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How to Use Visual Effect for Zoom

How to Use Visual Effect for Zoom

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 14, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Zoom, a video calling software, has been quite popular over the last several months and is still one of the most used videos calling applications by millions of people worldwide. The site is a favorite among working professionals, but it is also utilized by individuals to connect with their friends and loved ones. Additionally, despite the app's abundance of practical built-in tools and functions, it lacks the fun filters and special effects that the majority of users are used to when using a camera. Zoom has ingrained itself in our vocabulary during the last year. It seemed almost inevitable given that everything, from meetings to parties, has moved online.

You don't need to seek farther than Zoom visual effects to inject a little jazz into the routine Zoom meetings during these hard times. By making adjustments to your Video configuration either before or during a video call, you may add visual effects in Zoom. Zoom meetings may be tedious to conduct over extended periods of time. Additionally, it would be helpful if you recorded the condition of your room before any Zoom meetings. You wouldn't want to reveal your disorganized space while in a meeting. In these situations, adding visual effects will keep your private area private while also making your Zoom meetings entertaining and exciting. It will also prevent others from seeing your filthy room. This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding visual effects to Zoom step-by-step. In addition, you will get acquainted with the numerous camera functions and visual effects that you may employ during a Zoom video conversation.

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  1. Part 2: How to Add Visual Effects to Zoom
    1. 1. What apps can add visual effect on Zoom?
    2. 2. How do I add visual effects to Zoom in Mobile?
    3. 3. How do you download Zoom effects?

Part 1: Popular Visual Effects you can add to Zoom

You may apply one of four main graphic effects to your Zoom meetings. The visual effects that you may use in your next Zoom video chat are briefly summarized below.

1. Visual Backgrounds

Virtual backdrops may transform any plain wall into an artistic setting. Zoom provides you the choice to add photographs to your backdrop in addition to offering you a few pre-made backdrops. Zoom lets you add a movie to your backdrop in addition to simply photographs. With the help of this imaginative feature, gather your pals and enjoy your favorite meme or video. A presentation's collection of photos, a video, or a single image may all serve as virtual backdrops. A green screen would often be used as your real backdrop and consistent lighting would be required.

To avoid having to reveal your real surroundings while in a conference, you may add any picture or video as a virtual backdrop in Zoom. You have the option of adding own photos and movies or selecting from the pre-existing backdrop films and images. The file type for video backgrounds should be MP4 or MOV, and the resolution should range from 360p to a maximum of 1080p. Ensure that the mirroring of your video is deselected in the Zoom's Video settings if your backdrop picture has text that may be read. By using virtual backdrops, you may alter the background of your video as it appears to the audience member with whom you are speaking. During the video conference you're in, the other participants will be able to view your face and body overlaid on the backdrop of your choice.

2. Filters

With these filters, you can have fun in all of your Zoom meetings! Filters are a fun way to spend time with loved ones who are far away, particularly at a period when maintaining social distance is crucial. Filters are the modifications you make to yourself during Zoom meetings (such as a mustache, beard, etc.). They enliven the proceedings and contribute to the fun and memorability of your Zoom meetings.

Your films' colors may be changed, and video filters can also add new aspects. By selecting a filter appropriate for each event, like team meetings or game nights, you may create the right atmosphere. You may embellish your face in the video with flowers or animal traits by using Zoom's various filters. Alternately, you might just convert your video's color to black and white. The video filters from a different program, however, allow you to apply more vibrant filters and place a greater emphasis on special effects.

3. Lighting and Touch-ups

The Lighting function enhances lighting effects and makes adjustments for low light situations to make you seem more professional during a Zoom conference. Similar to this, Touch-up enhances your facial characteristics by making your skin shine, erasing wrinkles, and giving your face a radiant appearance.

On your Zoom videos, changing your lighting and applying touch-ups may improve how you seem. By adjusting your lighting, you can make even dim illumination look bright. By doing touch-ups, you may get a smoother skin texture and get rid of any obvious imperfections.

