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Top 10 Instagram Grid Makers to Create Visually Appealing Grids

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

With over a billion profiles on Instagram, it can be a bit difficult to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do that is by using a reliable Instagram grid maker. For instance, with an Instagram grid planner, you can come up with an overall theme for your profile or connect various posts via a puzzle. To help you elevate the creative and visual appeal of your profile, I’m going to make you familiar with the 10 best grid makers for Instagram.

Part 1: What are Instagram Grids All About?

You might already know that Instagram displays our posts in a 3-column layout. Therefore, to make the most of this layout, a lot of people work on the overall 3x3 grid (3 rows and 3 columns).

To catch the attention of their audience, you can come up with an overall theme for your profile using 9 posts (a 3x3 grid). For instance, you can see here is a perfect example of a puzzle grid in which some parts of a post are overlapping on the adjacent posts. This would make the overall profile look uniform and more aesthetically pleasing.

what are instagram grids

Just like this, there can be so many ways in which we can plan the layout of a grid for our Instagram profile.

Part 2: The 6 Best Online Grid Makers for Instagram

In case you are also looking for an online Instagram grid maker, then you can simply explore these options:

1.My Social Boutique

If you are looking for free or paid Instagram grid templates, then you can head to My Social Boutique. From puzzles to monochromatic themes, you can explore all kinds of gird ideas here. Later, the Instagram grid planner will let you export the theme to Canva where you can further edit it.

instagram grid maker boutique

2.Image Splitter

Postcron has come up with a free grid maker for Instagram that you can use online. All you need to do is go to its official website and load any image that you want to split. You can later select your grid option and download individual images that you can readily upload on Instagram.

ig grid image splitter

3.WoFox Grid Maker

WoFox is known to host tons of freely available image editing and content creation tools that you can use online. You can use either of its existing templates or start from a new canvas. Furthermore, you can select any specific layout (like 3x3 or 4x4) to split your images as well.

wofox grid maker


Planable is a popular online tool to schedule posts on social media platforms. Though, it also has an inbuilt grid maker that you can try. It will let you upload any image to its photo grid Instagram maker online. The best part is that you can even post your pictures directly on Instagram from Planable.

planable grid maker

5.Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark has come up with a dedicated “Post” feature that you can use to customize your Instagram posts. You can use it as an Instagram grid maker online by visiting its website or from its app. The application also has tons of other features that you can use to create stunning social media posts for several platforms.

adobe spark grid maker


Lastly, if you are looking for a free Instagram grid maker online tool, then you can also explore Picbow. It has dedicated options to create Instagram grids, photo postcards, social media posts, and so on. The online tool offers several many grid options that you can select. Afterward, you can just drag and drop your photos to the selective grid to meet your requirements.

picbow grid maker

Part 3: Top 4 Grid Makers for Instagram [for Android and iOS]

Apart from online grid makers for Instagram, you can explore the following Instagram grid planer apps for Android and iOS.

1.PhotoSplit for Instagram (for iOS Devices)

Developed by Tech Positive, PhotoSplit is a popular iOS application that you can use to create any photo grid for Instagram. Once you have uploaded your photo, you can split it into different grids like 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and so on. You can manually select an app (like Instagram) or set up custom options to split your photos.

photosplit for instagram grid maker

2.Grids Pro to Make Feed and Banner Pics (for iOS Devices)

If you want to make grids for your Instagram profile, then you can also try this iOS app. It is available for $5.99 (one-time purchase) and offers tons of options to customize grids for Instagram. Apart from that, the photo grid Instagram app also has a wide range of stickers and themes to customize the overall appeal of your profile.

grids pro maker

3.Insta Square Image Splitter (for Android Devices)

As the name suggests, this is a readily available Instagram grid maker app that you can use on your Android devices. Just launch the grid maker for Instagram, load your image, and set up its grid format. If you want, you can also use it to set up a panorama layout (for a 3x1 layout) or try different layouts as per your requirements.

insta square image splitter

4.Grid Post Photo Grid Maker for Instagram (for Android Devices)

For all those who would like to improve the overall visual appeal of their Instagram profile, this would be a must-have app. The photo grid Instagram application has several options to customize the layout. You can also add texts, stickers, and tons of other visual elements to make your Instagram posts more unique and interesting.

grid post ig grid maker

Part 4: How to Make an Appealing Photo Grid on Instagram?

As you can see, there can be so many ways to use a grid maker for Instagram to meet your requirements. You can use either of these Instagram grid makers online or app solutions to meet your requirements. Out of them, let’s consider the example of Image Splitter by Postcron to make a grid for your Instagram account.

Since Image Splitter is a free online Instagram grid planner, it will let you come up with stunning grids for your account on the go. To use this free photo grid Instagram tool, just go through these steps:

Step 1: Upload the image you want to split

At first, you can just go to the official website of Image Splitter by Postcron and click on the “Upload Image” button from its home. This will open a dedicated Instagram grid maker online tool.

upload image splitter

You can now just drag and drop an image that you want to split or click on the “Upload” button to browse and load it from your computer.

Step 2: Choose how you want to split the image

Great! Once the image has been loaded, you can simply check its preview on the side. Now, you can just crop the part of the image that you want to split from here. On the side, you can just enter the number of rows and columns in which you want to split the image. For instance, to get a 3x3 Instagram grid layout, you can set the number of columns and rows as 3.

choose how split image

Step 3: Split your image and save all photos

After setting a preferred ratio for the grid, you can also select a respective image format to export your files (like JPG or PNG). In the end, just click on the “Split Image” button and wait as the application would split your photos in a specific ratio.

split image save photo

When the process is completed, the online grid maker for Instagram will let you know. Now, you can directly download all the images on your system that you can later post on Instagram.

Part 5: Creative Ideas to Implement Instagram Grid Layouts

When it comes to the overall implementation of grid ideas on Instagram, the sky is the limit. To get better results for your Instagram’s grid layout, you can consider following these expert suggestions:

Consistency is the key

A lot of people simply think that coming up with 9 posts for Instagram would make your profile look visually appealing. It might attract your audience, but you need to maintain a consistent appeal throughout your profile. To do that, you need to ensure that all the upcoming posts would follow the same pattern and appeal.

Align it with your brand’s vision

Don’t come up with a grid layout for Instagram just for the sake of it. You need to make sure that it is aligned with the overall look and feel of your brand. Also, your Instagram page should remain authentic with the message of your brand and its image.

Focus on color combinations

Just splitting your images into a 3x3 grid is not enough. You need to maintain the overall visual appeal of your profile by sticking to certain color combinations. You can either maintain a single-colored layout or mix two or three colors to come up with a consistent look.

fashion puzzle template ig

Preview before posting

Most importantly, try to get a preview of your Instagram grid before posting it on your profile. There are all kinds of preview apps (mobile and online) that you can try to do the same. In this way, you can easily notice if there is an alignment issue with your photos before posting them on your profile.


Well, now it’s your turn to come up with some stunning grid layouts for your Instagram profile! I’m sure that you can easily select the best Instagram grid maker from this handpicked list. You can use either of these Instagram grid makers (online or mobile tools) to meet your requirements. Just make sure you follow a consistent appeal and have a planned storytelling approach that would help you attain an impressive presence on Instagram for sure.

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