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Stickers for Discord: Everything You Need to Know

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

From Facebook to even WhatsApp and Telegram, plain texts have become boring. Sticker fights on WhatsApp will give you an idea of how popular stickers are. Stickers are the new trend, and Discord just cannot lag behind in the race. Considering this, Discord is about to launch some lively, animated stickers.

In this article:

Part 1: What’s Discord Sticker?

Discord Sticker supports sending emojis and GIFs on chats. The stickers have been soft-launched in Japan, Canada, and Brazil. After testing and feedback, they will be available across the globe.

Luckily, if you are a Nitro user, you can access the stickers for free. These stickers are bundled in the Nitro subscription, and you can claim the cool new stickers for free. Just go to the sticker shop, and tap on the "Free" button to start using them.

For those of you who have a $4.99 subscription, you can get the What's Up Wumpus sticker pack for free. $9.99 subscription holders can unlock the What's Up Wumpus sticker pack and can use the Wumpus Nitro Elite pack as long as their subscription is active.

The $9.99 subscribers can also avail of a 33% discount on other Discord sticker packs. Once you purchase these stickers, they are a permanent part of your Discord inventory. Other than these, the shop has Doggo Replies, Nelly At Work, and Hello Wumpus stickers as default sticker packs.

After the soft launch, the Sticker Shop is available for the users across all the platforms – Android, iOS, and even on the desktop app and browser.

Part 2: How to Find Sticker Shop and Get Discord Stickers for Free?

- On Phone

If you are lucky enough to be in Brazil, Japan, or Canada, you can access the Sticker Shop. You can tap on the emoji icon (the one that appears on the text box). The box that opens shows the emoji, and GIF tabs along with the sticker tab.

Tap on the sticker tab. A 'shop' symbol pops up towards the bottom (right hand). Tap on the symbol to open the sticker gallery. Here, you will see all the available sticker packs.

- Desktop (Browser)

Discord Sticker Options

If you use Discord on your desktop or browser, you can see the sticker icon right on the text bar. Tap on it, and then click on the shopping icon that appears towards the bottom (left corner). In the shop, you can browse through the sticker packs.

Discord Stickers Browser

Nitro users will get the What's Up Wumpus stickers for free. However, they will have to buy other packs. The $9.99 Nitro users will get a 33% discount on sticker packs.

For now, the stickers can be used only by users in Japan, Brazil, and Canada. These users can send stickers to users in other countries. However, the receivers can see the stickers but cannot buy or send them.

However, you can try and use a VPN proxy to gain early access to it.

Part 3: How to Buy Discord Stickers?

As we described above, you can access the sticker shop on your phone as well as desktop. Once in the shop, you can browse and pick the stickers to buy.

Before buying, you can view the stickers in the sticker pack. As a sample, you will be shown a few stickers. You can view the entire pack by tapping on the 'View All' tab.

Part 4: How to Buy or Redeem a Discord Sticker Pack

Here is a brief rundown of the steps to follow if you want to buy a sticker pack.

  • Choose a sticker pack that you like. View all the stickers to see what the pack looks like.
  • Tap on the purchase button that is located right beside the name of the pack.
  • You will be prompted to input your payment details. If you have saved a payment option on Discord, you can choose the relevant option.
  • Agree to the Terms and Services of Discord.
  • Finally, hit the purchase tab.
  • The sticker pack is added to the inventory instantly.
  • You can start sending them in the texts.

Note that Discord does not refund the money that is once paid. So, you cannot return the stickers to get a refund.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Sticker Shop refreshes and offers new sticker packs. Due to this rotation, a pack that is available in the shop today may be replaced by a new one tomorrow.

But don't worry. A timer displayed at the top left corner (besides the title) lets you know for how long the pack is available in the shop. You can grab it before the time runs out.

Discord Stickers remaining days

Part 5: How to Use Stickers on Discord?

Buying stickers is useless if you don't send them over texts. So, once you purchase stickers, you can immediately start sending them to your servers and texts.

