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How to Download Discord Videos FREE?

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord, a community-oriented platform that is increasingly becoming popular among certain groups, multimedia sharing is one of the central features that make it so practical and fun to use.

Users can easily exchange text messages, pictures, or short videos and use those elements as a part of the community experience. This makes it easy for large groups of people with shared interests (for example, gaming enthusiasts) to have a private forum for conversations and direct collaboration.

If you want to download videos from the message threads on Discord on various OS platforms, and don’t know whether any specialized tool (Discord video downloader) is needed for this task, then you will find this article helpful. Since here is a comprehensive answer that you might find practically useful for downloading Discord video or other media.

Part 1: How to Download Discord Videos on Desktop without Downloaders?

If you are accessing Discord from a desktop computer, the process of video downloading will be very similar to the procedure used in any other software suite. All you need to do is find the video you want to keep and right-click on it, then click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner (in-app).

download videos  on Discord

This simple action will send the video directly to your computer hard drive, although you might have to wait a little bit until the transfer is completed.

The time needed for the download depends on the size of the video as well as the speed of your internet. After the download, you will be able to find the file in the default folder that you use for all online downloads, and you can play it from there or move it to a more permanent location, i.e. collection of funny videos.

As you can see, downloading discord videos to your desktop is extremely simple and straightforward regardless of how the video was created. Whether you are using a Discord Web or on Windows or Mac desktop, there is no need to use a Discord video downloader.

Part 2: How to Download Videos of Mobile (Android and iPhone)

For users who log on to discord from a mobile phone, the procedure of downloading a video can be a bit more complicated than when using a PC.

First of all, the type of the operating system plays a role, so you need to pay attention to whether you are using Discord on Android or iOS.

Next, you need to check whether the video was posted through a third-party app such as YouTube for example. If it is, you need to follow the link and download the video from the original platform that is hosting it. You can check these video downloader app you may need.

Another possibility is to simply play the video and use a recording app to make a copy on your phone. Simply select a screen capture app on your iPhone or Android phones, play the video and start recording! Once you complete the recording, the video that looks identical to the original file you played on Discord will be saved to your device, allowing you to use it as you desire or share it with others on other platforms.

Part 3: How to Download Videos from Discord Via Bots?

Discord Bots are automated modules that can be tasked with many different functions, and they represent a great way to customize your experience on this platform. They can be readily created from scratch or acquired from other users in already functional form.

While creating a new Bot specifically for video downloads can be demanding in terms of software development knowledge, there are a large number of various bots that can be used for this purpose and most of them are free to use! Discord Downloader Go made by get-got would be a nice try. Here is where you can get it:

Before you try this option, try to read the detailed specification of the Bot and check whether it’s well suited for the type of action you need to perform (i.e. downloading embedded YouTube videos). If you do some research, it’s very likely that you will find a Bot that serves exactly the function you had in mind.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Video Download

Users also want to know about some other details related to multimedia downloads from the Discord platforms. We provided some answers to the most common dilemmas that new Discord members are struggling with:

Is It Safe to Download Files from Discord?

The question of security should always be taken seriously, so it’s reasonable to ask whether downloads from Discord carry any significant risks.

In general, security on Discord is comparable to standards that other major social networks adhere to, so in a typical case downloading a file is quite safe.

Still, like with any other internet-based transfer, it’s possible to run into a malicious file that could contain a virus or other malware. Examining multimedia files before downloading them (i.e. by watching the video online) and scanning them with anti-virus programs after receiving them are some of the steps that can be applied to prevent an accidental download of malware.

How can I download images and pictures on Discord?

The procedure for downloading still images from Discord chats is just as simple as the one for videos described above. All it takes to complete it is to find the image you want, right-click anywhere on it on the screen, and pick the ‘Save Image’ option.

Save images on Discord

This action will result in the appearance of the desired image in your designated download folder, so this is the place where you should look for the file. Since most online pictures are in low resolution, the transfer should be completed nearly instantly even if you are using an older computer or a weak smartphone.

Can I Download Files Automatically on Discord?

Another useful option that many users inquire about is the automated download of multimedia files attached to Discord chats. This can be done very easily with help of dedicated third-party software tools such as Discord video downloader or similar products. You can try Discord Image Downloader Go made by Seklfreak on Github:

Using this simple program, you can specify which messages to scan and where to store any downloaded contents. Once this is set up, you will automatically receive all attachments from the selected Discord chats directly to your device, saving you the trouble to manually search for and download each file individually.

Here is a detailed video tutorial from Tom's Tutorials about how to download and set up the Discord Image Downloader Go to auto-download all pictures at once.


As we clearly demonstrated in this article, it’s possible to download Discord videos and share them elsewhere without too much effort or technical knowledge. In fact, the simplicity of media sharing is one of the main reasons why so many people are joining Discord in the first place.

Video downloads can be managed either directly (for PC users) or through external platforms and third-party products. In case you are not 100% satisfied with the default options provided by the platform, you could think about installing a Discord video downloader and setting it up to pick up all newly posted files even while you are not actively logged on to the platform. Such a tool can be very useful and make your experience on this communication app so much more fulfilling.

Either way, multimedia sharing and downloading on Discord won’t take long to get used to, after which you can start taking advantage of the full communication capacities at your disposal.

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