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Best Plugins for Lightworks

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Lightworks video editor tool has gained much popularity within last few months due to its advanced features. It is now being used by several beginners and numbers of professionals to complete impressing video editing projects. Lightworks have found its applications in Cinematographic editing needs but still few experts are in search of few plugins to enhance its abilities to work on advanced projects. However, there are so many compatible plugins available in the market but selection becomes difficult for ensuring best results. If you are also searching for these Lightworks plugins then the article below can provide you useful details. Keep reading and soon you will be able to make stunning additions to your work platform.

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Best Plugins for Lightworks Video Editor:

1. Boris FX:

Compatibility: Mac OS X and Window (64 Bit).

This name is popular among advanced video editors and it offers a wide range of editing abilities including titling, visual effect adjustments, post-production improvements and many more. Boris FX is currently being used over several video editing platforms like Nexidia, Adobe, Sony etc.

Key Features

  • There are unlimited media layers that can be accessed with any size variation. Users can mask these layers with masking systems and pixel chooser matting mechanism. It is possible to apply masks on both downstreams and upstreams.
  • The library browsers are available with more than 100 present animations. The categories include complex compositions with 3D and PIP effects, filters and lots of animated shapes that can make your projects more useful.
  • You will love to work with its highly customized user interface.
  • It offers a wide collection of filters where FEC and BCC range goes above 220.
  • There is a vector paint system that allows easy access to customized 2D graphics so that users can develop their own style palette and fine-tuned object tracking can be done over images.
  • This tool helps to improve synchronization among audio and video details to ensure high content quality.

If you want to access Borox FX with a monthly license then you need to pay $24.99 whereas the Year long license is available on discount with payment of $174.99 only.

2. Boris Graffiti:

Compatibility: Mac OS X and Windows (64 Bit)

Graffiti is compatible with most of the professional video editing tools like Adobe, Edius, Resolve, Lightworks, Sony Vegas Pro and many more. This plugin is currently available with 75 plus FFC and BCC filters whereas professionals can enjoy integration with 3D and 2D type title animations. The library browser can work with more than 100 lower third presets and templates.

Key Features

  • You will be glad to know that Graffiti allows users to import their scalable vectors arts directly into editing platform. Users can manage editing projects over 3D space while making easy modifications with advanced controls. This scalable vector editing option assists users to enjoy editing without losses even after content scaling.
  • The vector text option makes it much easier to deal with the titles at different locations in video projects. Note that it is quite different from a raster-based editing platform where scaling leads to so many artefacts but here you can enjoy editing without losing sharpness in detail.
  • There are lots of editing options inside Boris Graffiti. It works perfectly with zoom effect, crawls, fades and rolls. The color correction tools, motion blur effects and background generator make things much easier to modify.

3. Fusion:

Compatibility: 7.5 and higher

Fusion has lots of things to offer you to make your projects more impressive. There are lots of 3D motion graphics and visual effects that can improve results for every project. With the 3D compositing work platform of Fusion, it is possible to work upon live-action cameras, volumetric effects, 3D particles, powerful image processing tools and lights, etc.

The flow graph allows users to connect various tools and effects on the same platform so that few professional-level effects can be developed. There are Mattes and Keying abilities connected to 2D compositing tools; they enhance realistic details on video editing surfaces.

The stereoscopic production is another edge where users can make easy adjustments for 2D and 3D details using convergence distance and eye separation abilities. The filters and effects section makes things much easier and attractive with its realistic controls where users can develop rain, snow or sparkle like effects using 3D motion abilities.

It is also possible to animate text on videos with 3D path management and effects can be applied to individual characters. The generation feature allows multiple users to work on the same projects and the independent compositing engine never let your content quality decay.

4. GenArts Sapphire:

Compatibility: Windows (32 Bit)

Sapphire serves like the most essential editing tool with its advanced customization abilities. There are three new effects that might catch your attention; they are Romantile, Brush and Luna whereas the preset browser and builder improvements are also a considerable update.

Romantile is a kind of mosaic effect that helps to blur things with blocky appearances. As soon as you apply this effect on your editing project then it can be separated into three different categories, they include tiles with different cracks, height and roughness levels, the appearance of grout and lights over tiles.

Brush makes things easier with variable shape adjustments. Users can enjoy fine adjustments over Sponge, Pencil, Water Color and Felt Tip etc. to produce customized results. The variable bush selections offer chalk style blending, contrast adjustments and oil style updates.

Finally the Luna effect is well known for its realistic results. With this tool, you can create moon and make easy settings for its rotation, size, bumpiness and lunar phase. It also provides abilities to make easy selection of sky colors, Halo, Glow and one can also update the atmosphere details.

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