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10 Cool Discord Themes in 2024 [from BetterDiscord]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If you are a discord user you would know that you can change the discord themes just the way we would do in Google chrome. We can add custom discord backgrounds and get a feel of its interface. There are so many themes for discord we can easily add any of them to make it look customized and appealing to users. We can’t add any themes directly to the discord and there are only black and white theme open options to add for themes for discord.

Here we are going to talk about the better discord themes except for the black and white options you can consider using as a discord background.

Part 1: What are Discord Themes?

Discord themes are simply a custom theme that changes the look and background of the discord interface. Also, the themes could be changed in the desired discord backgrounds and get the desired look.

Part 2: How Do You Get Themes on Discord?

If you are wondering to install themes on discord then find a step by step guide below:

Step 1: Firstly you need to browse and find a perfect discord theme for you.

Step 2: Then tap on the download button and you would find the .css file which is simply a style sheet of the theme.

Step 3: Now go on the discord app and tap on settings which is on the bottom left side panel and then scroll down to the left menu on betterDiscord and choose the theme.

Step 4: Once you tap on themes you would find the Open theme folder which is where the custom themes got stored.

Step 5: Then drag and drop the theme history .css file which you downloaded earlier.

Step 6: Lastly just enable your newly downloaded discord background and you are done!

Part 3: 10 Most Popular Discord Themes in 2024

List 10 themes from BetterDiscord and introduce them. Add related images and the sources of images.

Now let’s talk about the best discord themes you can look upon and pick the most amazing one for you.

1. The black-hole theme

discord theme black hole

It was created by MonsterDev and is very much popular on the discord platform. If you are the one who loves the sky, stars, galaxy, and such stuff you would fall in love with this theme. It gives an amazing appeal to the platform and takes the conversation to the next level. This background theme has more than 35 thousand downloads which says how popular it is.

2. The frosted glass

discord theme frosted glass

If you use this theme you would get an excellent look and as well as feel while having a chat with the other person. It was made by Gibbu which shows that you are looking at your picture with frosted glass. This is among the better discord themes you would ever look for. Also here you can change the picture as per your liking and open the CSS file.

3. The Horizontal Server List theme

This discord theme is the simple and most pleasing one you would ever find. Here the change you would find is that the server system would go from the left side to the top of the screen. Also, the best thing about this theme is that we can easily change the picture here and create a better discord theme.


This is among the best themes for discord background you can ever look for and it gives so many varieties of options to you to customize and make the best discord themes for you. The first look of the theme is very fascinating and we can change the layouts too based on our likings here. Also, there are options of black and white overlays and customize the fonts, cover, and background color, etc.

5. Fallout 4 Terminal:

discord theme fallout

This discord theme is for all computer lovers and those who like coding and terminal, etc stuff. You would find this discord background very appealing while looking at the first time only. It has more than 19 thousand downloads till now and it says the popularity of this theme. Here everything is created keeping the terminal in mind and it would give the same terminal feeling while using too.

6. Duality

discord theme duality

It is yet another amazing theme for discord giving the classy look to your eyes. Here some of the elements are transparent and some are with white borders which make them pleasing and popping out to us. This discord theme has more than 10 thousand downloads and delivers the best feel to our discord conversation too.

7. The Great Mountain Site Theme

discord theme great mountain

This is a great theme coming with the most polished and stylized tone and shade effect. It has an element of a moon and a so beautiful mountain look which makes you stare at the theme for a while. This is so popular that it has nearly 15 thousand downloads and many more happening too. The creator of the theme is DevilsLynAvenged which has delivered the best design for all of us.

8. The clear vision theme

discord theme clear vision

If you are a fan of simple and elegant designs, then trust me this is the right discord background for you. You would be so pleased with the look of the theme and giving so futuristic appeal to us. Also, it can be edited if you feel like changing the fonts, image, blurry level, etc. things. This theme for discord is not for all but for those who like a decent look this is highly recommended to them.

9. The Elysia theme

discord theme elysia

You would be really surprised to know the downloading figure of this discord background which is more than 21 thousand and it is unbelievable right. Purple wizard made this design and the overall look of the theme is amazing for all of us. Also, It is customizable so that we can edit a few of the things based on our moods.

10. Cyberpunk

discord theme cyberpunk

This is the perfect theme for the Cyberpunk fans and it was developed keeping those lovers in mind. Here the theme comes with the neon glow effect and all the texts too. This discord background is a bit dark and with simple fonts and look. Yes, it would not appeal to all of us but the true lover of cyberpunk would go for this discord background only for sure.

Part 4: Are Discord Themes Safe and Will You Get Banned for Using It?

There is no doubt that Discord themes are safe to use and go ahead with and they are simply like another chatting platform you would ever use. Also, your account can get banned only if your actions are abusing the service or maybe using those plugins which are violating the terms of service.


Thus we can say that we have tried covering the best themes for discord and can change the overall look of your chat in a better manner to make it fun and appealing at the same time. So if you are not sure which are the better discord themes for you and need help finding discord backgrounds go through the above-mentioned options and enjoy your talk!

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