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Best Horror Anime of All Time
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15 Horror Animes That Will Trigger a Heart Attack

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Horror anime is a sub-genre of anime series. It is based on scary stories, often featuring bloody and grotesque scenes, not for the faint of heart—the horror anime series range from emotional murder mysteries to violent paranormal thrillers.

People who like to experience the thrill of a good scare generally prefer watching horror anime series. The best horror anime can actually terrify you, and many people enjoy being scared. Since there are a lot of scary anime series on the web, you might have trouble finding the best horror anime to pass your weekend. If that's the case, dive right in and get prepared to be scared.

Best 15 Horror Animes of All Time

Here, we have picked out some of the best horror anime series of all time that are definitely going to creep you out. Test your bravery and watch a terrifying horror anime from our list.

1. Monster

Monster is a horror anime series based on a popular Manga by Naoki Urasawa. It is an impressive thriller based on a top-notch brain surgeon working in a hospital. The young surgeon is faced with an ethical dilemma when forced to abandon the surgery of a boy to save a mayor's life. But Dr. Tenma chooses to save the boy. This scary anime unfolds as Tenma, at the pinnacle of his medical career, is haunted by a series of death that involves the boy he saved all those years ago. This is the best horror anime series featuring a psychopath's killing streak. 


2. Hell Girl

This horror anime series revolves around the subject of hate, revenge, and vengeance. With every new episode of this horror anime, you will witness a new story. The plot is unique and based on supernatural powers. Through a mysterious website, people are able to exact revenge on their tormentors, but there is always a price to pay. In the list of the best horror anime series, Hell Girl takes the lead due to thrilling scenes with the fusion of emotional storylines. As opposed to many horror anime series, this one isn't very gory, but it portrays horror through the plot, showing the evil side of humans.


3. Corpse Party

A very gruesome and horror anime is Corpse Party. This horror anime series is based on just 4 episodes, all of which are filled with terror. As the students of Kisaragi Academy perform a ritual on the grounds of their school, they are taken into another dimension where they end up in the Heavenly Host Elementary whose students and staff were murdered years ago. The terrifying ghosts and gory corpses in this scary anime are enough to terrify anyone. It is short and action-packed, guaranteeing that every scene is full of terror.


4. Another

Another is the best horror anime series with terrifying deaths, much like seen in the movie' Final Destination'. As the death curse takes the lives of the students of a class, the protagonist, a newly transferred student Kouichi, and a girl with an eye patch must get to the bottom of this. The horror anime slowly unravels scary truths about the incident that resulted in the death of Mei Misaki. Together, Kouichi and Mei try to dig out the root of the problem. Every scene is packed with suspense and horror, keep viewers scared and glued to the screens.


5. Shiki

Based on the hot topic of vampires, this horror anime takes vampire stories to the next level. Shiki is an excellent scary movie with a twisting plot that follows the lives of the villagers facing the vampire curse. As the dead rise, a young doctor takes it upon himself to uncover the reality. This chilling yet adventurous horror anime is an amazing watch with a great storyline that is gripping and suspenseful, all at the same time.


6. The Promised Neverland

This horror anime has a very emotional plot. The kids of Grace Field House Orphanage are very happy and content until one day, some of them break the most important rule. When the kids go out of the orphanage, they discover the truth and the sinister future awaiting them. From cheerful kids to responsible, brave kids, this is the best horror anime that keeps the viewers glued to the screens. As the kids try to escape their deadly fate, will they be able to go free or end up becoming demon food?


7. Parasyte: The Maxim

As the name suggests, this horror anime series is based on a parasite that takes over human hosts. In this horror anime, the parasite is an alien species. However, this anime revolves around the protagonist, whose hand is taken over by Migi, also an alien. But as the other parasites go on a deadly streak, opening their heads and eating any human that stands in their way, the boy and Migi try to fight them off. This is a very compelling yet gory and scary anime showing gruesome murders and action scenes to keep you on edge at all times.


8. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue has been categorized as one of the best horror anime based on reality. This is an epic psychological thriller with scenes that are mind-bending. As a pop singer switches her career to become an actress, an obsessed stalker becomes a nightmare for her. She is exposed, and every move she makes is being watched. Mysterious murders start surrounding her, and she starts losing her mind. The lines between delusion and reality are blurred. This horror anime is also an excellent suspense thriller that will keep you guessing what the next move will be.


