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How to Use Visual Communication to Promote Business

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Have you ever wondered why visuals are essential?

It is always preferred to use visual communication designs to convey the importance of a brand properly. It is the ultimate key to ignite success and enhance business marketing efforts on a wide range. You can look for numerous examples or different types of visual communication to promote business. Some common examples are Business Signage, Roadmaps, Mind Maps, Infographics, Business Presentations, and Visual Reports. The strategies to use visual communication may vary depending upon the type of industry. Even non-profit organizations tend to use storytelling and data visualization methods to gain the trust of their audience.

Types Of Visual Communication

Hence, we have come up with a useful guide on using visual communications to promote business. So, let’s begin without further ado!

Part 1: What is Visual Communication and why it matters?

In general terms, the passing of information via symbols, images, drawings, graphic designs, photographs, and posters to show the purpose, value, or services of a business is all concerned about visual communication. Well, there is a little challenge to pick the right element among icons, texts, and other forms that correctly displays your business type.

Why Visual Communication Matters?

The importance of visual communication designs and their underlying purpose matters a lot due to the following reasons. The presentation of key features, benefits, buying process, and product integrations is all done via visuals.

Given below are specific other underlying goals of visual communication worth consider.

Convey the message of the brand

What is your brand all about for customers? Is there any corporate social responsibility to consider? You can convey this entire message through different types of visual communication. If you have overcome the challenge of gaining viewers' attention via super attractive visuals, the strategy would be fantastic to present your brand worldwide.

Facilitates quick decision making

The visuals are perfect to go with if you don't want your customers to wait for those long hours to buy your product. The presentation of information quickly and well-organized will facilitate easy decision-making on the part of the consumer.

Let’s now understand the different types of visual communication in the following section!

Part 2: How to Use Different Types of Visual Communication to Promote Business?

Recall the types of visual communication that we have mentioned above. We have decided to understand visuals with three common types to make the part super easy to understand.


Despite being creative, Infographics are also an educational tool, especially for small businesses. Infographics or Information Graphics represent visuals of information or data according to the specific business type. They are generally used to display complex information in a simple manner, such as process, research findings, summaries, reports, or to raise awareness about a cause or business issue. The Infographics tend to improve the company's SEO, according to Search Engine Journal. Infographics are in various sizes and shapes, including timeline Infographics, pie charts, or illustrations.


  • Simple presentation of complex information
  • The quick topic or business info overview
  • Drive consumer's interest in social media
  • Improve Company’s SEO
  • Shows clear business objective


  • Some missing information
  • Time-consuming to make
  • May not be always SEO-friendly

Example of Infographics

For Social Media

You can use the following type of visual communication design to promote your social media business. It is a super-easy manner to show services on a competitive advantage. You can include information on a specific business topic and gain followers most organically.

Visual Communication Infographics

Checklist Infographics

Checklists are actionable, valuable, and one of the best examples to promote your business. With these Infographics, you can tell people about the ultimate steps needed to do things before purchasing decisions.

Visual Communication Checklist Infographic

Statistics Infographics

Statistics Infographics is another excellent way to present complex information. Here you can use different color blocks and section them according to your marketing strategies.

Visual Communication Statistics Infographics

You can use Visme to create stunning Infographics that can make other on-brand presentations and visual communication designs for your team. It is a cloud-based platform to help individuals and groups control and scale their content.  

2.Business Presentation

You can easily make Business PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides. The very first step is to plan your presentation to make it look professional and effective. Consider in-depth business goals, and you can also download a premium business presentation slide. It is super easy to make Google Slides Presentation in Google Drive once you are good at the art of creative thinking. Business Presentations are crucial internally as well so that executives can easily share company details and performance.


  • To share the company's internal information
  • To introduce new products
  • Gain audience’s attention
  • Facilitates one-to-one customer interaction
  • Flexible


  • May incur technical troubleshooting issues
  • May lead to audience distraction
  • Oversimplification

Examples of Business Presentation

Charity Awareness

Given below is an example of a simple charity awareness slide with clear messaging. They have creatively used the furry friends to encourage adoptions and donations from its audience.

Business Presentation Charity


Here's another example of a Google Slides presentation to further educate the teachers. The slide is a perfect example of how the creator has engaged its audience and put teacher-friendly content for easy understanding.

Overall, Google Slides is a useful and handy tool to promote your business via attractive presentations. The significant advantage is its availability in the cloud platform that is further free to use.


Video Marketing is one of the significant types of visual communication, a relatively old yet useful tool. It offers the companies with attractive and flexible medium to share information over a high potential basis. Visuals, especially the videos, are great attention grabbers with a wide range of viewers’ base. It would be a great mistake for a company not to use any video marketing tool.


  • Boosts conversion rates
  • Improves SEO
  • Builds credibility and trust
  • High engagement
  • Great for email marketing campaigns


  • Poor-quality videos are dangerous
  • Long videos are a distraction
  • Time-consuming process

Examples of Video Marketing

Old Spice Commercials

The commercial is a bit hilarious and went highly viral. There is humor, fun, and creativity to share useful messages within the video.

Unlikely Animal Friends by Google Android

It is the most shared ad with great animal content. The creators used good and classic music to show people's love for the adorable unlikely animal friends.

What should you use to make a video marketing video? Well, it all comes to using a professional yet simple to use video editing tool. For this purpose, we'd like to recommend our users to go with Wondershare Filmora. There may be nothing advanced than Wondershare Filmora if you want to know creating a professional marketing video. It balances features with an attractive user interface at an affordable price range. Its users feel happy and satisfied as it helps make quick videos with a professional touch.

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So, this was all about the subject of visual communication, its types, significance, and the process of using it. We have also stressed each visual communication design's pros and cons while suggesting the determining tools. Every tool comes with its significance and uses. So, it's better to use the right elements and tools when it comes to business promotion. The reason is that visual communication can either make or break a deal.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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