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7 Best DAW for Guitar Recording and Players (Perfect Solution)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

If you own a recording guitar or love to produce music with it, then DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a necessity. DAW is nothing but a software program used by the music composers for recording, producing, and editing audio.

There are many DAWs available for you, so this guide is designed to help you in deciding the best DAW for guitar.  Some DAW offers free trials, and it would be a smart move to try a DAW first before purchasing it.

In this content, you are going to meet some of the best DAW for recording guitar and their features.

Part 1: 8 best DAW for guitar

1. FL Studio

Price: Depending on your choice of edition you want to buy, the price varies from $99 to $899.

This DAW for guitar players is rocking for 20 years. It is all in one package for music composers and editors. Creative music makers from all over the world use this. It is mainly designed to use for professional purposes. There was a time when people used to call this DAW as Fruity loops, and this is how today it is known as FL studio. It is available in 4 editions, including Fruity, Producer, Signature, and FL+ All Plugin Bundle. There is a free version for the application too.


  • Simple to use
  • Newtown (AutoTune version of FL Studio)
  • Free lifetime updates

FL Studio

2. Cubase

Price: The price of Cubase Pro 10.5 is ₹47,815.43 and its other two editions Cubase Artist 10.5, and Cubase Elements 10.5 cost is ₹8,215.03.

Cubase offers all the features and tools that a composer seeks in the best DAW for guitar players. You can buy the trial version of Cubase before purchasing the full version. It offers professional and studio-like audio quality. It features various loops and the ability to adjust audio and create podcasts.


  • ARA and AFA support, MediaBay, Chord Assistant and much more
  • Multiple audio effects
  • Video import and export plus many other functions


3. Ableton Live

Price: The Introversion costs $69, standard costs $314 and the amount of the suite is $524

Ableton Live offers its service in three editions, namely – intro, standard, and a suite. The intro edition contains basic features only, whereas standard and a suite have extra features. The latest available version is “Ableton Live” that contains enormous amounts of various audio and MIDI effects, 1500+ sounds, and much more. It can work on a computer with 4GB RAM, but you must need 8GB and higher.


  • 20+ audio effects
  • 4-15 software instruments
  • 8-17 MIDI Effects

Ableton Live


Price: Available for download without any charge

Reaper works on all the significant platforms consisting of MAC, Windows, and Linux. Initially, it is called Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording. It is developed and designed by the Cockos. With the Reaper 6 license, the players can get an endless number of updates for free of cost from the Reaper version 7.99.


  • Loads quickly
  • Multichannel support with powerful audio
  • Compatible with thousands of plug-ins


5. MainStage

Price: MainStage is available for Mac users at the price of $29.99

Create music for stage as well as for studio and show your talent of music to the world. Enhance your on-stage performance with this fantastic DAW for guitar players. This one features Arpeggiator, chord trigger, retro synth, and much more to allow the production of mellifluous music. If you are just starting the journey of playing the guitar, then there is a Floating Split Point feature to help.


  • Multimapping for manipulating the sound
  • Perfect DAW for guitarists and vocalist
  • Smart Control Interface


6. Logic Pro X

Price: Buy it at the cost $199.99

Logic Pro X is a surprisingly powerful software for music creators and guitar lovers. Just find the right blend of loops and samples to make song sections and to produce your song. Be creative in creating music with Logic Pro X. You can also use the Drummer feature in collaborating with a skilled beat programmer. This software offers many things to create any kind of music you want.


  • Remix FX
  • Logic Remote
  • Multi-Touch Mixing

Logic Pro X

7. AmpliTube

Price: It is affordable and costs €149.99 only

AmpliTube is one of the best DAW for recording guitar. It is designed for Mac and Windows users. To rock in your live performance, this DAW is considered impressive. It also assists DJ players apart from music composers. You can create soulful guitar tones on a simple interface. This DAW values realism, which lets the guitar players play amazing tones.


  • Dual 3D Mic replacement
  • Acoustic Simulator
  • Individual Speaker Selection


Part 2: What features to look for the best DAW for guitar

  • The best DAW for guitar might work on almost every operating system. However, this is not always true. If you are ready to switch to a new OS just for working on a specific DAW, then that is great. So, make sure to choose the DAW which is compatible with the OS you work on.
  • It consumes a lot of RAM, CPU, and your computer might start to lag. Think about the budget you have fixed for buying the best DAW for recording the guitar.
  • Besides, you have to consider into account the plug-in format or audio circulatory system. Some of the essential plugin is available in almost every popular DAW.
  • Therefore, you have to find if these features are the same as you want in DAW or you have to purchase a new one.


Now, what is your opinion on the DAWs we have talked about? Did they match your requirements? If yes, get one for you and start rocking into the world of music. Learn to play your favorite tune or create music that touches the hearts. The best DAW for guitar players helps them in creating world-class music most simply. Try it out one of them today and let us know how it feels to use it.

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