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50+ Cool Discord Names to Attract Attention in No Time

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

First, let's understand discord before you look for funny or cool discord names.

Regarding the origin, Discord allows you and different individuals to text each other. Here, almost every group is named a "server." All in all, it's more of a standard version of Slack for ease of understanding.

Servers packed with different text channels and voice channels are places where you can interact with each other. Moreover, it also assists users to share recordings, web connections, pictures, music, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Thus, having good Discord names is more of a necessity than a luxury!

In this guide, you will gather all the cool and funny Discord names collected and crafted after an intensive amount of research.

Part 1: Top 50+ Discord Names Worth Considering in 2021

A good Discord name is not too complex but still unique and straightforward to remember. Furthermore, you have to ensure the word of your new name does not match with the available Discord server names!

An example of a good Discord name is "SuperSam," because it's simple, short, and unique. Given below is a list with plenty of such options, so you can start chatting with your friends and have a blast.

discord name

  1. Magic Dragon The Muffin (a person who wishes to be like Muffin)
  2. Kool Katt (someone who is excellent and calm)
  3. Kiss My Axe (expressing anger or feeling betrayed).
  4. Lion Angry King.
  5. Warrior Moonlit (someone who has inner softness but appears strong)
  6. Nerd Alert! (Depends on how it's defined).
  7. Outlaw Oddball (meaning: someone with unorthodox thoughts/interests and behavior)
  8. Radical Rebel (meaning not obeying society's standards)
  9. Furry Pills (the person who is usually angry)
  10. Raptor Face (the face that looks like a person's mouth got stretched up)
  11. Bad Blood (Describing conflicts between groups of people)
  12. Turbo Tolerant Person (someone able to endure complex challenges or extraordinary circumstances)
  13. Silent Spy (Careful observer of people or events; the person might not talk much)
  14. King Wolf (meaning: someone who is always hungry and likes to chase animals)
  15. The Bossman (The one you go to when there are conflicts.)
  16. The Great White (Best players in a game)
  17. Icy Queen (Who is distant and cold. Or an evil queen from legends or fairy tales)
  18. The Giant Iron(meaning: someone with great strength like Gulliver's giant "friend" in the classic children's book)
  19. Kitten Hater! (Who hates cats).
  20. Visionary Voice (meaning: someone with an evident future vision)
  21. Super Wolf (a person with an intense desire to do welfare)
  22. Fashionista Foxy (Interested in fashion and style)
  23. Crazy Lady (Who is crazy or has a mental disorder)
  24. Pickles Sir (meaning: a person who is very good at solving problems)
  25. Wild Wind Warrior (WAW) (Who is spirited and curious regarding life).
  26. Unicorn Chocolate (someone with both the chocolate and unicorn qualities)
  27. Leader Lifetime (meaning: someone with a clear vision for the future)
  28. Sharp Shooter (meaning: someone who can succeed in difficult situations or circumstances).
  29. Giant Voice (meaning: someone with a compelling voice that you can't ignore)
  30. Black Sheep (meaning: black sheep, initially used as an old term for dark-haired people)
  31. Visigoth (members of a nomadic people who invaded the Roman Empire, causing its eventual collapse)
  32. Golden Eagle Warrior (GEW) (solid and robust, graceful in their movements; someone with dignity and strength)
  33. Angel of Light Warrior (who shines light into dark corners or finds a way out when all seems lost).
  34. Ace Galaxy (meaning: a superstar).
  35. Ace in the Hole (meaning: indispensable and always has authority).
  36. Charlie's Angels (three capable and attractive women working for Charlie)
  37. Moonlight Witchcraft (someone who can make magic happen).
  38. The Best Friend (TBF) (who supports you unconditionally and is always there for you)
  39. Venomous Versatility (who adapt quickly in various situations or circumstances)
  40. Vitality Vixen (who is energetic, seductive, and attractive)
  41. Vivacious Virtue (who has the power to give life or full of vitality)
  42. Virtuous Virtue ( someone having moral excellence, purity, and righteousness)
  43. Wise Wight (prudent person)
  44. Wickedly Wise Woman (woman with insight and wisdom into the world that surrounds her)
  45. Unpredictable (who like to keep everyone guessing on their future actions)
  46. Hades (who likes the underworld and its rulers)
  47. Insecure (a person who struggles with insecurities)
  48. Omega Doggos (who has been invited by Discord staff)
  49. The Void Walker (expert at traversing the unknown)
  50. O.NUTS (who is quite hungry)
  51. The Troll Guy (who likes to make other people upset).
  52. Noobster (meaning: a newbie to the world of video games)
  53. The Hijacker (meaning: the one who grabs control and makes everyone play their game instead of the plan)
  54. The Owl Guy (meaning: a person who likes to go on late-night walks and then accidentally scare people when they walk by)

Part 2: How to Change Discord Name?

After discussing the best Discord names, it’s time to know how to change your Discord names. It’s great for customization as well!

change discord name


Follow these simple steps to change or modify Discord server names:

  • Log in to Discord.
  • Find the user icon at the bottom left side or on the right bottom side and then head towards user settings.
  • Now, tap the "My Account" option.
  • Select the Hit button beside the "Username" field.
  • Enter your desired Discord name, then choose a display name among the list of options.
  • Hit Enter button or click outside of the input box, and you finish! Then, you just need to type in "yes," to save the changes.
  • Apply the same steps again if you've made any mistake or want to change the Discord server name

Part 3: What Factors to Look for in a Good Discord Name?

  • A Discord community is the next generation of social engagement. There is no such hard and fast rule to creating a good Discord name. Given below are specific standard pointers to crafting a Discord name.
  • - It should be short, concise, and easy to understand.
  • - The name must represent what your Discord server is all about.
  • - It shouldn't include any vulgar language or language that hurts the emotional or religious sentiments.


Thus, you can also consider this list for decorating discord status as well. Hopefully, you liked our cool Discord name ideas that you would like to share with everyone. Have more ideas in your mind or confusion regarding any? Let us know in the comments section, and thank us later!

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