Best Free iPhone Video Downloader (for iOS) App in 2017 Reviews

By May 10,2017 19:21 pm

When browsing YouTube videos with your Apple device, you might find something that you like. For a lot of people, the first move is to favorite it and check out the link later. What if, though, you want to watch the video at all times? Whether offline or when the video goes down, you may still want to enjoy it. If you just save the link, that will not help you in these situations. This is why you want to download the video. There are iOS apps available that give you that ability. With them, you can download videos that you find and want to keep with you. Generally, these applications are effective and easy to use. Anyone can start downloading videos immediately and see positive results. Below are just some reviews for the video downloader apps available right now.

If you want more editing features, you can try a video editing software called Wondershare Filmora (Original Wondershare Video Editor) which allows you to edit your iPhone/iPad videos on PC and Mac. You can rotate, reverse, crop, cut, add multiple filter/overlays even do some color correction. Wondershare Filmora can give your iPhone videos a Hollywood film looking with ease.

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Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone (iPhone 7 Included)

1. Free Video Downloader Plus

free video downloader for iphone

One of the top video downloaders on the market is Free Video Downloader Plus. It is a hugely popular option that most people adore. It makes it easy for you to download videos directly to your device. It has tools and features available to make the process simpler and, as a whole, better. If you want to download a long list of videos to keep, you can do so with this. It is far better at keeping you organized, too. It helps you to download all videos in little to no time.

Overall, this is the standout app for downloading videos on YouTube. If you want something that you can trust to work, and something that will provide high quality results, then this is it.

2. McTube

free video downloader app for iphone

McTube is another hugely popular app for downloading videos on YouTube. It downloads videos like any other, but your ability to choose video quality is what makes it stand out. The quality of the video can change, making it easier to choose something that fits you. On top of this, you have intuitive and intelligent controls on a clean and functional design. It is a straightforward, effective downloading app that anyone can enjoy.

Overall, McTube is a trusted and excellent solution for downloading YouTube videos. It gives you, the user, more control.

3. MyVid Video Downloader

free video downloader for ipad/iphone

MyVid gives you some great options. It makes it easier to download on any of your Apple devices while also giving you sharing features. If you are the type who wants videos at all times, and who wants to share those videos, this is a great tool to have. You will have no trouble downloading and sharing any video that you find on YouTube. It also has a great design to ensure easy navigating and quick downloading.

Overall, MyVid has quite a few benefits and features that you want. It is one of the best tools out there for a good reason.

4. Titan Downloader

free video downloader for ios

Titan Downloader has amassed a large amount of positive attention for a multitude of reasons. The fact that it is effective, straightforward, and easy to use is the most obvious reason. Anyone can jump right into this application with no problem. On top of that, though, it is also secure and it comes with numerous features that most other applications will not provide. It can give you the full video downloading that you are after.

Overall, this is one of the more useful tools out there for video downloading. If you want something that goes beyond what you expected, you have it here.

5. Video Downloader Pro

free video downloader app for ios

There is no denying that Video Downloader Pro has nearly everything that you could want in a video downloader. It is more than just an average app for getting the videos that you want. It also offers the convenience and the connectivity that you crave. You can use it to send videos to your television for easier, faster viewing.

Overall, Video Downloader Pro has the features and the usability that you are after.

6. iBolt Downloader

video downloader app for ios

There is a lot available to you with iBolt. If you are looking for the best way to download videos, you only need to go to iBolt. The downside here is that you will have to pay. iBolt comes at a price, though that price is worth it.

Overall, if you want something good, iBolt is worth the extra cost. If you are a casual downloader and do not want to spend any money, though, you may want to look at some of the above.

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I am desperately searching for another since i accidentally deleted the one that i had only to find it was taken off the app store :(
Does anyone know of any apps that are currently available to install for downloading videos online to watch offline? (sorry my wording was weird)
Apple has taken all of them down also if u had 1 of the apps installed it would be deleted off of your device when u try to open it
me too :(
Try Snaptube
I cant download those apps to my iPhone 7. Help me please. I have been trying many ways. It is said that "the app that I have requested is not currently available in U.S store anymore".
You can use allavsoft to download videos from or Channel Ten or TENPlay for offline access.
Check this out
Try PlayerXreme
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