4. Studio Effects

Zoom has been developing on a new feature called Studio Effects that would give customers the option of using virtual cosmetics in their movies. They are still checking it out before formally releasing it since it is still in beta. However, it is still available to users under the Backgrounds & Filters area. You may adjust the opacity as you like. You have the option to choose a new color or one of the predefined colors. Additionally, you may decide to employ the face effects in all of your next meetings, albeit doing so might be problematic if you use Zoom for business. Don't worry if you're running late. Zoom can give your face a natural-looking cosmetic makeover in only one minute!

This function is intended for less formal settings, such as gatherings of friends or family. Anyone who wants to seem more professional during meetings has access to Studio Effects, which offers the choice of various eyebrow colors, beards, and lipsticks. These are a few recently added features. You may add mustaches, beards, and brows in a variety of designs, hues, and intensities. Additionally, you have the option of coloring your lips.

Part 2: How to Add Visual Effects to Zoom

Along with facilitating online meetings, the Zoom program also lets you play with its visual effects. You just need to make a few adjustments to the video settings or utilize another third-party program to be ready to go.

Step1Start a Zoom meeting

You can download Zoom, install it on your computer, and log into your account if you don't already have it if you don't already have it.

Step2Tap Background and Filters

After logging in to Zoom, use these settings. - Options > Camera > Video

how to use visual effect for zoom
Step3Faucet Filters

Here, you may play with a variety of visual effects and customize them to suit your tastes. Pick one of the numerous filters that are offered. To activate the filter, tap it.

how to use visual effect for zoom
Step4Set Lighting Effects to on:

Select "Adjust for low light" in the video options. For your lighting, you may choose between Auto and Manual effects. Zoom will automatically detect and adapt for the lighting in your room if you choose Auto.

how to use visual effect for zoom

Use Zoom's noise reduction option to keep your conversation focused during your video conference in addition to adding visual elements. To do this, go to "Audio Settings" and choose "High" under "Suppress background noise." Once you start speaking during the video conference, this essentially cancels out any background noise.

Part 3: Related FAQs

1. What apps can add visual effect on Zoom?

Following is the list of top three apps that you can use to utilize visual effects Zoom application:

Snap Camera is regarded as the most user-friendly. It is a software that you can download for Windows or Mac that works with live broadcasts and video chats. Because it was created by the people who founded Snapchat, it shares a broad variety of filters with that platform.

Link: Snap Camera

The Mac is the only platform on which CamTwist may be used. You may also use it to give your movies additional filters and unique effects. This program lets you pick from a variety of pre-made effects while also allowing you to create your own.

Link: CamTwist

Another desktop application that lets you change and even blur your backdrop is ManyCam. It enables you to apply digital effects, filters, and 3-D masks to your face. Using this tool, you can also build layers and presets.

Link: ManyCam

2. How do I add visual effects to Zoom in Mobile?

Zoom includes a function that might be useful if you don't want to tidy up or want to add some entertainment to your calls. You may utilize Zoom virtual backdrops to alter your surroundings and take you to a more pleasant location on both the desktop and mobile apps. After joining one on a mobile device, pick Virtual backdrop by tapping the More icon in the bottom right corner. Choose a photo from the list of choices, or click the plus sign (+) to add a photo or video from your gallery.

3. How do you download Zoom effects?

Pressing the Studio Effects button after installing Zoom for the first time will prompt a pop-up asking you to download the Studio Effects package. Several filters, suited for both business meetings and conversations with friends, let you customize the video and audio during your video calls. To start downloading the Effects bundle, click the Download button. The "Studio Effects" window will appear on the right-hand side of the Background & Filter page after the download is finished. All the face components and choices are available in this Studio Effects window.


The most popular video meeting tool worldwide is Zoom. Family, friends, coworkers, and any two people who want to video chat utilize it. Zoom visual effects are the ideal tool for injecting some humor into otherwise dull Zoom sessions and meetings. A few simple steps will get you a striking backdrop, a humorous filter, and some interesting effects. Since the majority of formal work is now completed from home, Zoom has taken over as the standard video conferencing program. Try out as many of the effects as you like, and use this page as a companion and a map to help you along the way.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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