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Best Romance Anime Movies You Can Watch
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10 Best Romance Anime Movies You Need to Watch

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The demand for romance anime movies has soared in recent years and this has been down to the amazing concepts they come with. A lot of persons have, in recent times began to appreciate the genuine awesomeness of these movies. A lot of these anime love story movies come with incredible storylines that leave their audience emotionally connected to them. The plots are relatable and more often than not they address certain circumstances we find ourselves when we love someone. Since the demand for these kinds of movies is on the rise, it's only fair I share with you the 10 best romance anime movies you should watch.

10 Best Romance Anime Movies to Watch

Without wasting any time, let's get down to it. This is not listed in any particular order.

1. Howls Moving Castle

How's Moving Castle told the story of a girl Sophie, who was having quite an uneventful life at her daddy's hat store until she met wizard Howl, who actually lived in a literal flying castle. They both become really close and as their relationship soared, an evil witch casts a spell on the young Sophie.

The spell was designed to make her age really fast. Devasted, Howl is forced to use all his magical powers to fight the evil witch and try his possible best to return his love Sophie to her youthful self.

This 2004 romance anime movie is loved by many because it laid emphasis on fighting for your loved one. The movie racked up so many awards for its incredible scripting.

2. Weathering with You

This tells the story of a young high school boy who got tired of the unending issues at home and decides to run away to Tokyo. He meets unfortunate events while on the ferry to Tokyo and is saved by a friend. Now I'm in Tokyo, he gets a job and in the course of doing his job he comes across a girl who can manipulate the weather. He also finds out she is an orphan. Taking pity on her, he gets a great business idea and soon. They start making lots of money with his idea and her gift. Unfortunately, things go south as her body starts evaporating. Our young hero promises to help her stay safe.

The movie won so many hearts with its clear theme of kindness and love.

3. Whispers of the Heart

Third on the list of romance anime movies to watch is whispers of the heart. The movie which is based on a manga with the same name, tells of a young girl who loves reading and her dreams of being a writer when she grew up. One day she discovers that all her library books have been checked by Seiji Amasawa. Her journey to school one day leads her to meet a large cat which in turn leads her to an eccentric antique dealer. Soon she starts writing her own novel and begins her quest to find her soul mate. This amazing anime love story tells us the story of a girl and a cat she loves with a guy that would do anything to get her attention.

The movie won so many hearts with its clear theme of kindness and love.

4. From Up on Poppy Hill

This is not your everyday romance anime movie. Set in 1963, Japan, the movie shows the adventures of a 16-year-old girl named, Umi who lives in a boarding house. She meets a boy Shun, who was a member of the school's newspaper team and they and one other person decide to clean up the clubhouse. They soon discovered that the school chairman and another businessman had plans to actually demolish the building. Having developed strong feelings for each other, the couple and Shiro must find a way to convince the chairman to change his mind.

This told us a unique story of love, not just for our fellow humans, but for a place.

5. Your Name

Your name is an extraordinary tale of two teenagers who somehow share a magical connection when they discover they are swapping bodies. This happened as a result of the girl's wish to be a boy in her next life. Somehow, she discovered she was able to become a boy in her dreams, only it wasn't a dream, she was actually swapping body with a real boy. Having not met each other in person, they decide to do so. On meeting themselves things get even more complicated and weird for both of them.

Racking up a number of awards, Your name was the highest-grossing anime movie in 2016. It's an absolute depiction of the deep connection we share as humans won a lot of hearts.

6. The Wind Rises

This movie tells us the amazing story of a young boy and his love for airplanes. Growing up wanting to be a pilot, he was told he couldn't do it because of his nearsightedness. Devastated, he still continues to dream about flying planes and goes on reading a lot about past pilots and plane designers. In his dream he gets visited by one of the great people he read about, who tells him designing a plane is better than flying. His passion further deepens when he meets the love of his love who goes on to encourage him throughout their mishaps to design a plane. Persistence, passion, and courage were aesthetically showcased in the movie and that's one reason viewers love it.

7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

This fantasy romance anime love story tells of a young girl who inadvertently trips upon a walnut in front of a blackboard. She is hit by a train while riding a bicycle on her way home. Strangely, she didn't die, instead, she gets transported back in time to minutes before the train hit her. She later learns she can do time leaps. With her newfound ability, she starts leaping through time to get out of awkward situations and events. She soon discovers her time leaps have adverse effects on others and dedicates her time leaps to helping others.

This 2006 anime movie showed us how kind the human heart can be as she decides to use her gift to help others.

8. The Garden of Words

The film focuses on the encounters of a 15-year-old boy and a 27-year-old woman. The young boy always met this woman at a particular garden on rainy mornings and soon they become chatty. While she never told him anything about herself including her name, the young boy tells the woman everything about himself. When he finally learns who she is, they both discover they have been helping each other learn how to walk life's journey. The movie depicts just how maturity is a thing of the mind. It shows just how adults also feel the same way teenagers feel and how teenagers receive the same pressure adults suffer.

9. Doukyusei

Doukyusei tells us about a carefree boy who is part of a band. Being always focused on what's happening now, he and his entire class are forced to partake in an upcoming chorus festival. Coincidentally he meets one of his classmates who is well known for his brilliance. He sees him practicing alone and failing woefully to get their class song right.  Happy to see the brilliant student in need of help, he decides to help his new friend achieve his aim and prepare for the upcoming event. This is not your conventional anime romance movie because it tells a story of two boys and their 'love' for each other.

10. 5 Centimeters Per Second

This film tells us the story of a young boy who gets the chance to befriend a new girl who was just transferred to his school. We are taken through their genuine friendship which came as a result of their taste and interests being the same. They soon develop strong feelings for each other and their bond is shown when they both speak to each other using their names only. They later go separate ways in a bid to further their studies but while apart they could still communicate deeply. They go on to meet different partners and even have children but their connection remained intact.

This short series shows us just how amazing the human heart can be when deeply attached to another.

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So, there you have it, the 10 best romance anime movies you need to watch right now. Whichever one you pick first is sure to pique your interest in this amazing genre of anime movies. In as much as a lot of us like watching anime action movies and the likes and this makes us dislike the romance genre. Seeing a proper anime love story movie can totally change your perspective on life, love and a lot of emotions in ways you wouldn't believe. And what would be better than recording and sharing anyone you've watched for a loved one to watch using Wondershare Filmora?

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