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Top 12 Clicker Games on PC in 2021

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Clicker games are regarded as the most straightforward and most addictive games available on PC for those unaware. Interestingly, they were created as boredom killers. This means that they are likened to the things you do when you procrastinate. When you want to play these clicker games, you only need to begin clicking on your mouse. After that, it is very easy to play. Bear in mind that playing games can be both exciting and adventurous. With the wide variety of clicker games you can find on PC. You will have many games to choose from. However, it will be dependent on your choice and preference. For those who love action, there are action and shooting clicker games to play. And, those who love adventure will be aged by the adventure clicker games to play. With clicker games, you are not expected to have any strategy when playing. You need to go with the flow and play it. Clicker games make use of basic control as well as simple rules for players to follow. Note that clicker games are the best idle games you can play to kill your time. We will be providing you with the best clicker games that you can find on PC today. 

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1. Enchanted Heroes

Platform: Website

Price: Free


This is one of the top clicker games that are available on PC In 2021. However, this game does not make use of any high-end action. Instead, it enables you to play the game as a hero that is enchanted. It is your choice to play as a wizard or a Knight. And, you can kill monsters quickly by clicking on them.

Interestingly, you can heal yourself when injured by clicking on your character. As you play and move forward in the game, this is one of the clicker games that allows you to upgrade your weapons and other items. If you become unable to play for any reason whatsoever, the enchanted hero will begin killing the monster by himself. It simply means that the game will continue irrespective of whether you are playing it or not. Also, you can join in the fun whenever you want and continue from wherever you stopped. 


  • Best Clicker game on PC
  • Play as an enchanted hero
  • Be a wizard or knight
  • Upgrade your weapons and other items


2. Grow defense

Platform: PC

Price: Free


If you enjoy playing games that have castles and warriors, you will love playing Grow defense. This is one of the clicker games that enable players to conquer their enemy's castles and defend their castles with warriors and knights. Grow defense is a 3D game that offers players the best gaming experience, thus making it one of the best clicker games. When playing this game, you only need to click on the castles you are interested in conquering. Aside from conquering other castles, your other job is to keep your castle safe from enemies. When you move forward with this game, the difficulty level tends to increase. This will allow you to grow and upgrade your weapons and characters. 


  • Conquer enemies' castles
  • Defend your castles with knights and warriors
  • Upgrade your weapons as you move forward


3. AdVenture Capitalist

Platform: PC

Price: Free

 Convert WebP to JPG

Hyper Hippo Productions created this game. It is a game that takes its players through the entire motions of capitalism. At the beginning of the game, you will be starting as a poor lemonade stand salesperson. While there, your job is to try to take in enough money to continue upgrading the things you have. As you do this, you will simultaneously be taking on other roles in the job world. You will be doing all of this to continue earning money in the game. The interface of this game is very friendly, and it makes use of a cartoon style. This means it is exciting to play, and it will make your time seem to be rewarding. It does this by raining some dollars down on you at diverse points. It is one of the interesting clicker games that you will love. 


  • Invest in a wide range of business
  • Start as a poor lemonade salesperson
  • Grow your business and earnings


4. Clicker Heroes

Platform: PC

Price: Free

 Convert WebP to JPG

If you never knew, Clicker Heroes is one of the top-rated clicker games for PC. It is made available on Steam even though Clicker Heroes 2 has been released. Nevertheless, this first Clicker Heroes is free to play, and you can play this game by clicking on the monsters. As you click on them, the goal is to do much damage with every click. When you destroy a monster, you will get their gold. You can spend the gold on hiring a new hero. 


  • Cool and stunning graphics
  • More than 34 heroes to choose from
  • Each hero comes with a unique ability


5. Cookie Clicker

Platform: Website

Price: Free


The Cookie Clicker game is played on a PC, and it is split into three screens. On the left side of your screen, you will find the cookie you will be tapping with your mouse. The middle part of your screen will show you all your achievements and the diverse items you purchase. And, the right-hand side of your screen is the store. One of the top clicker games to play will give you things to buy and show your progress. While it does this, it gives players a sense of accomplishment, although all you have to do is click on a cookie. You will love this game because you will not need to download anything on your PC. And, you are not expected to actively click it to play. The cookies will be produced continuously whether you click them or not. 


  • Play with cookies
  • Click and earn more
  • Progress to achieve several accomplishments


6. Crush Crush

Platform: Android, Website, PC

Price: Free


This game gives an interesting take when it comes down to the standard clicker games. It practically takes an idle game plus a dating sim and crushes everything together. It is a game created by Sad Panda Studios. The creators have advertised this game as the perfect game to play when you seek to kill some time and have a good laugh. It is one of the popular clicker games filled with bright colors and has an anime-style look. 


  • Enjoy an idle dating sim
  • A great source of enjoyment and laughter
  • Anime style graphics


7. A Dark Room

Platform: Website, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS

Price: Free – $6.99


This game was created by none other but Michael Townsend. It is a minimalistic text adventure that is quite rogue. Differing from other clicker games that you have played, it begins as a story. And, it gives players the options that they can click as the game keeps a running track of your story. Though it is quite weird at first, it is an exciting game. 


  • Text Adventure Game
  • Unique and different clicker game
  • Enjoy an amazing storyline


8. Plantera

Platform: PC

Price: $1.89


This is one of the exciting and cute clicker games that is quite relaxing and simple to play. In this game, players grow their garden and watch as the park comes to life with every click. VaragtP developed it, and you can own the game's soundtrack as it can be bought. 


  • Relaxing and simple game
  • Grow your own garden
  • Click to make your garden come to life


9. Spaceplan

Platform: Android, iOS, PC

Price: $2.99


This game centers around a misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking's "A brief history of time." It is an abstract yet experimental game. All you need to do is to click on your cursor to launch devices and proves from your satellite. You will be doing this to uncover mysteries in the space world of this game. Spaceplan is among the loved sci-fi clicker games that space lovers will enjoy irrespective of its inaccuracies. 


  • Use your cursor to launch devices in the space
  • Uncover mysteries of the space
  • Enjoy Sci-fi clicker game


10. Realm Grinder

Platform: PC

Price: Free


Divine Games created this game, and it is free to play. However, it is different from your regular clicker games as it is an RPG idle game. Here, you can create your kingdom and watch it as it grows into a realm that will make you proud. 


  • RPG clicker game
  • Create your own kingdom
  • Grow your kingdom


11. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Platform: PlayStation, Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC

Price: Free


Those who play D&D will surely fall hard for this game. It is formally based on dungeons and dragons. However, it has been noted as a strategy management game where players play as pre-existing characters in an adventure that keeps evolving. It is one of the clicker games that make use of an excellent premise. 


  • Play with Dungeons and Dragons
  • Create strategies and manage your team
  • Choose from a wide range of characters


12. Time Clickers 

Platform: PC

Price: Free


This game centers around being fast and outshooting all your enemies. The most significant advantage of this game is that players can hire teams to fight for them even if they are not playing it actively. Proton Studio created this game due to the positivity they gathered around the other clicker games they developed. As a result, this game is straightforward, and you can quickly learn how it works. 


  • Shoot all your enemies
  • Buy and upgrade your weapons
  • Hire a team to fight enemies


Have you been in search of the best clicker games to play? Look no further as we have provided you with the twelve best clicker games you will surely love. The majority of these games are free to play, and you can bet on having fun when playing.

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