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How to Create Awesome Instagram Videos

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Content creation on Instagram can now be a job. You can become an influencer! But to be one, you must have many followers. The quality of the photos and videos you post affects how speedy your growth on the platform will be. Perhaps you have already mastered how to make eye-catching square photos. But how about videos? It's more complicated. Don't worry. You can always use Instagram video templates.

By following video templates and adding your own twists, you can create videos that are proven to work. Here's more information on Instagram videos and video templates.

Different Types of Instagram Videos

There are different types of Instagram videos. It can affect which templates you should use and not use. So, let's discuss this first. The different types of Instagram videos are:

Story Videos

Instagram has a feature called "Instagram Stories." These are ephemeral content, meaning they disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Story videos are short. So, pick Instagram video templates for short videos if this is what you want to post.

Feed Videos

These videos are the ones you see while scrolling on your feed. You upload them like how you upload photos. You can use either the in-app camera to shoot a fresh one or upload one from your phone. These videos can have a length of up to 1 hour

Live Videos

Live videos are long-form videos that show your viewers what you are doing in real time. There's no template for this.


Instagram Reels are short-form videos. They often feature effects, overlays, and music. They have their own section on Instagram, and unlike Stories, they don't disappear.

What Are Instagram Video Templates?

Instagram video templates are videos that are already pre-made. They exist to help content creators who have an idea but need more to make a video.

You probably had times like that. You know what video you want to make. But you struggle to find the perfect music to go with your video. The clip arrangement, transitions, and effects are also big question marks.

Video templates help you solve these problems. They already have the music, effects, and such figured out. What's left to do is for you to edit them with your clips and captions.

With templates, you can expedite content creation. That frees time that you can then use to shoot more videos or brainstorm new video ideas.

How To Use Instagram Video Templates?

Where can you find Instagram video templates? They are in many places. But the best place they can be is inside a video editing app. That streamlines the process, as you can find the template and edit it in one place. What's a good app with Instagram video templates, you may ask. Wondershare Filmora for Mobile is one of them.

Here's a guide on how to use Instagram video templates on the Filmora mobile app.

1. Open Filmora. Tap "Template" from the options at the bottom of the screen.

filmora mobile template

2. Select "Instagram" from the options at the top of the Template screen.

filmora mobile instagram template

3. Choose a template you think would work best for your idea.

choose filmora video template

4. Import your photos and video clips.

import media

5. Click "Make Video."

filmora mobile make video

6. Edit the effects and the texts in the video as you'd like. Click "Export" once you are satisfied with how it looks.

filmora export video on mobile

10 Awesome Instagram Video Templates from Filmora for Mobile

It's that easy-to-use Instagram video template feature on Filmora for mobile. But which templates should you use? Here are some recommendations. Pick based on your niche.

1. Life Style Instagram Video Templates

Are you one of those vloggers who document their daily lives, sharing lifestyle tips with your audience along the way? If so, this Instagram video template is perfect for you.

lifestyle instagram video

The font of choice and the layout makes it seem like a lifestyle magazine in motion. Also, it has a transition effect that sucks the viewers in. The pacing in the video is a little fast. That's perfect for symbolizing how fast-paced today's life is.

2. Sports Instagram Video Templates - Free for Download

Energetic and fun. That's the whole vibe of this Instagram video template. Thus, it is perfect for sports videos.

sports instagram video template

Do you have a video where you did a home run, or you made a basketball trick shot? You can improve those clips using this template. The font style is fun and has this "aggressiveness" feel - like an athlete hungry for a championship trophy. Also, the animations make you feel in motion. So indeed, this template is great for sports videos.

3. Free Beauty Instagram Video Templates

Are you competing in beauty pageants? Or are you an influencer introducing gorgeous dresses, gowns, and amazing makeup products to your followers? If so, this is the Instagram video template for you.

beauty instagram tempalte

This template features three frames in a picture-in-picture layout. You can use the largest one to showcase the whole look. Then, the two smaller frames are for close-ups. It's an amazing way to showcase how aesthetic you can be. Go flaunt your beauty with this template!

