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How to Dub a Video [Video Dubbing]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Does hearing your favorite game commentary in German or French seem dull sometimes? Tired of searching for subtitle video or audio that suits your favorite video clip behind? How about you add your voice over the original one?

Have you ever imagined a scenario of hearing your voice in your favorite video or a video clip? Does it sound amazing? Yeah, this is how the behind the screens of the “Video dubbing” industry looks. Video dubbing experts play a vital role in bringing a movie or video content to international languages to become available to diverse audiences all over the world.

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Video dubbing is the ongoing media trend that allows one to add their voice to a video and aids in sharing them with friends or a group. The original audio track is removed and replaced by the fresh one by the process called “revoicing.” Video dubbing technique is a time-consuming and costlier process. Also, the quality needs to be high-end for proper presentation to the audience. But various technological upgrades at present make this process an easier one. Scroll down and take a view of this article to know how to dub a video at ease.

How to Dub a Video with Ease: a Step-by-Step Guide

Before dubbing for a video, you should create content and get prepared with the voice tone and style correlating to the video that you need to dub in the native or other languages. You can get access to various tutorials or ideas and prepare yourself before making a video dubbing from the Internet. However, if you are a beginner, we have some tips for you in upcoming sessions. Stay tuned for it!

At this point, I put forward the introduction of software called Filmora from Wondershare, an excellent tool to fulfill all your video-related processes. Users worldwide highly recommend Filmora to carry over all your video editing functions because it comes loaded with various features. It helps discover your editing skills, adds an image to your imagination, and empowers your creativity.

  • 4K editing support is an essential part of Filmora that enables you to edit and export videos at a high resolution.
  • Multiple layering of video clips is possible by Picture-in-picture (PIP) feature.
  • Add special effects to your background and green screen with the aid of the Chroma key.
  • Experiencing a camera shake in your favorite picnic moment? Filmora easily stabilizes your video and eliminates such effects from your video.
  • Screen recording, audio separation, audio-equalizer, split-screen, 3D Lut, Tilt Split, and audio mixer are the additional features of Filmora from Wondershare.

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Are you ready to add your voice to your favorite video clip? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to dub a video with Wondershare Filmora. The technique of recording the voiceover first and then adding it to the video is the best way in many cases because it would sound natural.

Step 1: Connect Mic to PC

As the first step, connect the microphone to the computer.

Step 2: Visit Record Voiceover

Install and launch the Filmora software and click on the “New project” in the welcome window. Switch to the Record tab, and hit on the “Record Voiceover” option. 

You can click on the microphone icon,  and start recording the voice. Once complete, click the icon again and the recorded file will appear on the screen.

Visit Record Voiceover

Step 3: Edit Record Files

Now edit the recorded voiceover file by simply clicking on the track, and you will get directed to the new window with various audio editing options like pitch, volume, speed, and so on.

Step 4: Create Title

At this point, your voiceover meets your video-Synchronization of both video and the recorded audio. Import and drag-and-drop the destined video clip in the right position.

Sync Voiceover to Video

How about a title to your video clip? You can add your favorite title to the video by clicking on the “Title” tab and choosing an appropriate title suitable for the clip.

Step 5: Preview and Export to Watch

You can preview the video and “Export” them once satisfied. Filmora allows you to save the file in different formats and share them with YouTube or any other social media directly. One can burn in a DVD drive, or watch on TV too. 

Yay, you successfully dubbed your favorite video on your own, and isn’t it easy? Filmora from Wondershare made it possible.

Tips for Video Dubbing for Beginners

Although video dubbing is a translation of the video content to other languages, it requires correct synchronization, unlike the original audio and a little screwing. Are you a newbie to the media world? Is video dubbing the most interesting sideline that you want to explore further? Then there are specific tips that could help you out.

  • For a clear and quality dubbed video, the voice behind the audio should be apt. keep yourself relaxed so that you can speak consistently, and have clarity.
  • As the original voice diminishes, the originality has to be kept alive, and hence your voice modulation skills should be adequate.
  • You must place the microphone in the right position such that the recording can ignore the ambient noise.
  • Your accent means the most and has to synchronize with the lip movements in the video.
  • If you want to add subtitles, make sure it moves right along with the video.


Video dubbing is the emerging and outstanding technology that had taken the film industry and entertainment to a great extent. So, are you excited to make a video clip with your voice dubbed in it? So, without thinking much, let’s get it done with Filmora today! You can now make your voice video clip easily once you know how to dub a video, and this article is all about it.  

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