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Best Auto Tracking Camera Mount

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you a videographer struggling to maintain that crisp crystal stability in capturing movements? Are you a vlogger clueless about how to independently shoot videos and do things simultaneously? Or maybe you’re just a photogenic person who’s hands are tired of holding out phones for the perfect selfie.

We are halfway past 2020, and it’s time we put technology to good use and shoo away our filmmaking/ photography problems. Let us introduce to you the solution -- auto-tracking camera mounts that follow you around and automatically shoot whatever you want.

Who said flying solo is a challenge for artists? Focus all your creativity on creating content and letting one of these auto-follow camera mounts take care of the technical part for you.

Top 5 Auto Tracking Camera Mounts 2020

Let’s take a look at the top auto-tracking camera mounts you can buy in 2020.

1. PicBot

If we’re discussing auto-tracking camera mount, PicBot definitely deserves mention. With this mount, in one click, or no clicks at all, you can become a professional visual content creator.

When PicBot offers the features of clicking extensive panoramas, it comes equipped with an object tracking flexible enough for it. This auto-follow camera mount can turn a full circle when capturing videos and a complete left to right when capturing panoramic shots. This auto-tracking feature, however, is limited to face tracking and cannot follow inanimate objects.

Key Features:

  • App Loaded With Features
    Timelapses and panoramas have never been as easy. With loaded features that work completely automatically, you can have your bot capture stunning visuals swiveling around the entire circumference of your landscape and being a steady cameraman for even the longest of time-lapses.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Control

For complete orientation, start-stop, and focus control, PicBot is equipped with a manually operated Bluetooth remote.

  • Automatic Still Countdown

When you want to capture yourself sitting back and relaxing, PicBot offers you the option to do that without even pressing a single button. The motion detectors will detect when you’re still for a few seconds and the automatic still countdown will begin, capturing the perfect photo at the end.

Supported Devices:

Compatible only with the latest smartphones -- Android 4.3 & above and iOS 7 & above. The optimal weight that this bot can handle is 200g.

Automatic Object Tracking Performance Rating:
With 180°/ 360° object tracking.

Pricing: $200

2. Apai Genie

Smart, intuitive, and a true genie for videography lovers, Apai Genie is an auto-follow camera mount that can make your life more aesthetic, easily.

With an all-round object tracking comes all-around tracking solutions. Apai Genie can smart track objects, smart follow faces, and make sure never to lose you from its sight.

Key Features:

  • Creative Modes

Whether you want a dedicated focus on your pet or are planning an independent pre-wedding photoshoot, Apai Genie’s modes will have you covered. With a specialized mode to capture all your needs with focus, a cameraman just can’t be better.

  • AI Composition

Talk about being smart as well as creative! With advanced AI technology, Apai Genie integrates portrait composition and scale estimation to make your shooting intelligent and professional.

Supported Devices:

Compatible with all the latest smartphones.

Automatic Object Tracking Performance Rating: 4.5/5
Comes with 360° object tracking.

Pricing: $49.99

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3. Zhiyun Crane 2

If barrel shots worry you or if the payload has been a problem, Zhiyum Crane 2 comes with features you badly need and ones you didn’t even know you needed.

You can call Crane 2 more than the ordinary. Unlike most auto-follow camera mounts, Zhiyun Crane 2 goes a step further to offer dual follow focus -- digital and mechanical. With a tactile focus wheel and three different levels of focus adjustment, this bot is more reliable to follow your moves than a legit cameraman!

Key Features:

  • Intuitive OLED Display

Stay connected with not just your pictures but also your cameraman with this feature. Keep your battery in check, switch between control modes, moderate EV, AV, and ISO with this intuitive display design.

  • Extra Battery, Extra Payload
    Crane 2 understands that adventure should be limitless and hence, the 18-hour long battery life with a single charge. It takes ‘charge and forget’ to a new level. With its maximum 3.2kg capacity, Crane 2 also sets a benchmark in the segment.
  • Cutting-Edge Design

Crane 2’s design is essentially all about convenience and throughout its body, you’ll find innovative upgrades to regular camera mounts that can make a filmmaker’s life easier. This quick release plate With its quick release plate that enables easy and sturdy mounting, quick control dial design, and dovetail slot, it’ll be a long time before you stop being amazed by this device.

Supported Devices:

Compatible with all models of DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Automatic Object Tracking Performance Rating: 4.8/5
Comes with 360° object tracking.

Pricing: 383.55 - 543.53 (discounted)

4. Zhiyun Smooth 4

This one lives up to its tagline, ‘born for the mobile filmmakers’ owing to its superior features that assist you in creating professional content. Being an extremely efficient, precision and speed-driven auto-tracking camera mount, Zhiyun Smooth 4 is definitely a catch. Especially with the jaw-dropping price that it is offered at.

With this auto-follow camera mount, you can be not only hands-free but also worry-free. Although the bot cannot capture a full circle, the sensitivity of tracking is hard to match.

Key Features:

  • Focus Pull and Zoom

Smooth 4 operates on an inbuilt handwheel configured into a focus puller that makes the experience so smooth. That combined with the powerful Phone Go Mode, whether its zooming or switching focus, the transition will never disrupt the aesthetics with this auto-follow camera mount.

  • Lapses and Slo-Mos

Why limit to time-lapses when you can capture motion-lapse and hyper-lapses as well as detailed slow motions? These lapses are further complemented with the wide-range and triaxial modes to capture unbelievably artistic shots.

Supported Devices:

Compatible with all phones and accessories like LED lights and camera lenses.

Automatic Object Tracking Performance Rating: 4.5/5
With 200° tilt and 300° pan object tracking.

Pricing: $99

5. PivoPod

Do you dream of a cameraman that follows you around, obeys your commands on the flick of your finger, captures your precious moments most beautifully, and doesn’t get drained out too soon? With unbeatable features, unreal precision, unprecedented tracking sensitivity, and super attractive price, PivoPod might just be the auto-tracking camera mount you’re looking for.

The automatic tracking feature of this cameraman in the face of a camera mount is equipped with additional intuitive technologies that enable autofocus as well as auto-zoom. So you not only have a bot that follows you around but also one that captures the best shots.

Key Features:

  • Video Calling and Live Streaming

Pivo saves you the time, energy, and hassle to detach, scroll, and switch. With its multitasking features, you can not just record your moments of movement but also stream them live or on a video call! Present, dance around, or simply enjoy animated actions with auto track on your calls.

  • Voice and Gesture Control

Gone are the days you needed to rely on remotes only to forget where you left them. Train your PivoPod (by feeding them voice and gesture data) and simply have it follow your commands anywhere, anytime.

  • Remote Control

Too far or busy to control with voice? PivoPod is prepared for every scenario with its remote control option.

Supported Devices:

Only compatible with smartphones.

Automatic Object Tracking Performance Rating: 4.8/5
With 360° object tracking.

Pricing: $109

Which Camera Mount Should You Buy?

All in all, each camera mount comes with its own USP, and you have to make a choice based on your priorities. When on a tight budget, you can compromise a bit on visual flexibility and go for Zhiyun Smooth 4. For your DSLRs, nothing can beat Crane 2, just like Pivo is an undefeatable frontrunner for mobile phones.

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