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Time Be A Creator

Have you already planned your cosplay costume for Halloween this year? Share your ideas and get a chance to win big prizes!
*This Contest is in Pacific Standard Time (PST).
Submissions Begin
Submissions End
Winners Announced

How to participate

Follow the rules below to share your Halloween makeup or costume on social media,
and we'll choose 4 winners to receive a prize. Show off your creativity without fear and come join the fun!

Step 1
Create photos or videos with
a Halloween costume theme.
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Step 2
Show us your Halloween costume or makeup in a video or photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube. Add the hashtags #CelebratewithWondershare #Halloween @Wondershare .
Step 3
One winner will be selected to receive a $100 Amazon gift card from each of the following categories: The Scariest Costume, The Best Makeup, The Most Creative Costume, and an Environmental Friendly Costume.

Get the Halloween Resource

Lovely pumpkin lights, skeletons, spider webs and ghosts...
Download these exclusive Halloween resources to make your videos more impressive.

Horror Film Overlay
Horror Story Pack
Horror Halloween Title
Oriental Horror Pack
Horror Halloween Sticker
3D Halloween Horror Night Pack
Voices Of Halloween
Halloween Sounds Pack2
Horror Halloween Transitions

Halloween Stats Frighten You?

Halloween, one of the most lucrative times of the year comes eventually! Just as the graphs below show, millions of people celebrate with their friends and family while spending money on Halloween things like decorations, candies and goblin masks.

However, Halloween marketing opportunities are not specially for companies who sell candy and costumes. This spending has increased year after year, showing that Halloween has become a must-attend promotional event. If you can integrate Halloween elements into your products or services well, you can convert browsers into customers. And then, you are the Halloween business winner.
Planned expenditure in billion U.S. dollars
Expenditure in million GBP

Best Halloween Idea for Business

Video Marketing Is Your Best Bet

Please check the table on the left. It shows that from 2015 to 2022, more and more people give high praise for Video Marketing which makes it a good business strategy.

Why is it worth your trial? There are two main reasons. One is that it is a flexible marketing way which means you can create the video content according to your specific demands. The other is that it is of high ROI. Less cost, but more reward.
Marketers who say video is an important part of the marketing strategy.
BOO-tiful Halloween-themed Video Types
Tik, tik, tik……With the countdown of the time, what will you reveal to your audience? Let them hold their breath!
Countdown Video
Hot Halloween Atmosphere, Big Sales Opportunities! Offer your browser great discount and push the merriment to the top!
Sales Video
Don’t let this Halloween just pass away! Use a How-to video to offer your audience some advice to make unforgettable memories for Halloween!
How-to Video
With some many hot festival topics, what can you expand? Your brand’s exposure! Convert your browser into your customer with your fantastic brand video!
Brand-awareness Video
Full of beautiful things in eyes! The common state of people in Halloween. Make a recommendation video and save your audience from choice difficulty symptom.
Recommendation Video
Halloween Treats For You
Create ANY Halloween Promotion Videos with Filmora!
Filmora is an easy-to-use and powerful video editor. It not only allows you to edit your video clips, photos, and music effortlessly but also includes a variety of Halloween resources, like titles, overlays, stickers, music, filters and more to help your imagination come to life.

Step 1. Add Media Resources.

Launch Filmora and start a new project. Upload your video and audio clips from your device. You can also search and download material from the filmstock repository.

Step 2. Edit Your Halloween Video.

Drag and drop your materials into the timeline and perform any basic or advanced edits you want. Apply spooktacular effects and filters to make it stand out.

Step 3. Export and Share.

Review, export and share your final video to your social platforms in just 1 click.

