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10 Social Media Podcasts to Help You Make Marketing Strategy

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The rise of podcasts has never been so demanding that it is as of now. Even though every digital marketer hasn't exploited it to the fullest potential, there is still an upsurge in podcasting, mainly social media marketing podcasts. It is called useful digital marketing when you are excited to be on every customer's platform and ultimately raise your product or service awareness. The format of the Podcast itself allows deep and regular connection with the audience. Along with that, we can list various other benefits of incorporating podcasts for your brand as an ideal digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • Low Competition
  • High Engagement
  • Growing Platform
  • Convenient for the audience
  • On-Demand Technology

10 Social Media Marketing Podcasts Worth Listening To

One of the good aspects of using a Podcast is listening to them anytime, even in our downtimes. Luckily, this technology has provided us with some awesome social media mix Podcasts worth listening to for the audience. Let's unleash the ten best social media Podcasts, as mentioned below!

1.Influencer Entrepreneurs

Social Media Podcasts Influencer Entrepreneurs

Jenny Melrose hosts this Podcast with beneficial insights on productivity, turning a side hustle into a full-time job, workshops, online courses, and promoting her services or products. Listening to her podcast will let you channelize your entrepreneurship productivity in the best ways possible.

The frequency of her podcasts is around seven days, with an average duration of 27 minutes. The podcast topics are the How to Effectively Cultivate Community within Your Brand, How to Get Photography Clients, etc.

2.Instagram Secrets

Social Media Podcasts Ig Secrets

Luke Thompson has started this podcast to let you get up from the baby steps of using the Instagram platform for lead generation and other customer services. Overall, it is a beginner-friendly podcast with different topics on the Instagram platform. He has also released some podcasts about technical issues such as gaining followers, Instagram's new algorithm, etc.

His podcasts' frequency is around 19-20 days, with an average duration of 7 minutes.

3.The Blogging Millionaire

Social Media Podcasts Blogging

Brandon Gaille hosts this awesome Blog Millionaire podcast while discussing various ways to be successful in blogging. The podcast is worth listening to as Brandon himself did a successful business out of his podcast even after facing medical hardships in childhood.

His podcast frequency is also around seven days, with an average duration of 8 minutes.

4.Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Social Media Podcasts Talkshow

Social Media Examiner hosts this fantastic social media marketing podcast where they are used to talk about several different social media topics. Digital marketers, social media enthusiasts, and small businesses must listen to this useful podcast crucial to know about various social media platforms.

The frequency of Podcasts is around 7-14 days with a duration of 40-50 mins.

5.Social Pros Podcast

Social Media Podcasts Social Pros

Jay Baer and his guest host this Social Pros Podcast, explicitly talking about social media industry trends. They generally discuss social media's importance in getting the message out and encouraging the entire brand awareness. The answers are actionable, diverse, and pretty helpful to media leaders who want to increase their chances of getting noticed.

The frequency of this podcast is around seven days, with an average duration of 38 minutes.

6.Marketing Smarts

It is one of the best social media podcasts with a discussion on in-depth interviews of different marketers. MarketingProfss hosts this specific podcast after listening, which you will follow one or two strategies about social media marketing. You can manually search the Podcast's topics by the names of different subcategories given along.

It is a weekly Podcast with a duration of 30 mins approx.

7.Marketing School

Social Media Podcasts Marketing School

The marketing gurus Neil Patel and Eric Siu host this podcast to provide the audience with useful insights on marketing, statistics, and the entire game. This podcast has more than 1400 episodes in bite-sized, quick, and rapid-fire sessions. Thus, it is a must-listen podcast for digital and social media marketers. And, the best part is that a 5-10 mins Podcast uploads daily over the official website.

8.Visual Marketing with Tailwind

Social Media Podcasts Visual Marketing

This podcast is perfect if you are on Pinterest and Instagram. Primarily, Alisa Meredith, marketing specialist at Tailwind, hosts this podcast. As the name suggests, the topics create incredible visuals on Instagram and Pinterest to engage the audience. However, there is no such organized scheduling of podcasts upload here. But, every episode is worth listening to for effective visual marketing.

9.Instagram Marketing Secrets

Social Media Podcasts Instagram Marketing

The Instagram Marketing Secrets podcast by Derek Videll is ideal for marketing enthusiasts. It is one of the best social media marketing podcasts, specifically on Instagram, for lead generation and successful conversions. Derek himself comes from a marketing and sales background to tell you the internal secrets and the so-called Instagram competitors.

The podcast is uploaded every 6th to 7th day with an average duration of 15 minutes.

10.Maximize Your Social Influence

Social Media Podcasts Social Influence

This Podcast ultimately teaches how to look at marketing from the angle of influencing. It is essential to become a social media influencer to level up the game and attract your niche's right audience. Neil Schaffer, the digital and marketing expert host this podcast with the perspective of sharing his secrets and marketing success stories.

The above Podcast also has a weekly schedule of 30-35 mins each.

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Thus, now you can apply social media strategies learned from the best ten social media podcasts and make your Podcast as well. It is the correct time to reveal your creative side and start making video podcasts using Filmora X.

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