9. Mononoke

Mononoke has a unique visual appeal as it is themed on old Japanese culture with vibrant animations. The protagonist, commonly known as the 'Medicine Seller,' goes around feudal Japan looking for evil, known as Mononoke. Somehow, the medicine seller has a special power and a sword to slay the evil. But the twist is that the medicine seller must first learn the details about the Mononoke. Unless he discovers its true form and reason, he cannot have the sword to end it. This horror anime unfolds in a very thrilling manner as the protagonist uncovers the evil and saves feudal Japan.


10. Tokyo Ghoul

One of the greatest horror anime series ever, Tokyo Ghoul features an amazing storyline. When the college student Ken falls victim to his ghoul date, he is saved by doctors. But, his rebirth is as a hybrid of humans and ghouls. This horror anime series is not for the faint-hearted as it shows grotesque scenes of body horror as the ghouls devour human flesh. However, Tokyo Ghoul also portrays how Ken is forced to control his flesh-eating desires. Would the hybrid lean more towards his human trait or the evil side? We recommend watching this very scary anime to find out how Ken survives as a hybrid and does he give in to his ghoul nature?


11. Elfen Lied

This horror anime is about a mutant human born, Lucy. The extremely powerful mutant, Diclonius, is being experimented upon when one day she has had enough. As she finally breaks free of captivity, it results in a huge bloodbath and a terrifying battle. With time, Lucy tries to adjust to the world. Given her dual personality, it is hard to hide her true nature. This horror anime series is packed with bloody scenes and violence, yet it also displays moments of emotional attachments and friendships when Lucy's adorable personality is dominant.


12. Ghost Hunt

As can be guessed by the name, this horror anime series is based on ghost hunting. It doesn't involve many bloody or gory scenes, but it definitely has terrifying scenes. A group of adventurous people teamed up with the psychic research facility are investigating the paranormal activities in a building when they are faced with horrifying paranormal beings. This is a story about finding out the truth, sticking together, and making it out of the building alive. This isn't the most horror anime on the list, but it does give very scary and creepy vibes as the team stumbles upon deadly beings.


13. Higurashi When They Cry

The start of this horror anime is unlike any other. One might think it is a cheerful school drama, but it's actually the best horror anime based on a murder mystery. The students in a rural village start killing each other in grotesque ways, and there are even scenes of torture and bloody violence. The viewer must figure out what suddenly took over the village to cause such gruesome murders. If you are looking for a good scare, this horror anime will be your best pick with its thriller-packed scenes. Are the murderers possessed, or is it something else? Watch this scary anime if you have the guts and find out.


14. Shoujo Tsubaki

Shoujo Tsubaki is an adult horror anime that revolves around the life of an orphan girl. Midori is tricked by a circus master to join his show, but a horrifying future awaits her. She is raped and abused continually and is about to give up when a magician joins the club. As she sees a ray of hope, will she be able to escape her horrid fate? With a heart-wrenching storyline, this horror anime is a great watch to feel the chills of being alone and tortured.


15. Angels of Death

The Angels of Death is a very intriguing horror anime that shows an amnesiac girl awaking in the basement of an abandoned building. As she tries to escape the building, she is met with psychotic killers and crazy people on each floor. However, Rachel and the serial killer Zack strike up a relationship in which Zack promises to kill her if she helps him escape the building. This scary anime certainly has some bone-chilling and gory scenes to get you creeped out.


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Are Horror Animes Really Horrifying?

The horror anime series are hand-drawn illustrations, and it is quite possible to portray supernatural, horrifying, and unusual creatures with ease. From our list, you will see that among the best horror anime series, most of them feature otherworldly creatures that are both terrifying and creepy to look at.

In addition, the extremely graphic nature of a scary anime further adds to its ability to scare viewers. Violence, bloodbath, and cannibalism is a common theme in majority of the scary anime series, serving as the perfect way to portray bone-chilling horror scenes.

Try out our list to find your best horror anime series and have a good scare.

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