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8 Best iOS DAW for iPad and iPhone

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Making music is something we are not all gifted with the ability to do. For those that are, the new digital age has introduced multiple new ways to record, edit, and eventually produce new tunes in the best possible level of quality. To process these new tunes, we need DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), of which only some can be used from a phone.

We took a look at the best DAW for the iPad and the best DAW for iPhone to help you make a decision on which is right for you.

Part 1:Best iOS DAW for iPad

Without further ado, let’s start with the best iOS DAWs for iPads.

1. GarageBand

Price: Free with optional pay-to-add features

GarageBand is a high-quality DAW that allows you to use the Audio Unit (AU) standard. You can edit, enhance, distort, add an echo, and even a reverb, all through this one platform. GarageBand is the best iOS DAW for iPad if you happen to be a beginner. It does lack some of the finesse of the more significant, more professional systems.


  • Apple sound and loop library is packed with choice and easily accessible.
  • Can use it to download plugins from other people.
  • Easy to follow for beginners, lets you edit 24-bit recordings.


2. Cubasis

Price: $23.99

Cubasis is an app by Stienberg which features multiple sound sequencing and some other cool features. It comes in Cubasis, Cubasis Le (the compact version), and the updated Cubasis 2 and 3. This is considered the best iOS DAW for iPad because it is designed to be quick and easy to use.


  • You can use it as a multitrack recorder with hardware like RME’s FireFace UCX.
  • Newest version works with both iPad and iPhone.
  • Full mixer with level meters, zooms, multi-layer audio, and rearrangeable inserts.


3. FL Studio

Price: $13.99

FL Studio is filled with heavy synths like Sakura and Harmless. It’s also able to compress, features a ton of presets, and comes with a step sequencer that can allow any sound samples to be added to, or kick-started by, the sequencer. It applies numerous optional plugins and VSTs, which make it ideal for beginners. They specialize in making it all fairly easy to understand, even for new users.


  • Step sequenced that can be used as a sort of music-placement grid to track the beat.
  • Full to the brim with native plugins that help you make the most of the system.
  • It comes with loads of synth bundles and preset options to help you in terms of speed.

FL Studio

4. Auxy Pro – Music & Beat Maker

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Auxy Pro – Music & Beat Maker is one of the best DAWs for iPad because it is similar to a musical sketchbook, if you like. While artists can sketch ideas out, musicians have a much harder time noting down tunes. Auxy Pro is good for the busy artist that wants to sketch out songs to develop when they have more time.


  • Massive sound library with constant new content being added.
  • Loop mixing and the ability to import sampled instruments.
  • Individual controls and settings for each downloadable sound or sample.

Auxy Pro

5. KORG Gadget 2 Le

Price: Free! (upgrades and in-app purchasing)

Korg Gadget 2 Le is the best DAW for iPad for those that like accessories. There are plugins aplenty for this platform, where beats are organized by genre, and each one is customizable. It has a timeline tailored towards optimum workflow and lets you move up and down the scale with any chord or sound that you like.


  • All the normal DAW sounds you would expect – plus more than 40 gadget sounds (like synths, samplers, and drum machines).
  • Quickly make great music on a DAW you can get to grips within less than a half-hour.
  • Uses simple instruments grouped together for specific functions (gadgets) with hundreds of controls each for maximum individuality.

KORG Gadget 2 Le

Part 2: Best iOS DAW for iPhone

As well as DAWs for iPads, we also looked at the best iOS DAWs for iPhones, too.

6. BandLab – Music Making Studio

Price: Free

BandLab – Music Making studio makes the best iOS DAW for iPhone list because it is a musical creation platform with a 9 million user strong community. You can create any tune from scratch in any genre – but it also lets you collaborate with other artists. There is no subscription, no fees, and no pay-to-unlock screens, a big part of the reason it has so many users.


  • Over 100 preset vocal and guitar samples.
  • Create loops, access pre-made sound packs, a huge variety of synth, drum machines, or acoustics.
  • Multiple genres for the perfect mix, collaborations, video mixing – and a whole range of other things.


7. Music Maker JAM

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Music Maker JAM is one of the best DAWs for iPhone because it lets you add FX, use studio sampling, and make your new tunes on their mixer – up to 8 channels strong. Choose to edit songs in a range of genres and using beats and loops mixing with numerous adaptations for an individual sound.


  • Virtual currency can be exchanged for new beats.
  • Over three hundred mix packs and 100,000 plus sound library.
  • Combine samples from across genres, option to upgrade to pro for full access to all features.

Music Maker JAM

8. Medly

Price: Free with in-app purchasing

Medly is one of the best iOS DAWS for iPhones because it contains access to more than 2000 adjustable samples. You start with 16 free instruments and access to 100 loops. Then you buy/build your collection as you need it. It lets you upload and share directly to SoundCloud so you could theoretically generate revenue with it.


  • Up to 24 timelines/tracks. Sixteen free instruments and 100 free loops – unlocked with membership.
  • Quick share which lets you upload in the video, audio, or MIDI, and start making money from your tunes.
  • Graph editor, automated fades, pitch blending, other effects and filters to apply.


The Best iOS DAWs at your Fingertips

If you have made it this far, then one of those on our list is sure to satisfy your needs. Nobody is saying you can’t download them all, have a play with each, and then decide, is there?

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