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How To Get Discord Partner And Be Verified

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

Since the pandemic, communication-based social media websites have become even more popular; be it Instagram, Twitter, or Discord; they have amassed millions of users.

Some of these users are credible organizations, companies, celebrities, or other revered personalities. And they are usually given verified accounts. The mark of a verified account is the tiny blue tick next to the name.

People strive for this blue tick because it makes their account seem “official”; other users don’t mind sharing from and sharing with these accounts.

Once users know that a specific social media account is a verified one, they would never hesitate to interact with them.

If you want that kind of reverence for your online presence, keep reading as we elaborate on how to get verified on Discord:

Part 1: How to Get Verified On Discord

Verification on social media sites is most often used as proving your identity when you are a semi-famous or famous individual.

However, unlike the variety of other social media platforms, Discord does not verify just about anyone with a large following.

Presently, verification on Discord is limited to publishers and game developers, Spotify verified musical artists, and professional e-sports teams with massive followers and monthly listeners.

Suppose you are a content creator on YouTube, Twitch, or Reddit. In that case, you can also apply for Discord Partnership, which is an alternative account identification form.

Therefore, read on as we discuss how to get verified on Discord:

Requirements Of Getting Verified On Discord

If you want to get verified on Discord, here are all the things you need to know about the application and qualification process:

  • You must be a server owner and be the official representative of a group, team, or individual applying
  • The server being verified must also meet the community guidelines of Discord
  • If you do not fall into any of the categories mentioned above, you cannot be verified on Discord
  • However, if you do meet the criteria, you would have to go to and click on “Apply Now”
  • Applicants are also required to provide an associated email address, along with the supplementary information proving their identity

Suppose you do not fit into the Discord verification criteria, but you are a streamer or a content creator. In that case, you can apply for your server to become a Discord Partner.

Part 2: How to Apply For Discord Partnership

Recently there was a change in the Discord Partner Program, rewarding more active servers instead of the server owners with a large following outside of Discord.

For eligibility in the Discord Partner Program, the server in question must meet the Activity Requirements that are listed in the Partner Program portion of Server Insights.

You must keep in mind that partnership is not automatic, and you must fill out an application. Discord can also remove your partnership at any time if the requirements mentioned above are not met for a prolonged period.

Requirements For Partner Discord Servers

The Discord partner program provides engaged and well-moderated servers with the extra tools and recognition to re-invest in the community. The accepted servers also get additional benefits and perks.

Get Certified on Discord - Enable Discord Community Interface

Before submitting your Partner application, you would need to check the server engagement requirements.

The servers thinking of applying to the Partner program have to be marked as “Community” servers in the Server Settings, allowing access to Server Insights.

How to Get Certified on Discord - Discord Partner Program

The Server Insights will help you look at how close you are to applying to the Discord Partner Program.

You can also track the progress towards unlocking your Partner Program application anytime inside the Server Insights and the in-app Partner page.

Once you attain access to this page, there are specific server requirements that you would have to reach:

  • The server must be a minimum of eight weeks old
  • You must have a minimum of 500 members on your server
  • Have a minimum of fifty communicators, people actively talking on your server per week
  • Have a minimum of a hundred participators, people visiting/viewing your server per week
  • Have a minimum of 20% Week 1 retention over a period of 8 weeks
  • You must have enabled the two-factor authentication requirement for Server Moderation. This can be found in the Server Settings and then going to Moderation

Once you are a Discord Partner, you will get access to the VIP features mentioned below:

  • You will receive a banner for your server
  • You will receive an animated server icon
  • The server and the server owner will receive a Discord Partner badge
  • The server owner will receive a subscription to Discord Nitro throughout the partnership
  • The partnered server also receives a customizable vanity invite URL

Part 3: Differences Between Discord Verification And Partnership

Discord verification goes to servers that are run by brands, figures of public interest, and businesses. A verified badge shows the official home of that community.

Acceptance into the Discord Verification program only gives you server access to the Vanity URL, Verified Server badge, and the invite splash background.

In contrast, the Partner program provides a server banner, animated server icon, Nitro subscription, and a Discord Partner badge.

Furthermore, the Discord Partner Program aims to reward engaged, quality servers by providing them with extra tools and recognition, helping them invest further into their community.

A partner badge next to a server’s name indicates that it is one of the most engaging and reliable communities on Discord.

You might be thinking, can I be Discord Verified and Discord Partner at the same time? The answer is yes, you can.

If you are qualified for both programs, you can be in them. A Discord Verified server could send its application to the Discord Partner Program when they satisfy Partner Program requirements.

Lastly, if a server is removed from one of the programs, it can still be in the other one. Like, suppose a server is both Verified and Partnered but loses its Partnership. In that case, it can still stay verified and enjoy all the added benefits of Discord Verification.

Frequently Asked Question about Getting Verification on Discord

Question 1: How long will it take to complete verification on Discord?

Answer: Generally, it would take around 5 business day to complete the verfication. However, the time may varies depend on the amount of application.

Soure: Discord Support

Question 2: Will I get charged for getting my server verified?

Answer: No. You won't be charged for getting your Discord server verified.

Question: Can I apply verification if our server is run by fan?

Answer: No, fan server can not be verified.

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