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Creative Instagram Story Questions: Increase Engagement

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Who doesn't love the Instagram stories? Well, the Instagram story stays on the account for only 24 hours yet leaves a profound impact on your audience, and the coolest part is the lack of algorithms in such stories. You don't need to crack any algorithm to get at the top of the News Feed. It will always be there. The simple reason for using the feature of the Instagram story is effectiveness. It may be the only way to stand out in the hot mess of Instagram, especially when you are a business brand.

Instagram Story Questions

Why use Instagram story questions? The ultimate answer for using such problems is to increase engagement. And that is the most powerful feature with regards to questions for the Instagram story sticker. The feature introduced in 2018 presents a bit invasive way of replying or followers' engagement than DMs. However, you can use the emoji slider or polls sticker to ask questions, but they won't allow free text exchange among the followers.

Best Questions to Ask on Instagram Story (50+)

There could be a lot of random Instagram story questions you can ask for. But, finding the significant and relevant ones may be a bit tricky task. Thus, we've come up with 50+ questions in sub-categories that you can ask followers or even non-followers provided your Instagram account is public.

1. Favorite Moments’ Questions

IG Story Questions Favorite Moments

If you want to build a memorable or trustworthy conversation, start with this thing of asking questions on favorite moments. Or, you can go through the conversation and continue the questions from right away. So, the items on favorite moments could be as follows.

  1. What is your best college pr school memory?
  2. What is your most fantastic moment of a date?
  3. Which moment is your best moment of achievement?
  4. Do you want to recollect any memories?
  5. What is your most hilarious moment of life that still amuses you?
  6. What is your best exciting memory to date?
  7. If you get to relive your best memory, what would it be?
  8. What is your favorite element of any memorable story?
  9. What is the best part of your moment of achievement?
  10. What is your favorite moment with regards to social media life?

2. Weekend Plans Questions

IG Story Questions Weekend Plan

Ask questions about weekend plans that could trigger a kind of excitement or curiosity in the mind of followers.

  1. What kind of weekend plans helps you to chill after a heavy week?
  2. Have you got any weekend plans for today?
  3. Do you also work during weekends?
  4. Can you share some exciting tips to celebrate the weekends?
  5. Would you love to join me on the weekend plan I've planned?
  6. Any weekend plans for today?
  7. Where should we go out for the weekend this time?
  8. What is your best part in deciding the weekend plans?
  9. Have you also got excited about this time for weekend plans?
  10. Let's make this weekend a kind of social contribution, what do you say?

3. Funny Questions

IG Story Funny Questions

How can you forget asking the comical questions? It shows the sense of humor of both you as well as the follower. So, let’s study those questions!

  1. What do you enjoy more, watching or posting stories?
  2. What is the fun fact about you that most people even don’t know?
  3. What is the most shameful moment in your school?
  4. That one thing you always refuse to share?
  5. What is your funniest kitchen fail?
  6. Would you rather become an elf or a hobbit for 24 hours?
  7. Have you done any craziest thing ever?
  8. If you can replace all the grass in the world, what would you choose?
  9. Can you please sum up the internet in one word?
  10. Which would be the rudest animal if they could talk?

4. This or That Questions

IG Story Questions

These are some of the best questions to ask on the Instagram story. You will get to know the opinion of others nicely.

  1. Love or career?
  2. Tea or Coffee?
  3. Hold on or Move on?
  4. Money or Fame?
  5. Hollywood or Bollywood?
  6. Adult life or Childhood life?
  7. Traditional outfit or western outfit?
  8. Wine or Beer?
  9. Social Media or No Social Media?
  10. Healthy Eating or Cheat Meal?

5. Compliments Questions

IG Story Compliments Questions

Asking questions about compliments or directly giving compliments is the best part of Instagram story questions. Whether it's your crush or the guy you want to break the ice for, start with complimenting queries. So, you will be more noticeable by giving those friendly and flattering compliments.

  1. You've got an amazingly glowing skin. Can you share some hacks to get it?
  2. Can you share the name of the filter you use on IG pictures?
  3. You are so attractive; I would like to know your workout routine!
  4. You have pretty hairs; can you share the secret behind them?
  5. I love your fashion sense and want to know your style icon or role model you follow.
  6. What are your favorite clothing color yet the garments of all colors suits you? ( This could be the best questions to ask on the Instagram story)
  7. Your IG account is so organized. Can I know some tips?
  8. I like your arrangement of feed; can you please help me in making mine better?
  9. Can I get skin like you?
  10. Can I get a personality like you?

How to use Instagram’s Question Stickers?

It is obvious that using question stickers of Instagram can make your questions look more visually striking. How to use it? The basic tutorial below will give you an answer.

Step 1: The first step for you would be to upload a photo in the Stories feature of Instagram.

Step 2: Click the Questions button.

Step 3: The default is ‘Ask me a question,’ which you can customize accordingly. Click the Send to button after adding your question.

Step 4: Click Share besides your story.

Step 5: Check Responses by clicking the profile icons of viewers.

Step 6: You can also Share the Response of viewers to other followers in the story.


It is no doubt the Instagram Story Questions feature is a significant aspect to increase engagement. Even if you want to break the ice or continue the conversation, use the best questions to ask on the Instagram story, and you are all with one of the important parts.

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