Get Inspired From Real Halloween Video Examples
Halloween E-commerce Promo Video
Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment in which a company does not keep in stock the products it sells. There will be a Dropshipping event every year on various e-commerce platforms, and various bloggers will do this Dropshipping Challenge for Halloween.
Tips for E-commerce Promo Videos:
404 Clearly define your strengths. For example, when creating your promo video, if you are a merchant selling goods on an e-commerce platform, please always remember to highlight the advantages of your interests, such as affordable prices or exclusive supplies.
404 Combine with holiday features. As a promotion during the Halloween period, you can appropriately add festive elements and corresponding goods to attract users.
Halloween Real Estate Marketing Video
Halloween parties are the holiday's highlight, and a spooky house can bring the whole night to a climax. This video shows a haunted house scene like in a thriller movie.
Tips for real estate marketing video:
404The complete Room Tour. As shown in the sample video, it tries to show the full view of the house entirely and tells the user all the details.
404Scary sound effects. Creepy background music is more immersive to the user and enhances the scary atmosphere.
Halloween Makeup Promo Video
Halloween is a time of year when people show off their fantastic makeup. Various makeup brands also release Halloween-themed products at this time. In the video above, YouTuber Skelotim introduces some of the latest Halloween Makeup Collections in 2022. He summarizes the advantages of these products.
Tips for Makeup Promo Videos:
404Define your video theme. Is it, for example, a collection of recommended cosmetics or creative makeup sharing?
404Be clear about the video's highlights. If you are recommending your favorite cosmetics, remember to share their strengths and weaknesses.
404 Be different from others. If you want to share a creative makeup video, stay different from everyone else to be more competitive.
404 404 404

More Halloween Marketing Ideas

Host A Halloween-themed Event

Social Media Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Halloween-themed Webpage

Product Packages

Hosting a fantastic Halloween event is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to succeed in Halloween marketing. You can get a lot of traffic and attention, and users will remember your brand image for future IP building or model applications.

Tips for hosting a Halloween Event:
404 Define Your Event's Position.  It determines how your event will be held and how it will be realized afterward. You must understand how to get the monetary value.
404 Define Your Customer Group. The user group determines the format of your event and the products you will sell, so make your decisions ahead of time.
404 Make good use of pre-promotion. A good campaign will not be known unless it receives extensive publicity, so use whatever platforms you can to distribute campaign information.
Modern marketing models are inseparably linked to social media exposure in this age of rapid Internet development. Compared to traditional offline marketing methods, holding a social media event is less risky and will take on more diverse forms.

Tips for a social media campaign:
404 UGC campaign structure. To get many people to participate in your campaign for free, you must inspire them. Therefore, please consider the possibility of user participation when designing the campaign format.
404 Promotion of KOLs. A KOL with many followers can help you expose the campaign quickly through so much information on the Internet. Of course, you must plan a sufficient budget.
404 Format for brainwashing. Create a memory point for the campaign and help the user remember its features subconsciously.
EDM is still one of the most effective marketing modes because it is an essential way for us to receive information in our daily lives. At the same time, you can analyze user behavioral traits based on email data performance and develop strategies for future marketing methods.

Tips for Email marketing campaigns:
404 Eye-catching headlines. Catchy headlines in many emails can help you quickly get your subscribers' attention and have a higher open rate.
404 Personalization. Instead of a standard address, try using the user's first name and a friendly greeting instead of an official response. It can increase user recognition and interaction with your emails.
As the world's largest traffic platform, Google proves the importance of a page for marketing communication reach. Marketing through a website page not only gets you the most attention from users, but it also drives traffic to you indefinitely.

Tips for halloween-themed webpages:
404 Appealing web design. There are many different types of pages available nowadays; please take the time to design a good-looking website.
404 Rich page content. Detailed content can entice users to stay longer and cover more keywords, which benefits your page's SEO strategy.
404 A brief and attractive title. As the user in the search engine sees the first-page content, use a limited number of characters to explain what you most want to express to get users to click.
When customers purchase your services, they consider not only the goods themselves but also the sense of experience provided by the packaging. Moreover, the packaging of popular goods will help grow your brand image.

Tips for choosing product packages:
404 Personal characteristics. Including as part of your brand identity, the product package can convey your brand concept to users.
404 Add holiday features. Based on the same tone, you can add variations according to the characteristics of the holiday to provide users with a fresh feeling.

Secret Tips in the End

As a low-cost marketing method with a broad audience, video marketing also has diverse forms and contents, and unbridled creativity. In addition, video can be used as a content carrier for huge messages, combined with other marketing methods. Therefore, learning to make videos will be a massive breakthrough in your marketing approach. So start by making a video like this if you want to make a lot of money this Halloween.