1. Sending Stickers on Discord Mobile App

 send Discord Stickers on mobile

If you have the Discord app on your phone, tap on the emoji button. The Stickers tab appears, and this menu enables you to send the most-used stickers quickly, view all the purchased stickers, and search for appropriate stickers.

You can type an expression or emoji in the ‘Find the perfect sticker’ bar to find the right sticker. Hit the send button once you find the apt sticker.

2. Sending Stickers from Discord Desktop (and over Browser)

send Discord Stickers online

Sending stickers on a desktop or browser is quite similar to the mobile process. On the chatbox, you will find the sticker icon. Tap on it to view your purchased sticker packs.

Once opened, the menu will show you the most-used stickers. You can view other packs and switch between them. You can also search for particular stickers by typing the terms on the search bar.

You can tap on a sticker to send it on chats and servers.

Bonus: Adding Face-tracking AR Stickers to Video with Wondershare Filmora

In the latest version of Wondershare Filmora (V10.5 and later version), you can add face-tracking AR stickers to people in the video, and light up the celebration with flashy and cute characters and elements. Here are some brief steps to add AR stickers to your video in Filmora.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of Filmora

Click the button below to download and install the latest version of Filmora. If you have installed Filmora already, click the About option under the Help menu to check the version of Filmora.

Download Filmora  Win Version Download Filmora   Mac Version

Note: You need to run Filmora 10.5 and later versions to add the AR stickers.

Step 2. Drag and drop your video footage to timeline

After launching Filmora, you need to import the video footage to the video editor. You can drag and drop the video footage to the timeline directly if you are working on a simple video project.

However, if you are working on a video project with many footages, it is recommended to upload them to the media library in order.

Step 3. Add AR Stickers to the video

After trimming or cutting out unnecessary frames from the video, you can now add the AR stickers to the footage. Go to the Effects tab and then scroll down to the AR Sticker directory.

 Filmora AR Stickers

Currently, there are 40 stickers available in Filmora. You can click each one to preview and download. To add a sticker to the video, you can drag and drop it to the video track above or to the video clip directly. You can add several stickers at the same time by placing them in the tracks accordingly.

 Filmora AR Stickers

Step 4. Preview and Export

After finishing the editing, you can click the play button in the preview window to preview, and then click the Export button to save the video.

FAQs about Discord Sticker

And here we will answer some stuff that you might wonder about.

  1. What’s the difference between Discord Sticker and Discord Emoji?

Well, emojis are emojis, and they are even in-built into your Android (or Google) and other keyboards on your phone. Emojis are not animated, and you can send basic Smiley or Sad faces (of course, there are animals and flowers, too). On the other hand, stickers are animated, and there can be specific sticker characters like What's Up Wumpus.

  1. Why can't I see the Sticker option on my Discord app?

You cannot access the stickers on Discord probably because the feature has not been launched in your country yet. Stickers are only available for users in Brazil, Japan, and Canada. They will be launched in other countries after testing and feedback.

  1. Is Discord sticker free?

If you are a Nitro subscriber, you will get the What’s Up Wumpus sticker pack for free. You will have to buy the other packs. As a $9.99 Nitro subscriber, you can get other packs at a 33% discount.

  1. Can I keep the purchased sticker pack forever in my account?

Yes, once you buy a pack, you will have lifetime access to it. However, if you delete your Discord account, you will not get your stickers back. Further, packs like ‘Wumpus Nitro Elite’ can be accessed only on an active $9.99 subscription.

  1. Can people who are outside of Brazil, Canada, and Japan receive the stickers I sent?

Yes, users from countries other than Japan, Canada, and Brazil can see the stickers in the chat sent to them. However, they could not buy or send them.

  1. Why my Discord sticker is not moving/animating?

The stickers should move by default when sent. You can check if your sticker inventory is set to the smallest size. You can also go to User Settings, tap on Text & Images, and select Stickers. Adjust the settings appropriately. You can contact the Discord support team should you need further assistance.

Be patient until the cool update rolls out worldwide!

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