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Top 10 Games Like Roblox

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

There are so many games available on the internet and several that can be bought from the stores. But what makes a game special, unique, and interesting for a long time is its ability to allow its users to use their creativity and imagination. One of the best games that allow users to create their own games the way they want is Roblox. It allows you to play a wide variety of games that are created and designed by other players like you, which makes this platform the best platform for a unique gaming experience. Like other players, you can also create your own games and share them on the platform for other players to play and enjoy. If you are looking for something similar to Roblox, there are so many games like Roblox that will provide you the same feel and experience. From all those different games, it isn't easy to choose the best. To solve this problem, we will provide you with the list of Top 10 Games like Roblox that will make it easier for you to select the one that best matches your needs and requirements. The following games like Roblox are selected and added to this list after thorough research and comparison with all available alternatives to provide you with the best alternative possible.

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  1. Minecraft

Platform: WindowsmacOSAndroidiOSXboxPlayStationNintendo Switch

Price: $7.49 - $26.95


No doubt, the first in the list of games like Roblox is Minecraft. Minecraft is a famous game that provides its users with an open world to explore and build their amazing place. It is one of the most played world-building games that allows its users to construct their own world by providing them with unlimited resources to use. Apart from this creative aspect, there are other features such as crafting, combating, and exploration. The players have to perform all these activities while keeping themselves alive and maintaining their health. There are multiple maps to choose from in this game. You can choose any map that attracts you the most. Every map has a different structure, and aspect.


  • Open World Game
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Build your own places
  • Wide variety of Maps
  • Combat to survive


  1. Terasology

Platform: Windows

Price: Free


Terasology is a game that provides its players an open sandbox world with several different elements. The developers are still adding new features and options to this game to make it more interesting and attractive. This game provides its users with a similar experience to Minecraft by allowing them to create and craft their own places for themselves and for other players to visit them. If you have played Minecraft then you would also love this game.


  • Craft your places
  • Free to Play
  • Open source game


  1. Fortnite

Platform: WindowsMacPlayStationXboxNintendo SwitchAndroidiOS

Price: Free


With its amazing modes and multiple live players, Fortnite is one of the best alternatives for Roblox. This game has won so many awards throughout its release because it contains diverse features and versatile modes to play. The first mode is Save the World, there is a huge world full of monsters to fight and survive using a variety of elements. In Battle Royale mode, the players have to fight other players, loot, build and strive to become number one by killing all the players and surviving till no one is left. Apart from all these different modes, this game has a similar building mechanism as Roblox and appealing graphics.


  • Choose from different modes
  • Kill, loot, build and survive
  • Astounding Graphics


  1. Garry’s Mod

Platform: WindowsMacLinux

Price: $9.99


If you are looking for something enjoyable and fun then Garry's Mod is a perfect option for you. With no particular objective, this game allows the players to do whatever they want without any limitation or restriction. It provides you with the same experience as Roblox, but with more enhanced graphics. There is a wide range of objects to use in this game and new things using those objects. All these features make this game a fun game to enjoy and try every stupidity that you can.


  • No mission or objectives to complete
  • Allowed to do whatever you want
  • Use different elements to play with
  • Unlimited fun and thrill


  1. LEGO Worlds

Platform: WindowsMacXboxPlayStationNintendo Switch

Price: $19.99 - $29.99


If you are a big fan of LEGO and love to create amazing things using LEGO bricks, this LEGO Worlds game like Roblox will definitely be worth your time and attention. LEGO Worlds allows you to create everything you want using an unlimited amount of LEGO bricks. Create your own world the way you want. Instead of having only one single mode, this game can be very fun. Use your creativity and imagination to create all kinds of objects, houses, cities, and a whole new kingdom. It is an ideal game for everyone who loves LEGO, don't miss this game if you are one of those.


  • Create your own world
  • Use your creativity to build unique things
  • Unlimited amount of LEGO Bricks


  1. KoGaMa

Platform: Website

Price: Free


KoGaMa is a minimalist game that resembles Roblox. KoGaMa, a game like Roblox allows its players to construct amazing things. In this web-based game, the players have to collect the stars to create their own character known as Avatar. The player will face other players in battles to fight in order to survive. It also allows you to play this game with your friends, have fun creating amazing things, and fight them in different battles. 


  • Easy to play
  • Minimalist game
  • Invite your friends to play together
  • Build amazing and enormous things


  1. Terraria

Platform: WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroidiOSXboxPlayStationNintendo Switch

Price: $4.99 - $29.99


Terraria is an action-adventure game with a vast platform and multiple maps to be explored. It can take you months to explore all the game. Such a huge world of this game makes this an astounding game worthy of time and attention. It is the best choice for people who are looking for an action game with a blend of sandbox mechanisms. This means, in this game, you can have thrilling action as well as use your creativity to build amazing things. All these features and options make this one of the best games like Roblox.


  • Create your own world while protecting yourself
  • Survive the attacks
  • Explore a wide range of area and maps


  1. The Blockheads

Platform: AndroidiOS

Price: Free


Another game like Roblox is The Blockheads. This is a block-based game in a 2D world. There is a character named Blockheads who has the ability to create and destroy the places and block to explore new places and things as well as to make astounding new places. This game enables you to use your creativity to make amazing things just like Roblox. This game will provide you with the same experience but in a 2D world. There are so many things and places that can be explored by the player using a variety of items. Places such as oceans, mountains, caves, and deserts. The players can create eye-catching buildings from the elements they will find in such places.


  • A 2D world full of amazing places
  • Explore a wide variety of places
  • Create your own building and places


  1. Mythruna

Platform: WindowsmacOSLinux

Price: Free


Mythruna is a game like Roblox that allows its players to craft an amazing and huge world of building with a blend of role-playing. This amazing feature making this game more fun and thrill to play and enjoy. It allows you to create a world in the shape of a voxel in order to provide you with the same experience as Roblox and other sandbox games. This free-to-play game is available on PC only. If you a Roblox lover, then you should definitely try this game out. It will provide you with the exact same experience as Roblox with some RPG elements in it.


  • Create a world filled with huge buildings
  • Enjoy the element of Roleplay in sandbox Game
  • Free to Play


  1. Creativerse

Platform: WindowsmacOS

Price: Free


Creativerse takes the idea of sandbox games to another level. It is a survival game like Roblox that allows its players to use blocks to create shelters, interact with plants, animals and can explore and collect useful materials. The players are required to collect everything they can in order to survive the attacks from different creatures and other players. It has so many extra features that increase its worth. The players will be having a good amount of control over buildings by allowing them to rotate blocks, use blueprints, logic gates, and much more.


  • Sandbox game with amazing graphics
  • Interact with plants and animals
  • Explore and collect material to build shelters
  • Free to Play PC game


Roblox is one of the best platforms that allow you to create your games the way you want by using different elements. With the passage of time, other competitors have started to introduce the games with the same idea but with extra features and great graphics. All the above games like Roblox will provide you with the same experience and fun as Roblox with some more features and cool graphics. Build your own world, create places to hide, explore wide maps, and much more. Choose any of the above games and enhance your experience of playing Roblox.

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