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Best video making apps for iOS (iPhone 8/X included)

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If technology has changed something with the way we watch movies and videos, then it is much due to the smartphones. They have not only changed the way we watch movies, but they way of making films or videos has also been changed a lot. The developing technology has offered us a number of devices to make our video making true, but with the help of latest apps, this facility is enhanced to greater extent. If you are not aware, then we would like to make you know that there are some Hollywood movies which were shot on the smartphone by their directors.

Whatever may be the reason behind this, but you will be surprised to know that those movies have turned out to be the biggest hits. Also, a smartphone movie has won an Oscar award. So, if film directors can go on with shooting movies on smartphones, why not us? Though we don’t have to make two or one hour professional movie, we are talking about the video clips that may convey some message, or may create some fun and enjoyment or be just a video clip of our best spent moments with our family or buddies.

You can make those moments special and just famous with the help of smart video editing apps. There is a large array of such apps which can make your rawest footage into somewhat fantastic. By merging your best images or video clips, trimming the parts which you don’t want to show and by adding suitable captions along with all the features that a video making app provides, you can make a hit video clip.

So, here are some famous video making apps, which you can use for making eye-catching videos.

1. iMovie

Video Making App - iMovie

iMovie is one of the well known video making and video editing app which is used by many iOS device users. This app allows you to create fantastic HD videos on your iPad and iPhone. Also, you can edit a previously created video with this amazing app. If you are impressed by the Hollywood movies then you will surely love this app as it allows you to create videos in that style too. After creating videos in this app you can post them on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other social networks, straight from the app. If you want to save those videos in full resolution, to your iOS device, then also you can do it.

2. CollabraCam

Video Making App - CollabraCam

This is the perfect app if you are going to shoot something live. No matter it is a small play or big rock concert, this app will make you sure that you will get a great video shot in the end. This app creates a professional studio style setup in which several cameras film the same action at once. This app also provides you with a Director to which all the cameras stream their video. After examining the position and other factors, the Director chooses that which camera should be lively at the particular moment. It goes on switching among different cameras to make sure that the video is always recorded from the best angle.

3. Filmora for iOS

Download filmora  Download filmora

If you are looking for a free video editing app then Filmora is the perfect choice that you can make. This app is one of the best apps that are used for editing videos on iPhone and iPad. This easy to use app provides you all the features that help you to create a professional class video by following some simple steps. You just need to select the images and video clips which you want to include in your video, trim them and arrange them accordingly; rest the app will do automatically. Looking on the back side, you need an internet connection for using this video editing app and also, this app does not provide the features like iMovie provides to you.

4. Game your video

Video Making App -Storyboard Composer HD

This is the perfect app that makes your video editing experience less daunting. You just need to play and select the video clips and then by using the available options and buttons, you can add the desired effects to your video. One of the amazing features which this app provides is slowing down the particular section of the video. Other effects include sound, echo and more. After making every change in the video, you can check it in the timeline and can make further changes in the case you don’t like the particular effect added to it. If we compare this app with iMovie, then we will find more features in this.

5. Stop Motion Studio

Video Making App - Stop Motion Studio

It is the professional grade app that you can get for free. This video editing app can be used for editing videos in iPhone and iPad. You can create Full HD and Ultra HD videos on your iOS devices easily by using this amazing app. You can include number of images and videos clips to create a professional level video clip and then save it in the full resolution. This app also provides you the option of exporting GIF image format. As this app is easy to use, it is best for the beginners.

6. Storyboard Composer HD

Video Making App - Storyboard Composer HD

Getting the right composition for your shots before starting with the filmmaking makes a big difference to the video quality, but it consumes a lot of work for that. However, Storyboard composer HD has made it easy. It let you click photos, add them to the app and then adding arrows and notes to it for indicating that what actually should happen on the screen. You can make camera moves such as pan or zoom while making video and the app will really animate those effects on the selected photos. You can also specify that how long a particular shot should last in the video. After making video, you can save it to your iOS device or can export it for using elsewhere. Though this app is not free, but it is really useful to amateur.

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