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Podcast Editing 101: How to Edit a Podcast

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

We are glad that you took the first steps to create your podcast episodes. We'd also like to know how far you have reached. Well, most probably, you are at the podcast editing stage as per your search query. So, you are in the right place if this is your concern. We have structured this entire post on how to edit podcasts, especially for the newbies. You can continue reading the article if you have already created a podcast episode and level up the steps with better podcast editing. Remember that editing can either make or break the game! So, don't take any chances in editing a podcast right from the beginners' level.

Podcast Editing 101

Without further ado, let’s get started with the following editing basics a podcaster should keep in mind.

Editing Basics that Beginners’ Should Keep in Mind

Well, it is all dependent upon the approach you follow regarding the podcast audio editing. There are various podcast editing services, and styles worth consider. The list below is the critical podcast editing basics a beginner should follow before publishing the podcast. Overall, it would be awesome if you learn new skills instead of outsourcing the whole stuff. That’s fantastic as well!

Firstly, import the audio.

The editing process starts with importing the audio track. The audio material in the sequence must be at the primary place. Always place the audio track in the first position even if you are importing multiple audio tracks. You can leave the track underneath for editing purposes. After adding this first audio file, you can add sound effects, music, and other secondary audio files for further editing.

Listen again

Don’t proceed before re-listening your added audio! This manner will let you think for different sections, and you can further decide what to keep and what to preserve. Remove any computer noise, background hiss, and unwanted audio areas. Here, you can help with different noise reduction tools available or go for the reliable podcast editing software, specifically the audio ducking feature for noise removal.

Make it consistent throughout

The next step is to make the volume consistent at every stage of the podcast. After removing all the unwanted noises, take the necessary action to normalize the audio levels and specifically select -2.0 for peak amplitude. Amplify the tranquil areas.

Sound Designing and Mixing

Then, you are required to do sound designing and mixing for the podcast. Take it lightly and only especially when you are a beginner. Add the sound effects as per the message of the podcast. Always keep in mind to use significant sound effects that effectively evoke the emotion and ultimately save the audience engaged. The mixing part comes when you compress, equalize, and process the audio to adjust accordingly in the different sections.

Preview and Post

Once your podcast is edited and ready, preview it ensure everything is in place, especially if it is your first time. It would be best to post a clear, concise, and to the point audio/video. Finally, post your podcast, either for free or using one of the software available online on your desired blog/online media.

Which DAW should you use?

You can’t miss using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for podcast editing at any cost. It is an audio editing program with all the facilities right from recording the podcast to editing it. To start with, you must consider using among the following three DAWs.


Podcast Daw Audacity

Audacity is the most common program providing free podcast editing services. The foremost reason for its popularity is the free and open-source availability. Secondly, the primary user interface makes it the best option for beginners. You can right away start recording with Audacity.


Podcast Daw Alitu

Alitu is another recommended tool to make your podcast episodes easily. However, you have to pay to get the podcast editing services of Alitu. It can incredibly do the podcast editing for raw audios and provide you with different options of adding music, transitions, and segments, etc. It also contains the facility to publish your podcast.


Podcast Daw Reaper

Reaper is another best podcast editing DAW with the availability of 60 days free trial. Despite a bit high learning curve in Reaper, you will ultimately feel like an artist working upon it. Moreover, it comes with lots of new updates and features for better outcomes. It is compatible with AU, VST, and JS plugins as well.

Advanced Editing Tips to Spice Up Your Podcasts

Don't miss out on this portion if you want to upgrade your podcasting skills like professionals! Learn some advanced formulas of podcast audio editing as follows.

Trim the Ends

It's better if you trim the ends before editing the podcast. And, make sure there are no blanks at the beginning or end of the podcast. You can also add fade-in or fade-out effects to avoid unprofessional vibes.

Work on your planning and presentation skills

Focus on having a time-saving podcast editing by working upon your planning and presentation skills. Don’t be that guy who tries to edit every verbal crutch. Instead, focus on being confident while presenting the podcast so that you will need to have significantly fewer editing issues or may not need editing at all. Think upon changing the approach of podcast recording as well.

Provide margin and look for transitions

Offer a little margin and say that thing smoothly again if you have misread or misspell the statement while recording the podcast. Thus, you must not squeeze the information that doesn't provide a better room for podcast editing. The provided margin will make it a breeze to cut out the messy audio portion.

Then, you have to look for transitions precisely when you are recording in multiple tracks, co-hosting, or taking a long space while recording your podcast. These transitions could be like pointless babbles, awkward silences, cross talks, etc., that need careful watch at both the beginning and the end. Most of the editing will improve by considering and editing these kinds of transitions.

Eliminate awkward silences

Sometimes a podcast is full of awkward silences that look crap at all. Well, you don’t have to remove every silence taken at the end of a talk or something like that. Eliminate only long, awkward silences or reduce their duration. Different plugins are available within the DAWs to remove these background noises and long duration silences.

Adjust the volume of the podcast

It may be a bit tricky to edit the podcast when one person or interviewee is a lot quieter. First of all, check if their microphone signals and settings are strong enough to provide you with audio. Then, you can increase the gain of their speaker before podcast editing. Normalize the voice or add some compression to increase the loudness ultimately.

Save podcast to the right format

Finally, you must be careful while exporting your podcast to the correct format to ensure the best quality. Go to the export settings and find MP3 extension and 192kbps bitrate.

Edit Podcast with Video Editor

Are you recording a video podcast? If yes, you must make very little room for editing while considering the best recording equipment and settings. Secondly, you can look for a high-tech video editor that can do the task of both video editing and podcast editing. The Wondershare Filmora X is one such famous name in the world of video editing. But, the point is to check its features for podcast editing. Are they worth it or not? That is what we'd like to tell you by highlighting the podcast editing services of Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Video Podcast Editing Services of Wondershare Filmora X

  • The very thing needed while podcast editing is the shortcut key commands to save time. The Wondershare Filmora X consists of several such hotkey commands for quick editing.
  • You can use Audio Ducking to eliminate background noises and unwanted awkward silences recorded while making the podcast.
  • Inject beautiful animations in your video podcast using the keyframing tool of Wondershare Filmora X.
  • Use 1000+ Video Effects, including filters, transitions, motion elements, titles, etc., exclusively provided on Filmora.
  • Use the Split Screen and showcase multiple screens to make an eye-catchy video podcast appearance.


Now, we are going to end our discussion on podcast editing basics as well as advanced concepts. Try following every tip and suggestion, especially when you are a beginner. Make up your mind to create eye-catchy content that well engages the audience while also providing useful information. Using the best video editor with stunning effects, as mentioned above, won't make your content look boring at all.

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