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Top 6 Instagram Money Calculator - Safe & Effective

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

We all know that Instagram is a clear winner when it comes to business. And, being a part of Facebook, their number of users are even increasing manifold. All you need is a good engagement and followers list over this platform to be rocking. No doubt, engaging content is a necessity! Well, you are probably having an Instagram account if you are looking for an Instagram money calculator.

In short terms, the use of the IG money calculator is all about influencer marketing. They will correctly tell you about the worth of your posts on Instagram.

Instagram Money Calculator

Why need IG Money Calculator?

The attention of followers is what makes you money on Instagram. Well, not every Instagram money calculator is legit and safe. Most calculators won't tell you the exact engagement rate and thus wrong metrics to calculate it. They are only supposed to collect your confidential Instagram account data and use it accordingly for their purpose.

Given below are three valid reasons you need IG Money Calculator.

  • To know the value or worth of posts on Instagram
  • To attract genuine sponsored content
  • To understand the correct ratio if engaging followers to fake followers.

It is why we've come up with the six safe and accurate Instagram money calculators that are worth considering in 2021.

Best 6 Effective Instagram Money Calculator

1. Influencermarketinghub

ig money calculator influencermarketinghub

Right on the official website of Influencermarketinghub, click the icon called Instagram calculator to get your Instagram account’s worth! It is a reliable website determined to provide you with influencer marketing, whether social media, email marketing, YouTube influencer marketing, or e-commerce.

Key Features

  • Uses various aspects to calculate potential earnings, including Instagram Fake Follower Checker, Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator, Instagram Follower Growth Tracker, etc.
  • Distinguishes between celebrity engagement and micro-influencer engagement via calculating the accurate ROI.
  • It contains useful articles on increasing attention via affiliate marketing manually, sponsored ads, etc.


  • Free influencer marketing tools
  • Accurate calculations
  • Use of various aspects


  • Slow

Price: Free


ig money calculator Inzpire IG money calculator provides services of Third-Party Analytics and Campaign Management. It helps analyze the Instagram account of most relevant persons by choosing their location, age, gender, and more. To use their Calculator, you must have a Creator or Business account subscription with them.

Key Features

  • It provides an estimate for Instagram post impressions, Instagram post reach, Instagram followers, Influencer’s engagement, and estimated price of sponsored posts.
  • Uses the relationship between impressions, reach, engagement rate, and follower’s size to calculate accurate information.
  • The presence of Instagram Influencer Marketing Case Studies on the main interface helps analyze things better.


  • Separate services for brands & agencies
  • Simple user interface


  • Pricey

Price: $229 per month (Business)

3. IgFace

ig money calculator IgFace

Let's talk about Igface, a famous Instagram money calculator tool used by various brands, influencers, and top influencers. You can contact them separately as influencer, agency, and advertiser for the services. Along with influencer marketing services, Igface also provides various kinds of social media inventory packages.

Key Features

  • Uses the stats such as the number of comments, likes, and followers to estimate your Instagram account’s potential earnings.
  • Enter the name of the Instagram creator account to know the real data over their estimated income.
  • It also calculates the engagement rate on a particular Insta account regarding their creative content and other factors.


  • Easy user interface
  • Also provides social media design services
  • Various influencer marketing tools


  • Bit clumsy info on website

Price: Free

4. HypeAuditor

ig money calculator HyperAuditor

You can also check HypeAuditor as one of the top-performing influencer marketing agencies on the web. The great thing about the tool is its in-depth reports. This platform won’t disappoint you even if you are looking for advanced features of vet influencers.

Key Features

  • It helps calculate the estimated earnings from a particular influencer’s Instagram account.
  • It calculates based on various factors, including the Influencer’s country, several followers, the entire audience's quality, and the engagement rate.
  • It also consists of some helpful frequently asked questions regarding your Instagram earnings.


  • Free user interface
  • Separate analyzer tools for Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube
  • In-depth reports


  • Mostly paid features.

Price: Free

5. Influencerfee

ig money calculator Influencerfee

The Influencerfee increases your Instagram account’s value as their IG money calculator integrates into websites for users easily. Their tool will tell your potential earnings on Instagram account, fans engagement rate, and how to generate great content for new traffic and visitors.

Key Features

  • Just enter the name of the Instagram creator account and get engagement rate, followers, posts, Earnings per posts, likes, followers, and comments.
  • It offers different services for Social Agencies and E-Commerce platforms.
  • Lots of useful information on their official website regarding price per posting, inquiries of Influencer, warning signs on fake fans, etc.


  • Separate services for brands & agencies
  • Free
  • Useful content on the website


  • A bit clumsy interface

Price: Free

6. SeekMetrics

ig money calculator SeekMetrics

The SeekMetrics IG Money Calculator consists of simple measurements to calculate your potential earnings. However, the  SeekMetrics is primarily a keyword generator for websites and a Hashtag generator for an Instagram account.

Key Features

  • Consists of a straightforward user interface where you have to select the range of followers, average comments per posts to know the average earnings.
  • It also contains other features such as Quote generator, Instagram fonts, trending hashtags, banned hashtags, etc.


  • Free
  • Various Instagram tools


  • Slight confusing interface

Price: Free

Tips for earning money on Instagram

Earn through sponsored content

Instagram is the best way to manifold your earnings via sponsored content. For the purpose, select a niche, grow your followers, increase your engagement, and partner with brands to get handsome bucks for advertising services.

Be an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur on Instagram means to sell their products. It is a realm of e-commerce and goes beyond marketing to create a product, produce relevant content, and increase engagement to sell your product.

Affiliate marketing

Even though it has a dark negative side, affiliate marketing is another form of making money on Instagram, provided you refer to genuine promises and products for sale.


You can sell dropshipped products while running your virtual store on Instagram. You have to make sure that niche and content are synced with each other to get more sales.

Sell Photos

If you are a damn good photographer, there are chances you can sell your Instagram photos to big brands in the various online marketplace. One such marketplace to check for is known as Foap.


So, that’s on the top 6 best Instagram money calculators 2021 worth considering. Also, note that there’s no bad to use money calculators if you are serious and determined enough to make relevant content and money on Instagram.

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