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How to Edit Titles and Descriptions of IGTV Videos?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

A title of a video and its description can often be the reason why someone watched that video. Coming up with unique and catchy titles and descriptions for each new post on IGTV can help you attract a larger audience for your videos. However, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes because even if you spelled a word incorrectly, or you simply want to change a title, you can do so even after you posted the video. Read on if you would like to find out how many characters the IGTV video titles and descriptions can have or how you can create and edit the titles and descriptions for IGTV videos.

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How to Add Titles and Descriptions to Videos You’re Uploading to IGTV?

Regardless of the device, you’re using to upload a video to your IGTV account, you will be asked to give a title to the video and to add a description. The video’s title can’t have more than 75 characters, while the description can’t exceed the 2200-character limit and these constrain are the same if you are uploading a video to IGTV from web, Instagram or IGTV app.

IGTV Edit Title Description

After granting the IGTV access to the videos stored on your phone’s camera roll you will be able to add a cover photo, choose a title or write a description of the video. You don’t have to be a social media expert in order to know that the title should tell your audience what the video is about. The description of an IGTV video can be a mini blog post that tells the story of a video or conveys important messages related to the topic of a video. Furthermore, you can add clickable mentions of other IGTV users or up to 30 searchable hashtags to improve the visibility of your video. You can also include links to your podcast, Facebook page, YouTube channel or your website so that the viewers can find out more about the video’s topic. When you’re done, just click or tap on the Post button and the video you shared will contain all the information you added to it.

How to Edit IGTV Video Descriptions and Titles After You Upload Them?

Upon posting the video you can see the title by simply viewing the video in the full-screen mode. Just tap on the center of the video to start viewing it in full screen and the title will be displayed in the left corner of the video. Tap on the drop-down arrow next to the video’s title if you want to view the video’s description.

IGTV Edit Title Description

Editing titles, however, is only possible from a web browser, because the IGTV and Instagram apps still don’t offer this option. Go to your IGTV channel and click on a video you’d like to edit and then click on the three-dot icon. Select the Edit Video option from the menu and proceed to edit the video’s title by either clicking on the Change Title or the Change Description option. Don’t forget to click on the Save button to confirm the adjustments you’ve just made, and the text displayed in the Title and Description boxes will be automatically updated.


The titles and descriptions are probably the most important parts of each post you share on your IGTV account. Online marketers, as well as all other IGTV users, can utilize the video’s descriptions and titles as tools that will help them attract a large number of followers. Hashtags, mentions or links to products and websites you’re promoting can boost the revenue you’re generating through IGTV. Do you think that titles and descriptions can increase the size of a video’s audience? Leave a comment and share your experiences with us.

Besides add the Titles and Description for the IGTV videos when uploading, you can also write text and titles directly to IGTV videos. For adding text and titles to videos for IGTV on web, you can try Filmora which is available on both Windows and Mac computers.

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