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Top Mother's Day Playilst: Top 10 Songs for Mom in 2022

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

Expressing love can be hard through words alone, better way to say "thanks" or "I love you"? A song! The perfect ode to mothers that say everything we feel about our moms. In honor of Mother's Day, check out ten of the best sentimental songs for mothers to show her how much she means to you. Hit play for the kickass moms!

songs for mom

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1. Anita Renfroe - "In Tha Muthahood"

What's mothermood really like? Well, Anita Renfroe made one of the most hilarious Rap songs for mom which pretty much nailed a mom's life. Go moms! Keep rocking!

I love you mom lyric: " I'm a mama bear/and all the mamas agree/If you messin' with my kids/you straight-up messin' with me! "

2. Brand Nubian - "MOMMA"

Brand Nubian's "MOMMA" is a candid song for mom. It is the great one that sits itself comfortably in a Mother's Day playlist. Brand sings about the heartfelt love he has always had for his mom.

I love you mom lyric: "I always loved my momma (she's my favorite girl)/And I always loved my momma (she brought me in this world)/See I always loved my momma (she taught me right from wrong)/Cause I always loved my momma (you only get one, you only get one, yeah)"

3. Guns N' Roses– "Sweet Child O' Mine"

It's moms who have always been the best women in our lives. She will go above and beyond, through the toughest of conditions, just to make sure we are happy. She's the one who's standing beside us, who is always the driving force of love and support when everyone else has walked away.

I love you mom lyric: "Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place/Where as a child I'd hide/And pray for the thunder and the rain/To quietly pass me by."

4. Snoop Dogg – "I Love My Mama"

Admit it. We all go from revering our moms, refusing to leave their side, to contesting their very existence, resenting their advice and naggings. We then go from missing them, beginning to understand them and empathizing with them, to finally revering them again, longing for their advice and wisdom. And this is one of those mom songs you wouldn't want to miss.

I love you mom lyric: "Took me to school the first day. Taught me how to kneel down and pray. You learned me how to count from one to ten. And never forget, where I've been, momma.

5. Justin Bieber– "Turn to You"

Being a mom is difficult, and a lot more difficult when being single at the same time. Justin Bieber brought to you this song with the appreciation for the love and support a single mom has been giving. And its beautiful indeed.

I love you mom lyric: "You showed me how to care. And you showed me that you would always be there. I wanna thank you for that time and I'm proud to say you're mine." How sweet.

6. Taylor Swift – "The Best Day"

If any singer is going to write a gushy mushy song about how much they love their mom, it has to be Taylor Swift right? In "The Best Day" is the best song for mom to thank the woman that raised you for sticking by you, especially when you were healing over a broken heart.

I love you mom lyric: "I know you were on my side even when I was wrong./And I love you for giving me your eyes. /For staying back and watching me shine."

7. Sean Brown – "Mother's Day"

Sean Brown's "Mother's Day" is another moving tribute to moms that should remind us about how lucky we are for the love and presence of our parents. Listen to one of the most amazing songs about mom to see why motherhood has been deemed the highest, holiest calling in the world.

I love you mom lyric: "While I got you in my space, every day is mother's day."

8. The beach boys – "Mama says"

The incredible resonance we had with mom's words.

I love you mom lyric: "Can't you see you're like a book of poetry? Maya Angelou, Nicky Giovanni."

9. Lynyrd skynyrd -"Simple Man"

Moms are our best friends, biggest fan, and they gave the smartest, wisest advices to live by, e.g. be simple and happy and chasing your dream.

I love you mom lyric: "And you can do this if you try./All that I want for you, my son, is to be satisfied.'/And be a simple kind of man,/oh, be something you love and understand."

10. Christina Aguilera – "Oh Mother"

To all the moms out there, thank you for your bravery when things get rough. Here we dedicate this one song for mom and to mom.

I love you mom lyric: "So mother, I thank you. For all that you've done and still do. You got me. I got you. Together we always pull through."

There are plenty of ways to toast the women who gave us life on Mother's Day, getting moms a personalized video that's made of all the lovely moments you had with mom could be truly dearing. Make a video this Mother's Day with this amazingly easy and trendy and fun Wondershare Filmora which can turn photos and video clips into a sweet, dedicated movie in a few minutes, and let these songs for moms be your soundtrack. Care to try? Download the free trial now.

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