaming giant Netflix has pushed hard in on Japanese anime. In the past two to three years the company has enormously increased its anime database buying rights to several popular titles on the internet such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Baki, and Death Note. While also investing and producing some Netflix original anime series and movie titles as well.


Image Source: Netflix Download

Netflix comes with multiple subscription plans and allows you to download and enjoy anime offline on its mobile Netflix app. To watch anime offline, you have to search for your desired anime series and open it in the app just look around for a download icon on the description page of the specific series, and pressing it will download the title for you.

 05  Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an online streaming service offering a large library of original as well as popular anime movies and series. Subscribers to Amazon Prime have the facility to download content even in 4K Ultra video quality. Though the site has a comparatively low reputation in its anime catalog, it has developed a decent mix of classics, brand-new, hidden gem series, and movies.


Image Source: Amazon Prime Video

A subscribed user can download anime on the mobile application of the Amazon Prime Video for both Android and IOS. To download anime, you can look out for your favorite content, and in the description of that series or movie you'll see a download button, press it. Now you'll be able to watch anime offline anywhere without an active internet connection.

 Part 3  Record an Anime with Wondershare Filmora

There are lots of paid and subscription-based anime sites that limited people have access to and you want to share the latest episode with your friends, want to make a video for YouTube, or compose an anime reviews video with markers and voiceover to show off your editing skills but first, you'll need to record anime. Whichever might be the case persuading you to record anime on your computer, you don't need to worry as I'll be taking you through each step needed to record anime. Remember to connect with other video creators in the Wondershare Video Community.

Wondershare Filmora is a proficient tool for video content creators and makes it easy and simple to record anime and create professional-looking videos on Mac and Windows. There are three kinds of screen recording types you can choose from, including full-screen, target window, and custom selection. You can record from the computer audio system or microphone audio, determine the quality you want as output, the frame rate, set hotkeys to start, and stop the recording from the settings window. Now we will dive into recording our anime video to produce a review of the Tower of God anime series.

The steps for you to record anime are (the steps are the same on Windows):

  • Download Filmora and install it on your computer system either Mac or Windows as the efficient tool supports both platforms.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version


  • Open Filmora, click on the “New Project” option, go to the Record drop-down menu, and choose the “Record PC Screen” option.

record pc screen

  • Now head over to the anime you want to record and play it.
  • You will be prompted with Wondershare Filmora Scrn recorder options i.e. in case you want Full-Screen recording, audio, and microphone options. Once you press the record (red) button Filmora will start the recording.

record button

  • You can confirm if the software is recording your screen or not by looking at the top menu bar, a red recording button will be displayed during the whole screen recording.
  • To pause or stop the anime recording press the red button on the top menu bar.

stop recording

  • Press the Stop button to finish recording the anime. You'll be taken back to the Filmora editor window where you can tweak around with the recorded anime.

get finished

  • You can locate the recorded file by right-clicking the recorded file in the media library and selecting the “Reveal in Explorer” option.

reveal in explorer

  • You can drag and drop the recorded file to the timeline if you want to edit it. Filmora can easily cut, trim, rotate, layer multiple video effects, and much more. That's up to you how deep you want to dig into the features of this amazing video editing toolkit.

edit in filmora

You can also set a timer to record the anime i.e. for 20 minutes and then the screen recording will automatically stop and save the file onto the location you've specified in the “Save To” location bar. 
Seeing all this, aren't you interested in Filmora? Give it a go.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


Conclusion for Downloading Anime

With the popularity of the once-niche area of animation continuously blossoming and becoming more mainstream. These free and paid sites are propping up to grab more users' attention with unique features. Japanese anime has the power to impress anyone with its vivid imagination and colorful storytelling techniques. We've covered top free and paid sites that allow you to download anime content and stream on the go without worrying about an active internet connection. Also, to extend your anime interest, you can put life into the world of anime and find some apps to turn photos into cartoons and sketches!

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