4. Cooking Instagram Video Templates

Are you a chef or a home cook who loves sharing recipes with your followers? Here's an amazing way to show your dishes to the world and make your viewers' mouths water.

cooking instagram video template

This Instagram video template allows you to show three video clips in one frame. With the layout that it has, you can use it to show the different stages of cooking the dish. Three different shots of the food also work.

With this template, you can share your love for food on Instagram in the best way possible.

5. Couple Instagram Video Templates

Are you making an Instagram video to flex your significant other? Is it for your anniversary or their birthday? Double the sweetness with this cute Instagram video template.

couple instagram video template

This template starts with a heart emoji on white background. Then, it slowly reveals your photo or video clip in the middle through a heart-shaped frame. While that's happening, text with sweet messages like "You are alluring" flashes on the screen. (You can edit the text as needed.)

Make your partner feel extra special with this Instagram video thumbnail.

6. Fashion Instagram Video Templates

Did you do a fashion hall? Are you a fashion designer who just released a new collection? Or are you a fashion photographer with some cool shots you want to show your followers? All of the above can use this Instagram video timeline.

fashion instagram video template

"Stylish and chic" is the name of the game for this video template. It shows your pics and video clips in a slideshow manner. But it is done very stylishly. The effects, transitions, and text are all on point. It is like watching a mini fashion show.

7. Travel Video Templates for Instagram

Do you love going to places? Here's a great Instagram video template you can use if you do. This travel video template features two circular frames. Use the predominantly displayed one to show a video clip of you traveling around. Use the other circle that will shoot up to the screen to show a still image. The image should be you as the subject and the location as the background.

travel instagram video template

Admittedly, this Instagram video template is simple. But it gets the job done. Besides, adding too many elements to a travel video is not recommended. Viewers should be able to focus on the scenery.

8. Music Instagram Video Templates

Are you a musician? Or have you just attended a great concert? You can use this Instagram video template to show that! Import your footage of the concert, and worry about nothing. This template will enhance it and turn it into an attention-grabbing video.

music instagram video template

Music artists can use this to promote their work, concerts, and tours.

9. Dance Video Template on Instagram

Do you love dancing? Here's a great way to show your talent. Use this video template to enhance your recorded dance video. It's simple enough to keep you the center of attention. Even the text in the video is not that intrusive. At the same time, it has enough effects and transitions to make the video more interesting.

dance instagram video template

This video template will help you captivate Instagram users with your swag moves.

10. Trending Instagram Video Template

Instagram is always about trends. What fashion accessories or styles are in right now? How should you do your makeup? Is there an upcoming event everybody should know about?

trending instagram video template

This video template provides you with a way to inform your followers in style. It features eye-catching effects and transitions that will enhance your video and make your viewers say, "Wow!"

Tips for Making Great Instagram Videos

The videos that work on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok may not work on Instagram. Remember, users of different social platforms are looking for different things. So, you must learn how to optimize your videos for Instagram.

The Instagram video templates take care of that for you. They are already proven to be effective on the platform. But you can't always rely on templates. Sometimes, you need to express your creativity and originality by making a video from scratch.

So, how do you make great Instagram videos? Here are some tips.

  • Explore the different video types on Instagram.
  • Choose engaging cover photos for your videos.
  • Shorten long, boring videos and make them more interesting by turning them into timelapse videos.
  • Use editing apps to enhance the quality of your videos. Templates also help a lot.
  • Add music and captions to make the videos more entertaining.
  • Review your timeline to see which strategies work and which do not.


Instagram video templates reduce a content creator's workload. All you have to do is shoot your videos. These templates already have the effects, animations, and such figured out for you. So with a few taps, you can quickly create "Instagrammable" videos.

Wondershare Filmora for mobile is a video editor that provides you with tons of video templates. It's a powerful editor, too, with advanced options rarely found on other video editing apps. Try it, and rest assured that it will let you make high-quality videos that will attract more followers.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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