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Best DAW For Recording, Mixing and Mastering

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you a budding musician and singer? Don't have enough money to record the song?

You can use the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) to make the music sound like it has been recording in the professional music studio.

It makes the job of mixing music to the song a piece of cake. This piece of software is an all-rounder that does all the jobs related to music, such as recording, composing, producing, mixing, and editing the audio files.

You can mix different sounds and make it the best beat to hit the chartbuster. The best DAW for mixing and mastering is the must-have tool by every musician.

There are a myriad of DAW tools available. You can try the best DAW for mixing that suits your requirements from the following list curated specially for you.

8 Best DAWs for Mixing


Reaper, i.e., Rapid Environment for Audio production, engineering, and recording, is built by WinAmp audio player.

It is serving the needs of professional musicians and hobbyist engineers. It is the go-to tool for engineers to meet their DAW needs. It is exclusively designed for production and tracking and is an ideal choice to be used by the people who want to compose music at home. Many native effect plugins are used for mastering and tracking. It supports third-party plugins such as VST, VST3, JS, DX, and so on. The customization options make the first choice of sound engineers to use it in the digital world. The macros, customization of the User interface, and keyboard commands making it easier for the engineers to use to tool as per their style and workflow.


  • All-in-tool for recording the audio, mixing and mastering
  • Easy to customize
  • Light memory footprint


2. Ableton Live

It is the best DAW for mixing and mastering to producing hip hop music. It has a huge name and is the sought-after tool by the sound engineers. The powerful workflow and great session view make the job of the electronic producers a breeze. The intuitive sampling and synthesis plugins would help you produce rich sound. The workflow is easier even for the beginners to use this tool and get productive results. The session view enables you to jam the arrangement while giving a live performance with the help of clips and loops.


  • Impressive MIDI and automation capabilities
  • Stock plugins
  • Session view makes it easier to write music quickly

Ableton Live

3. Avid Pro Tools

The industry-standard tool that is perfect to be used by the audio engineer and by the people who want to record, edit, and mix different soundtracks. You can use this tool to carry out a traditional recording that you do at the studio. The speed at which you can edit the tracks is impressive, and it produces a superior quality mixing environment. There is a free configuration that is available using which you can create 16 tracks.


  • Perfect for mixing and mastering
  • Top-notch recording quality
  • Good editing capabilities

Avid Pro Tools

4. Steinberg Cubase

It is innovative, and the best DAW for mixing that is in use for a long time. It is perfect for writing, mixing, recording, and mastering. There are many TV and film audio engineers and music composers who use this tool. The effective workflow makes it the best tool to be used by the people who are focused on writing music. Many features make mixing and mastering a breeze. It enables you to create quality tracks.

The MIDI editing feature is the strongest. It is compatible to work with VST plugins.


  • Offer cloud collaboration service
  • Comprise of stock plugins
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Steinberg Cubase

5. FL Studio

It is the cost-effective and the most powerful DAW tool that is exclusively used by electronic music producers and hip hop musicians. It is easy to use and comes with impressive features. The rich interface and immaculate piano roll make it the best for writing MIDI. The loops and grooves can be created by the beatmakers using this tool.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Support MIDI and automation
  • Piano roll to write music in a digital format

FL Studio

6. Steinberg Nuendo

It is another best DAW for recording and mixing that is used by the film, TV, and VR sound professionals for mastering. It has a sample rate of 384 HZ that allows you to edit the music files in a matter of a few seconds. Though it is not rich in spectral editing, it would let you work with the surround mixes. There are plugins available for tone shaping. The video cut detection helps you to thoroughly analyze the video files and position the markers in the places where you want to cut. The Doppler Effect would improve the auditory phenomenon.


  • Search and match the audio files for the selected events
  • Modify the voice and create impressive sounds using voice designer
  • Support dearVR to produce 3D audio content


7. Presonus Studio One

If you want to write, record, mix, and master music, then this DAW tool is best for you. It is quick, powerful, and quite comfortable for audio engineers to use. The latest features in the new version of the tool even allow the music composers, songwriters, and producers with tools to write music. The scatch pads will let you break the song into smaller sections to save space and work on each section individually. The cool bridge will let you produce better audio. The integrated mastering solution will update the mixes as and when you modify them


  • Customize the user interface as per your workflow
  • Support MIDI and audio files
  • Easy to drag and drop the samples between the impact XT and sample one XT

Presonus Studio One

8. Logic Pro X

It is a beginner and budget-friendly DAW tool that allows you to compose and produce rich music. You can also do the mixing of the soundtracks effortlessly using this tool. The stock plugins that you get with this tool are the best and allow you to create great recordings in a matter of a few seconds. You can correct the pitch of the music by integrating with the guitar amp emulation plugins. The recording and audio editing strength of the tool make it useful in professional studios. It can be used by beginners and recording vets.


  • Smart tempo will match the timing of the soundtracks
  • Compatible with different plugins to explore creative effects
  • Use drummers to add jazz feel

Logic Pro X


When you learn to use the best DAW for recording and mixing, it becomes easier for you to compose the music that is rich and sounds like a professional. Without wasting your money and efforts anymore, you can use the best DAW tool while you are writing, composing, or mixing the musical tracks either in your home studio or the professional environment.

If you want to record the best music or edit any track, then there is no other better tool than using one of the DAW tools mentioned above.

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